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Articles from Geofluids (March 1, 2020)

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A Coupled Gas Flow-Mechanical Damage Model and Its Numerical Simulations on High Energy Gas Fracturing. Bai, Yu; Sun, Li; Wei, Chenhui 7057
Characteristics of Heavy Metal Ion Adsorption by Silty Mudstones in Coal Mine Goafs. Yao, Qiang-ling; Xia, Ze; Tang, Chuan-jin; Zhu, Liu; Wang, Wei-nan; Chen, Tian; Tan, Ying-ming 7803
Comparative Analyses Concerning Triaxial Compressive Yield Criteria of Coal with the Presence of Pore Water. Liu, Rulin; Yu, Yanbin; Cheng, Weimin; Xu, Qingfeng; Yang, Haotian; Shen, Jialong 7989
Compositions of Cu-(Fe)-Sulfides in the 109 Reduced Granite-Related Cu Deposit, Xinjiang, Northwest China: Implications to the Characteristics of Ore-Forming Fluids. Liu, Rui; Chen, Genwen; Yang, Jianxing 7872
Dispersion and Intersection of Hydrothermal Plumes in the Manus Back-Arc Basin, Western Pacific. Zeng, Zhigang; Wang, Xiaoyuan; Murton, Bramley J.; Qi, Haiyan; Lehrmann, Berit; Li, Xiaohui; Chen, Z 11856
Effects of Air Injection on the Metabolic Activity of Emulsifier-Producing Bacteria from Oil Reservoirs. Gu, Yi; Wu, Zhenzhen; Wang, Guan; Zhi, Bo; Yu, Jiliang; Fan, Huiqiang; Guo, Suzhen; Ma, Ting; Li, Gu 5085
Effects of pH and Salinity on the Hydrothermal Transport of Tungsten: Insights from In Situ Raman Spectroscopic Characterization of [K.sub.2]W[O.sub.4]-NaCl-HCl-C[O.sub.2] Solutions at Temperatures up to 400[degrees]C. Wang, Xiaolin; Qiu, Ye; Chou, I-Ming; Zhang, Rongqing; Li, Guanglai; Zhong, Richen 9811
Elastic-Impedance-Based Fluid/Porosity Term and Fracture Weaknesses Inversion in Transversely Isotropic Media with a Tilted Axis of Symmetry. Pan, Xinpeng; Li, Lin; Zhang, Guangzhi; Cui, Yian 4562
Experimental Investigation of the Dependence of Accessible Porosity and Methane Sorption Capacity of Carbonaceous Shales on Particle Size. Gaus, Garri; Kalmykov, Anton; Krooss, Bernhard M.; Fink, Reinhard 7139
Flow Unit Model of Channel Sand Body and Its Effect on Remnant Oil Distribution: A Case Study of PI Formation in the Eastern Transition Zone of Daqing Oilfield. Zhang, Yue; Ji, You-liang; Wen, Hui-jian; Ma, Shi-zhong; Bai, Dong-lai; Zhang, Bin-chi; Xing, Ben-ka Case study 8833
Flow, Transport, and Reactions in Coastal Aquifers. Yu, Xuan; Russoniello, Christopher J.; Morgan, Leanne K.; Massmann, Gudrun; Wang, Guizhi 1378
Generation of Synthetic Density Log Data Using Deep Learning Algorithm at the Golden Field in Alberta, Canada. Kim, Sungil; Kim, Kwang Hyun; Min, Baehyun; Lim, Jungtek; Lee, Kyungbook 9725
Geomechanics and Fluid Flow in Geothermal Systems. Vilarrasa, Victor; Makhnenko, Roman Y.; Parisio, Francesco 2001
Influence of Degree of Compaction on Unsaturated Hydraulic Properties of a Compacted Completely Decomposed Granite. Chen, Rui; Tan, Runqiang; Chen, Zhongkui; Ping, Yang; Mei, Zhen 5599
Investigation on Crack Coalescence Behaviors for Granite Containing Two Flaws Induced by Cyclic Freeze-Thaw and Uniaxial Deformation in Beizhan Iron Mining, Xinjing, China. Wang, Y.; Li, C.H. 6942
Origin of Meteoric Fluids in Extensional Detachments. Bons, Paul D.; Gomez-Rivas, Enrique 6172
Permeability Evolution of Fractured Rock Subjected to Cyclic Axial Load Conditions. Zhou, Zilong; Zhang, Jing; Cai, Xin; Wang, Shanyong; Du, Xueming; Zang, Haizhi; Chen, Lu 6283
Prediction of Favorable Carbonate Reservoirs under Extremely Thick Salts via Poststack Facies-Controlled and Prestack Zoeppritz Equation Inversions in the Santos Basin of Brazil. Zhang, Sheng; Chang, Suoliang; Huang, Handong; Dong, Yinping; Shen, Youyi; Luo, Yaneng; Zhu, Baoheng 8137
Prediction of Production Performance of Refractured Shale Gas Well considering Coupled Multiscale Gas Flow and Geomechanics. Li, Zhiqiang; Qi, Zhilin; Yan, Wende; Xiang, Zuping; Ao, Xiang; Huang, Xiaoliang; Mo, Fei 11648
Quantitative Characterization of Pore Connectivity and Movable Fluid Distribution of Tight Sandstones: A Case Study of the Upper Triassic Chang 7 Member, Yanchang Formation in Ordos Basin, China. Wang, Boli; Zhao, Xisen; Zhou, Wen; Chang, Bin; Xu, Hao Case study 7310
Relative Permeability of Porous Media with Nonuniform Pores. Chen, He; Yang, Minghui; Chen, Ke; Zhang, Chao 7993
Shear Behavior and Anisotropy Characteristics of the Fracture Morphology of Sandstone with Different Water Contents. Du, Changang; Sun, Lulu; Qin, Botao; Xu, Jiang; Liu, Yixin 4505
Study on the Permeability Evolution and Its Formation Mechanism of Xiaojihan Aquifer Coal Seam under Plastic Flow. Guo, Jingna; Liu, Jiangfeng; Li, Qiang; Chen, Zhanqing 9524
The Influence of Bedding Planes and Permeability Coefficient on Fracture Propagation of Horizontal Wells in Stratification Shale Reservoirs. Wang, Yuepeng; Liu, Xiangjun; Liang, Lixi; Xiong, Jian 10754
Transient Pressure Analysis for Multifractured Horizontal Well with the Use of Multilinear Flow Model in Shale Gas Reservoir. Wang, Guangdong; Jia, Ailin; Wei, Yunsheng; Xiao, Cong 7973

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