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Articles from Geofluids (March 31, 2019)

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A Method to Accurately Determine the Methane Enrichment Zone of a Longwall Coal Mine. Feng, Guorui; Zhang, Ao; Hu, Shengyong; Guo, Xiangqian; Li, Chao; Hao, Guocai; Li, Zhen 5321
A Methodology for Assessing the Favourability of Geopressured-Geothermal Systems in Sedimentary Basin Plays: A Case Study in Abruzzo (Italy). Santilano, Alessandro; Trumpy, Eugenio; Gola, Gianluca; Donato, Assunta; Scrocca, Davide; Ferrarini, Case study 14488
A Study on the C[O.sub.2]-Enhanced Water Recovery Efficiency and Reservoir Pressure Control Strategies. Yang, Zhijie; Xu, Tianfu; Wang, Fugang; Diao, Yujie; Li, Xufeng; Ma, Xin; Tian, Hailong 10329
Accumulation Mechanism of Marine Shale Gas Reservoir in Anticlines: A Case Study of the Southern Sichuan Basin and Xiuwu Basin in the Yangtze Region. Zhang, Kun; Song, Yan; Jiang, Shu; Jiang, Zhenxue; Jia, Chengzao; Huang, Yizhou; Wen, Ming; Liu, Wei Case study 7642
Analysis of Thermal Stimulation to Enhance Shale Gas Recovery through a Novel Conceptual Model. Xue, Liang; Dai, Cheng; Wang, Lei; Chen, Xiaoxia 8359
Analytical Solution for the Steady-State Karst Water Inflow into a Tunnel. Xie, Han-song; Jiang, Chong; He, Jia-li; Han, Hai-xia 4848
Assessment of Chaves Low-Temperature C[O.sub.2]-Rich Geothermal System (N-Portugal) Using an Interdisciplinary Geosciences Approach. Marques, J.M.; Carreira, P.M.; Aires-Barros, L.A.; Santos, F.A. Monteiro; da Silva, M. Antunes; Repr 17283
Calculation Method of Overburden Damage Height Based on Fracture Mechanics Analysis of Soft and Hard Rock Layers. Chen, Liang; Fan, Shaowu; Zhao, Can; Zhang, Lang; Cheng, Zhiheng 9485
Deep Electrical Resistivity Tomography for the Hydrogeological Setting of Muro Lucano Mounts Aquifer (Basilicata, Southern Italy). Rizzo, E.; Giampaolo, V.; Capozzoli, L.; Grimaldi, S. 6691
Dynamic Permeability Related to Greisenization Reactions in Sn-W Ore Deposits: Quantitative Petrophysical and Experimental Evidence. Launay, Gaetan; Sizaret, Stanislas; Guillou-Frottier, Laurent; Fauguerolles, Colin; Champallier, Rem 12864
Evaluation of Coal Seam Gas Drainability for Outburst-Prone and High-C[O.sub.2]-Containing Coal Seam. Zhang, Lei; Ren, Ting; Aziz, Naj; Zhang, Cun 8940
Fluid Circulations at Structural Intersections through the Toro-Bunyoro Fault System (Albertine Rift, Uganda): A Multidisciplinary Study of a Composite Hydrogeological System. Walter, Bastien; Geraud, Yves; Hautevelle, Yann; Diraison, Marc; Raisson, Francis Report 10927
Force-Fracture Characteristics of the Roof above Goaf in a Steep Coal Seam: A Case Study of Xintie Coal Mine. Tu, Hong-sheng; Tu, Shi-hao; Zhu, De-fu; Hao, Ding-yi; Miao, Kai-jun Case study 6064
Geochemical Modeling of Water-Rock Interaction in the Granulite Rocks of Lower Crust in the Serre Massif (Southern Calabria, Italy). Apollaro, Carmine 5579
Geothermal and Mineralogic Analysis of Hot Springs in the Purace-La Mina Sector in Cauca, Colombia. Torres-Ceron, Darwin Augusto; Acosta-Medina, Carlos Daniel; Restrepo-Parra, Elisabeth 10645
Geothermometry and Circulation Behavior of the Hot Springs in Yunlong County of Yunnan in Southwest China. Wang, Xiaocui; Zhou, Xun 10210
Groundwater Quality on the Adriatic Karst Island of Mljet (Croatia) and Its Implications on Water Supply. Borovic, Stasa; Terzic, Josip; Pola, Marco 8328
High Diversity in Iron Cycling Microbial Communities in Acidic, Iron-Rich Water of the Pyhasalmi Mine, Finland. Romberg, Malin; Makinen, Jarno; Salo, Marja; Kinnunen, Paivi 11086
Influence of the Main Border Faults on the 3D Hydraulic Field of the Central Upper Rhine Graben. Freymark, Jessica; Bott, Judith; Cacace, Mauro; Ziegler, Moritz; Scheck-Wenderoth, Magdalena 12529
Laboratory Study on Core Fracturing Simulations for Wellbore Strengthening. Ma, Biao; Pu, Xiaolin; Zhao, Zhengguo; Wang, Hao; Dong, Wenxin 10661
Mine Flooding History of a Regional Below-Drainage Coalfield Dominated by Barrier Leakage (1970-2014). Donovan, Joseph J.; Perry, Eric F. 8319
Morphology Effect of Surface Structures on MicroChannel Flow Using Lattice Boltzmann Method. Zhang, Ge; Liu, Bo; Xu, Aiguo; Shan, Yiming; Li, Yingjun 8184
Numerical Simulation of Artificial Fracture Propagation in Shale Gas Reservoirs Based on FPS-Cohesive Finite Element Method. Liu, Xiaoqiang; Qu, Zhanqing; Guo, Tiankui; Sun, Ying; Shi, Zhifeng; Chen, Luyang; Li, Yunlong 7489
Numerical Simulations on the Front Motion of Water Permeation into Anisotropic Porous Media. Zhang, Xiangxiang; Wang, J.G.; Wang, Xiaolin; Gao, Feng 6995
Reconstructing Paleofluid Circulation at the Hercynian Basement/Mesozoic Sedimentary Cover Interface in the Upper Rhine Graben. Dezayes, Chrystel; Lerouge, Catherine 18610
Study of Single Phase Mass Transfer between Matrix and Fracture in Tight Oil Reservoirs. Cao, Renyi; Xu, Zhongyi; Cheng, Linsong; Peng, Yuanyuan; Wang, Yang; Guo, Zhuoliang 5868
Surface to Groundwater Interactions beneath the City of Berlin: Results from 3D Models. Frick, Maximilian; Scheck-Wenderoth, Magdalena; Schneider, Michael; Cacace, Mauro Report 15298
The Role and Impact of Geofluids in Geohazards. Hung, Ching; Pang, Xueyu; Lin, Guan-Wei; Yang, Kuo-Hsin; Uzuoka, Ryosuke 1657

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