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Articles from Geofluids (July 31, 2019)

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An Experimental Study on the Hydromechanical Behaviours of the Evolution of Postearthquake Landslide Deposits. Cai, Huan; Yang, Zong-Ji; Wang, Li-Yong; Lei, Xiao-Qin; Fu, Xiao-Long; Liu, Shi-Hao; Qiao, Jian-Ping Report 8520
Analytical Solution of Tidal Loading Effect in a Submarine Leaky Confined Aquifer System. Song, Zongzhong; Li, Hailong; Ma, Qian; Zheng, Chunmiao; Jiao, Jiu Jimmy; Li, Shaohong 7507
Carbon and Hydrogen Isotopic Reversals in Highly Mature Coal-Derived Gases: A Case Study of Paleozoic Gases in the Southern Ordos Basin, China. Liu, Dan Case study 19942
Corrigendum to "An Areal Assessment of Subseafloor Carbon Cycling in Cold Seeps and Hydrate-Bearing Areas in the Northern South China Sea". Zhang, Yanping; Luo, Min; Hu, Yu; Wang, Hongbin; Chen, Duofu Correction notice 212
Damage Mechanism of Oil-Based Drilling Fluid Flow in Seepage Channels for Fractured Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoirs. Xu, Peng; Xu, Mingbiao 10214
Degassing at the Volcanic/Geothermal System of Kos (Greece): Geochemical Characterization of the Released Gases and C[O.sub.2] Output Estimation. Daskalopoulou, Kyriaki; Gagliano, Antonina Lisa; Calabrese, Sergio; Vigni, Lorenza Li; Longo, Manfre 11354
Estimation of Groundwater Temperatures in Paris, France. Hemmerle, Hannes; Dressel, Sina Hale Ingo; Benz, Susanne A.; Attard, Guillaume; Blum, Philipp; Bayer 7248
Evidence of Tectonic Control on the Geochemical Features of the Volatiles Vented along the Nebrodi-Peloritani Mts (Southern Apennine Chain, Italy). Italiano, Francesco; Bonfanti, Pietro; Maugeri, Salvatore Roberto 14062
Experiment and Numerical Simulation of Seawater Intrusion under the Influences of Tidal Fluctuation and Groundwater Exploitation in Coastal Multilayered Aquifers. Guo, Qiaona; Huang, Jiangwei; Zhou, Zhifang; Wang, Jinguo 10591
Experimental Investigation on Nonlinear Flow Anisotropy Behavior in Fracture Media. Zhu, Chun; Xu, Xiaoding; Wang, Xiuting; Xiong, Feng; Tao, Zhigang; Lin, Yun; Chen, Jing 5646
Experimental Investigation on Sandstone Permeability under Plastic Flow: Permeability Evolution Law with Stress Increment. Gong, Peng; Ni, Xiaoyan; Chen, Zhanqing; Wu, Yu; Wu, Jiangyu 12044
Experimental Study on Reynolds Number Evolution of Gas-Filled Coal. Liu, Chao; Li, Minghui; Zhao, Honggang Report 5481
Geothermal Systems: Interdisciplinary Approaches for an Effective Exploration. Montanari, Domenico; Lupi, Matteo; Calcagno, Philippe 1688
Heat and Helium-3 Fluxes from Teide Volcano, Canary Islands, Spain. Alonso, Mar; Padron, Eleazar; Sumino, Hirochika; Hernandez, Pedro A.; Melian, Gladys V.; Asensio-Ram 8191
How Can Temperature Logs Help Identify Permeable Fractures and Define a Conceptual Model of Fluid Circulation? An Example from Deep Geothermal Wells in the Upper Rhine Graben. Vidal, Jeanne; Hehn, Regis; Glaas, Carole; Genter, Albert 7710
Hydrogeochemistry, Geothermometry, and Genesis of the Hot Springs in the Simao Basin in Southwestern China. Zhang, Yuqi; Zhou, Xun; Liu, Haisheng; Yu, Mingxiao; Hai, Kuo; Tan, Mengru; Huo, Dongxue 13518
Methane in Soil Gas and Its Migration to the Atmosphere in the Dawanqi Oilfield, Tarim Basin, China. Tang, Junhong; Xu, Yue; Wang, Guojian; Huang, Jingang; Han, Wei; Yao, Zhitong; Zhu, Zhenzhen 7414
Model Test and Numerical Analysis on the Deformation and Stability of a Landslide Subjected to Reservoir Filling. Hu, Xinli; He, Chuncan; Zhou, Chang; Xu, Chu; Zhang, Han; Wang, Qiang; Wu, Shuangshuang 6672
Nature and Origin of Mineralizing Fluids in Hyperextensional Systems: The Case of Cretaceous Mg Metasomatism in the Pyrenees. Quesnel, Benoit; Boiron, Marie-Christine; Cathelineau, Michel; Truche, Laurent; Rigaudier, Thomas; B 13118
Noble Gas Release from Bedded Rock Salt during Deformation. Bauer, Stephen J.; Gardner, Payton; Lee, Hyunwoo 6746
Physical and Numerical Modelling of Post-Pumping Seawater Intrusion. Stoeckl, Leonard; Walther, Marc; Morgan, Leanne K. 7419
Production-Induced Subsidence at the Los Humeros Geothermal Field Inferred from PS-InSAR. Bekesi, Eszter; Fokker, Peter A.; Martins, Joana E.; Limberger, Jon; Bonte, Damien; van Wees, Jan-Di 5621
Seismological and Hydrogeological Controls on New ZealandWide Groundwater Level Changes Induced by the 2016 [M.sub.w] 7.8 Kaikoura Earthquake. Weaver, K.C.; Cox, S.C.; D.J. Townend; Hamling, H. Rutter I.J.; Holden, C. 10807
Study on Deformation and Permeation Properties of Gas-Containing Fractured Rock. Yang, Yushun; Zhang, Dongming; Li, Shujian Report 9673
The Distribution of Dissolved Methane and Its Air-Sea Flux in the Plume of a Seep Field, Lingtou Promontory, South China Sea. Di, Pengfei; Feng, Dong; Chen, Duofu 7887
The Experimental Investigation of Longmaxi Shale Dynamic Parameters under Water-Based Mud Soaking. Dong, Guangjian; Chen, Ping; Yuan, Heyi; Lu, Yudi 4775
The Propagation Behavior of Hydraulic Fracture in Rock Mass with Cemented Joints. Zheng, Yongxiang; Li, Jianjun; Lei, Yun 8121
The Sensitivity of Temperature to Tachyhydrite Formation: Evidence from Evaporation Experiments of Simulated Brines Based on Compositions of Fluid Inclusions in Halite. Cheng, Huaide; Hai, Qingyu; Li, Jun; Song, Jianguo; Ma, Xuehai 10817
Types of Fluid Alteration and Developing Mechanism of Deep Marine Carbonate Reservoirs. Zhu, Dongya; Liu, Quanyou; Zhang, Juntao; Ding, Qian; He, Zhiliang; Zhang, Xuefeng 11479
Understanding of Long-Term C[O.sub.2]-Brine-Rock Geochemical Reactions Using Numerical Modeling and Natural Analogue Study. Zhu, Huixing; Xu, Tianfu; Tian, Hailong; Feng, Guanhong; Yang, Zhijie; Zhou, Bing Report 10381

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