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Articles from Geofluids (August 31, 2019)

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A Numerical Study of Initiation and Migration of Trapped Oil in Capillaries with Noncircular Cross Sections. Long, Long; Li, Yajun; Gong, Houjian; Dong, Mingzhe Report 5129
A Research on the Effect of Heterogeneities on Sandstone Matrix Acidizing Performance. Mou, Jianye; Wang, Lei; Zhang, Shicheng; Ma, Xinfang; Li, Boyang 4589
Degassing and Cycling of Mercury at Nisyros Volcano (Greece). Gagliano, A.L.; Calabrese, S.; Daskalopoulou, K.; Cabassi, J.; Capecchiacci, F.; Tassi, F.; Bellomo, 13627
Enhancement of Permeability Activated by Supercritical Fluid Flow through Granite. Nohara, Tsuyoshi; Uno, Masaoki; Tsuchiya, Noriyoshi 10265
Fault "Corrosion" by Fluid Injection: A Potential Cause of the November 2017 [M.sub.W] 5.5 Korean Earthquake. Westaway, Rob; Burnside, Neil M. 16587
Geochemistry and Genesis of Oil and Gas Seeps in the Junggar Basin, NW China: Implications for Hybrid Petroleum Systems. Zhang, Jingkun; Cao, Jian; Wang, Yan; Li, Jun; Hu, Guang; Zhou, Ni; Shi, Tianming 17326
Geofluids and Energy for the XXI Century. Agosta, Fabrizio; Longhitano, Sergio Giuseppe; Mazzoli, Stefano; Minelli, Giorgio; Tondi, Emanuele 1812
Magmatic Signature in Submarine Hydrothermal Fluids Vented Offshore Ventotene and Zannone Islands (Pontine Archipelago, Central Italy). Italiano, Francesco; Romano, Davide; Caruso, Cinzia; Longo, Manfredi; Corbo, Andrea; Lazzaro, Gianlu 10954
Mechanism Analysis of Organic Matter Enrichment of Upper Ordovician-Lower Silurian Shale in the Upper Yangtze Area: Taking Jiaoye-1 Well in the Jiaoshiba Block as an Example. Liu, Xiaoxue; Jiang, Zhenxue; Zhang, Kun; Song, Yan; Jiang, Lin; Jiang, Shu; Xuan, Qixiang; Wen, Min 8628
Methane Source and Turnover in the Shallow Sediments to the West of Haima Cold Seeps on the Northwestern Slope of the South China Sea. Feng, Junxi; Wang, Shengxiong Yang Hongbin; Liang, Jinqiang; Fang, Yunxin; Luo, Min 13708
Modeling the Evolution of a Freshwater Lens under Highly Dynamic Conditions on a Currently Developing Barrier Island. Holt, Tobias; Greskowiak, Janek; Seibert, Stephan L.; Massmann, Gudrun 11078
Mofette Vegetation as an Indicator for Geogenic C[O.sub.2] Emission: A Case Study on the Banks of the Laacher See Volcano, Vulkaneifel, Germany. Pfanz, Hardy; Sassmannshausen, Frank; Wittmann, Christiane; Pfanz, Benny; Thomalla, Annika Case study 7398
Research on the Hydrochemistry and Fault Control Mechanism of Geothermal Water in Northwestern Zhangzhou Basin. Gan, Haonan; Wang, Guiling; Wang, Xiao; Lin, Wenjing; Yue, Gaofan 8998
Study on the Effect of the Oil-Water Ratio on the Rheological Properties of Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC). Su, Xiaoming; Lian, Zhanghua; Yuan, Yuan Report 4879
Supercritical Fluid Geochemistry in Geothermal Systems. Hermanska, Matylda; Kleine, Barbara I.; Stefansson, Andri 8203
Tectonic Controls on Near-Surface Variations in C[H.sub.4] and C[O.sub.2] Concentrations along the Northwestern Margin of the Ordos Block, China. Cui, Y.J.; Li, Y.; Si, X.Y.; Yang, L.X.; Liu, Z.F.; Sun, F.X.; Li, X.Y.; Zheng, H.W.; Du, J.G. 6452
The Dynamics of Sea Tide-Induced Fluctuations of Groundwater Level and Freshwater-Saltwater Interface in Coastal Aquifers: Laboratory Experiments and Numerical Modeling. Levanon, Elad; Gvirtzman, Haim; Yechieli, Yoseph; Oz, Imri; Ben-Zur, Elad; Shalev, Eyal 5923

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