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Articles from Geofluids (January 1, 2018)

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A Coupled One-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of the Land Subsidence Process in a Multilayer Aquifer System due to Hydraulic Head Variation in the Pumped Layer. Wang, Ye; Zhang, Mao-sheng; Hu, Fu-sheng; Dong, Ying; Yu, Kun 5111
A Damage Constitutive Model for the Effects of C[O.sub.2]-Brine-Rock Interactions on the Brittleness of a Low-Clay Shale. Lyu, Qiao; Long, Xinping; Ranjith, P.G.; Tan, Jingqiang; Kang, Yong; Luo, Wenbin 6847
A Deep Alteration and Oxidation Profile in a Shallow Clay Aquitard: Example of the Tegulines Clay, East Paris Basin, France. Lerouge, Catherine; Robinet, Jean-Charles; Debure, Mathieu; Tournassat, Christophe; Bouchet, Alain; 12464
A Double Scale Methodology to Investigate Flow in Karst Fractured Media via Numerical Analysis: The Cassino Plain Case Study (Central Apennine, Italy). Lancia, M.; Saroli, M.; Petitta, M. 7667
A Fluid-Solid Coupling Mathematical Model of Methane Driven by Water in Porous Coal. Huang, Bingxiang; Lu, Weiyong 9365
A Mathematical Pressure Transient Analysis Model for Multiple Fractured Horizontal Wells in Shale Gas Reservoirs. Zeng, Yan; Wang, Qing; Ning, Zhengfu; Sun, Hongliang 8188
A Measured Method for In Situ Viscosity of Fluid in Porous Media by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Yang, Zhengming; Ma, Zhuangzhi; Luo, Yutian; Zhang, Yapu; Guo, Hekun; Lin, Wei 5714
A Novel Boundary-Type Meshless Method for Modeling Geofluid Flow in Heterogeneous Geological Media. Xiao, Jing-En; Ku, Cheng-Yu; Liu, Chih-Yu; Yeih, Wei-Chung 6948
A Novel True Triaxial Apparatus for Testing Shear Seepage in Gas-Solid Coupling Coal. Wang, Gang; Wang, Pengfei; Guo, Yangyang; Li, Wenxin 5408
A Numerical Investigation on the Effect of Gas Pressure on the Water Saturation of Compacted Bentonite-Sand Samples. Liu, Jiang-Feng; Song, Shuai-Bing; Liu, Jian; Huang, Bing-Xiang; Cao, Xu-Lou; Zhang, Kai; Skoczylas, 5995
A Numerical Simulation Study of the Migration Law of Water-Sand Two-Phase Flow in Broken Rock Mass. Du, Feng; Jiang, Guanghui; Chen, Zhanqing 7225
A Regional Scale Investigation on Groundwater Arsenic in Different Types of Aquifers in the Pearl River Delta, China. Hou, Qinxuan; Sun, Jichao; Jing, Jihong; Liu, Chunyan; Zhang, Ying; Liu, Jingtao; Hua, Mengjian 6459
A Simple and Accurate Interpretation Method of In Situ Stress Measurement Based on Rock Kaiser Effect and Its Application. Zhao, Kang; Gu, Shuijie; Yan, Yajing; Zhou, Keping; Li, Qiang; Zhu, Shengtang 6460
A Simplified Solution for Calculating the Phreatic Line and Slope Stability during a Sudden Drawdown of the Reservoir Water Level. Sun, Guanhua; Lin, Shan; Jiang, Wei; Yang, Yongtao 7610
A Statistical Constitutive Model considering Deterioration for Brittle Rocks under a Coupled Thermal-Mechanical Condition. Gao, Meiben; Li, Tianbin; Wei, Tao; Meng, Lubo 4782
A Two-Phase Flowback Model for Multiscale Diffusion and Flow in Fractured Shale Gas Reservoirs. Wang, Huimin; Wang, J.G.; Gao, Feng; Wang, Xiaolin 9088
Acceleration of Gas Reservoir Simulation Using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition. Wang, Yi; Yu, Bo; Wang, Ye 6264
Advances in Multiphase Flow and Transport in the Subsurface Environment. Shi, Xiaoqing; Finsterle, Stefan; Zhang, Keni; Lu, Dan 1338
Advective Displacement Method for the Characterisation of Pore Water Chemistry and Transport Properties in Claystone. Mader, Urs 7332
Advective Heat Transport and the Salt Chimney Effect: A Numerical Analysis. Canova, David P.; Fischer, Mark P.; Jayne, Richard S.; Pollyea, Ryan M. 10078
An Easy-to-Use Method for Assessing Nitrate Contamination Susceptibility in Groundwater. Ducci, Daniela 6552
An Evaluation of the Long-Term Stagnancy of Porewater in the Neogene Sedimentary Rocks in Northern Japan. Nakata, Kotaro; Hasegawa, Takuma; Oyama, Takahiro; Ishii, Eiichi; Miyakawa, Kazuya; Sasamoto, Hirosh 16536
An Experimental Study on the Adsorption and Desorption of Cu(II) in Silty Clay. Xie, Shuang; Wen, Zhang; Zhan, Hongbin; Jin, Menggui Report 7347
Analysis of Coal Swelling Deformation Caused by Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Based on X-Ray Computed Tomography. Nie, Xiangrong; Chen, Junbin; Cao, Yi; Gong, Diguang; Deng, Hao 4352
Analysis of the Influencing Factors on the Well Performance in Shale Gas Reservoir. Dai, Cheng; Xue, Liang; Wang, Weihong; Li, Xiang 6720
Apparent Permeability Model for Shale Gas Reservoirs Considering Multiple Transport Mechanisms. Huang, Shijun; Wu, Yonghui; Cheng, Linsong; Liu, Hongjun; Xue, Yongchao; Ding, Guanyang 8345
Aquitard Fluids and Gases. Clark, Ian D.; Hendry, M. Jim; Matray, Jean-Michel; Solomon, Douglas Kip; Waber, H. Niklaus 1299
Arsenic and Antimony in Hydrothermal Plumes from the Eastern Manus Basin, Papua New Guinea. Zeng, Zhigang; Wang, Xiaoyuan; Qi, Haiyan; Zhu, Bowen 8906
Brittleness Evaluation of Shale Based on the Brazilian Splitting Test. Hou, Bing; Zeng, Yijin; Fan, Meng; Li, Dandan 4585
C[O.sub.2] Leakage-Induced Contamination in Shallow Potable Aquifer and Associated Health Risk Assessment. Kim, Chan Yeong; Han, Weon Shik; Park, Eungyu; Jeong, Jina; Xu, Tianfu 15565
Changes in Pore Structure of Coal Caused by C[S.sub.2] Treatment and Its Methane Adsorption Response. Chen, Run; Qin, Yong; Zhang, Pengfei; Wang, Youyang 6098
Characteristics of Pores under the Influence of Cyclic Cryogenic Liquid Carbon Dioxide Using Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Xu, Jizhao; Zhai, Cheng; Qin, Lei; Wu, Shangjian; Sun, Yong; Dong, Ruowei 8251
Characterization of Aquifer Multiscale Properties by Generating Random Fractal Field with Truncated Power Variogram Model Using Karhunen-Loeve Expansion. Xue, Liang; Li, Diao; Dai, Cheng; Nan, Tongchao 6376
Characterization of Microscopic Pore Structures of Rock Salt through Mercury Injection and Nitrogen Absorption Tests. Chen, Jianwen; Li, Erbing; Luo, Jin 4572
Characterization of Origin and Evolution of Formation Water in Buried Hill of Jizhong Depression, China, Using Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Geochemical Data. Li, Fei; Zeng, Jianhui 9356
Characterization of Permeability Changes in Coal of High Rank during the C[H.sub.4]-C[O.sub.2] Replacement Process. Ni, X.M.; Jia, Q.F.; Wang, Y.B. 4844
Consolidated and Undrained Ring Shear Tests on the Sliding Surface of the Hsien-du-shan Landslide in Taiwan. Lin, Hung-Ming; Wu, Jian-Hong; Sunarya, Erik 7056
Corrigendum to "Effects of Initial Porosity and Water Pressure on Seepage-Erosion Properties of Water Inrush in Completely Weathered Granite". Liu, Jinquan; Chen, Weizhong; Liu, Taogen; Yu, Jianxin; Dong, Jingliang; Nie, Wen Correction notice 264
Corrigendum to "Experiment on Seepage Property and Sand Inrush Criterion for Granular Rock Mass". Zhang, Kai; Zhang, Boyang; Liu, Jiangfeng; Ma, Dan; Bai, Haibo Correction notice 202
Corrigendum to "Organic, Gas, and Element Geochemistry of Hydrothermal Fluids of the Newly Discovered Extensive Hydrothermal Area in the Wallis and Futuna Region (SW Pacific)". Konn, C.; Donval, J.P.; Guyader, V.; Roussel, E.; Fourre, E.; Jean-Baptiste, P.; Pelleter, E.; Charl Correction notice 189
Corrigendum to "Origin and Distribution of Carbonate Cement in Tight Sandstones: The Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation Chang 8 Oil Layer in West Ordos Basin, China". Lai, Jin; Wang, Guiwen; Chen, Jing; Wang, Shuchen; Zhou, Zhenglong; Fan, Xuqiang Correction notice 180
Corrigendum to "Origin of Boron and Brine Evolution in Saline Springs in the Nangqen Basin, Southern Tibetan Plateau". Han, Ji-long; Han, Feng-qing; Hussain, Syed-Asim; Liu, Wen-yu; Nian, Xiu- qing; Mao, Qing-fei Correction notice 238
Corrigendum to "Palaeohydrogeology and Transport Parameters Derived from [sup.4]He and Cl Profiles in Aquitard Pore Waters in a Large Multilayer Aquifer System, Central Australia". Priestley, Stacey C.; Kleinig, Tavis; Love, Andrew J.; Post, Vincent E.A.; Shand, Paul; Smith, Stanl Correction notice 239
Creep Strain and Permeability Evolution in Cracked Granite Subjected to Triaxial Stress and Reactive Flow. Zhang, Fan; Zhao, Jianjian; Hu, Dawei; Sheng, Qian; Shao, Jianfu 4886
CuCl Complexation in the Vapor Phase: Insights from Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations. Mei, Yuan; Liu, Weihua; Migdiov, A.A.; Brugger, Joel; Williams-Jones, A.E. 7744
Damage Characteristics and Mechanism of a Strong Water Inrush Disaster at the Wangjialing Coal Mine, Shanxi Province, China. Fangpeng, Cui; Qiang, Wu; Shuai, Zhang; Ningan, Wu; Yuan, Ji 6153
Dedolomitization Potential of Fluids from Gypsum-to-Anhydrite Conversion: Mass Balance Constraints from the Late Permian Zechstein-2-Carbonates in NW Germany. Hallenberger, M.; Reuning, L.; Schoenherr, J. 6737
Delayed Drainage of a Largely Deformed Aquitard due to Abrupt Water Head Decline in Adjacent Aquifer. Li, Zhaofeng; Zhou, Zhifang; Li, Mingyuan; Zhang, Boran; Dai, Beibing 7602
DEM-CFD Modeling of Proppant Pillar Deformation and Stability during the Fracturing Fluid Flowback. Zhu, Haiyan; Shen, Jiadong; Zhang, Fengshou; Huang, Bo; Zhang, Liaoyuan; Huang, Wei; McLennan, John 7987
Diagenetic Self-Organization and Stochastic Resonance in a Model of Limestone-Marl Sequences. L'Heureux, Ivan 11339
Diagnosis of Water-Influx Locations of Horizontal Well Subject to Bottom-Water Drive through Well-Testing Analysis. Qin, Jiazheng; Cheng, Shiqing; He, Youwei; Li, Dingyi; Luo, Le; Shen, Xinzhe; Yu, Haiyang 7791
Disturbances of Temperature-Depth Profiles by Surface Warming and Groundwater Flow Convection in Kumamoto Plain, Japan. Dong, Linyao; Fu, Congsheng; Liu, Jigen; Wang, Yifeng 6631
Dynamic Behavior of C[O.sub.2] in a Wellbore and Storage Formation: Wellbore-Coupled and Salt-Precipitation Processes during Geologic C[O.sub.2] Sequestration. Piao, Jize; Han, Weon Shik; Choung, Sungwook; Kim, Kue-Young 14685
Dynamic Metasomatism: Stable Isotopes, Fluid Evolution, and Deformation of Albitite and Scapolite Metagabbro (Bamble Lithotectonic Domain, South Norway). Engvik, Ane K.; Taubald, Heinrich; Solli, Arne; Grenne, Tor; Austrheim, Hakon 15559
Dynamic Secondary Borehole-Sealing Method for Gas Drainage Boreholes along the Coal Seam. Qin, Wei; Xu, Jialin 5641
Effect of Coal Mining on Springs in the Yushenfu Mining Area of China. Fan, Li-min; Li, Tao; Xiang, Maoxi; He, Weizhong; Wu, Boyun; Peng, Jie; Li, Yonghong; Li, Cheng; Zhe 7026
Effect of Joint Geometrical Parameters on Hydraulic Fracture Network Propagation in Naturally Jointed Shale Reservoirs. Chong, Zhaohui; Yao, Qiangling; Li, Xuehua 10169
Effect of Pore-Scale Mineral Spatial Heterogeneity on Chemically Induced Alterations of Fractured Rock: A Lattice Boltzmann Study. Fazeli, Hossein; Patel, Ravi; Hellevang, Helge 9469
Effect of Shear Displacement on the Directivity of Permeability in 3D Self-Affine Fractal Fractures. Liu, Richeng; Huang, Na; Jiang, Yujing; Jing, Hongwen; Li, Bo; Xia, Yuxuan 5369
Effect of Water Saturation on the Diffusion/Adsorption of [sup.22]Na and Cesium onto the Callovo-Oxfordian Claystones. Savoye, Sebastien; Lefevre, Serge; Fayette, Agnes; Robinet, Jean-Charles 11335
Effects of Dissolved Organic Matter on Sorption of Oxytetracycline to Sediments. Wang, Zongzhou; Jiang, Qianli; Wang, Runze; Yuan, Xiaoyu; Yang, Shengke; Wang, Wenke; Zhao, Yaqian 6301
Effects of Hydraulic Gradient, Intersecting Angle, Aperture, and Fracture Length on the Nonlinearity of Fluid Flow in Smooth Intersecting Fractures: An Experimental Investigation. Wu, Zhijun; Fan, Lifeng; Zhao, Shihe 9551
Effects of Initial Porosity and Water Pressure on Seepage-Erosion Properties of Water Inrush in Completely Weathered Granite. Liu, Jinquan; Chen, Weizhong; Liu, Taogen; Yu, Jianxin; Dong, Jingliang; Nie, Wen 7054
Effects of Maceral Compositions of Coal on Methane Adsorption Heat. Liu, Yingke; Kang, Jianhong; Zhou, Fubao; Fan, Yanming; Li, Haijian 9415
Effects of the Grain Size on Dynamic Capillary Pressure and the Modified Green-Ampt Model for Infiltration. Tsai, Yi-Zhih; Liu, Yu-Tung; Wang, Yung-Li; Chang, Liang-Cheng; Hsu, Shao-Yiu 7096
Estimating the Effect of Fractal Dimension on Representative Elementary Volume of Randomly Distributed Rock Fracture Networks. Zhang, Jing; Yu, Liyuan; Jing, Hongwen; Liu, Richeng 6046
Evaluation of the Influence of Jiangxiang Reservoir Immersion on Corp and Residential Areas. Chen, Jing; Huang, Yong; Yang, Yongmei; Wang, Jingjing 5960
Evaluation of the Potential for Dissolved Oxygen Ingress into Deep Sedimentary Basins during a Glaciation Event. Bea, Sergio A.; Su, Danyang; Mayer, K. Ulrich; MacQuarrie, Kerry T.B. 11378
Evolution of Friction and Permeability in a Propped Fracture under Shear. Zhang, Fengshou; Fang, Yi; Elsworth, Derek; Wang, Chaoyi; Yang, Xiaofeng 6739
Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Influence on Overland Flow and Water Infiltration by Fracture Networks in Soil. Zhu, Lei; Fan, Dongjun; Ma, Rong; Zhang, Yonggen; Zha, Yuanyuan 8965
Experimental Characterization of Dielectric Properties in Fluid Saturated Artificial Shales. Beloborodov, Roman; Pervukhina, Marina; Han, Tongcheng; Josh, Matthew 4726
Experimental Investigation of Forchheimer Coefficients for Non-Darcy Flow in Conglomerate-Confined Aquifer. Zhang, Tong; Zhao, Yixin; Gan, Quan; Yuan, Liang; Zhu, Guangpei; Cai, Yongbo; Cao, Bao 10290
Experimental Investigation on Hydraulic Properties of Granular Sandstone and Mudstone Mixtures. Ma, Dan; Cai, Xin; Zhou, Zilong; Li, Xibing 6561
Experimental Investigations of the Process of Carbonate Fracture Dissolution Enlargement under Reservoir Temperature and Pressure Conditions. Wang, Jingxia; Yu, Qingchun 11281
Experimental Study on Medium Viscosity Oil Displacement Using Viscoelastic Polymer. Zhong, Huiying; Zang, Qiuyuan; Yin, Hongjun; Xia, Huifen Report 6555
Experimental Study on Stress-Dependent Nonlinear Flow Behavior and Normalized Transmissivity of Real Rock Fracture Networks. Yin, Qian; Jing, Hongwen; Liu, Richeng; Ma, Guowei; Yu, Liyuan; Su, Haijian 7230
Experimental Study on the Permeability of Weakly Cemented Rock under Different Stress States in Triaxial Compression Tests. Fan, Gangwei; Chen, Mingwei; Zhang, Dongsheng; Wang, Zhen; Zhang, Shizhong; Zhang, Chengguo; Li, Qiz 4838
Failure Mechanism of the Qianjiangping Slope in Three Gorges Reservoir Area, China. Zhang, Zhenhua; Qian, Mingming; Wei, Song; Chen, Juxiang 5829
Feldspar Dissolution and Its Influence on Reservoirs: A Case Study of the Lower Triassic Baikouquan Formation in the Northwest Margin of the Junggar Basin, China. Xiao, Meng; Yuan, Xuanjun; Cheng, Dawei; Wu, Songtao; Cao, Zhenglin; Tang, Yong; Xie, Zongrui Case study 8704
Field Measurement and Mechanical Analysis of Height of the Water Flowing Fracture Zone in Short-Wall Block Backfill Mining beneath the Aquifer: A Case Study in China. Zhang, Yun; Cao, Shenggen; Wan, Tong; Wang, Jijun Case study 6146
Field Reaction Experiments of Carbonate Minerals in Spring Waters: Natural Analogue of Geologic C[O.sub.2] Storage. Sorai, Masao; Sasaki, Munetake; Kuribayashi, Takahiro 6379
Fluid Chemistry of Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Vents: A Comparison between Numerical Modeling and Vent Geochemical Data. Pierre, Samuel; Gysi, Alexander P.; Monecke, Thomas 17779
Fluid Evolution of Fuzishan Skarn Cu-Mo Deposit from the Edong District in the Middle-Lower Yangtze River Metallogenic Belt of China: Evidence from Petrography, Mineral Assemblages, and Fluid Inclusions. Zhang, Lu; Jiang, Shao-Yong; Xiong, Suo-Fei; Duan, Deng-Fei 15421
Fluid Flow in Unconventional Gas Reservoirs. Xia, Tongqiang; Dontsov, Egor; Chen, Zhongwei; Zhang, Fengshou; Wei, Mingyao; Kong, Xiangzhao 728
Fluid Inclusions and C-H-O-S-Pb Isotope Systematics of the Changfagou Deposit, Jilin Province, Northeast China. Peng, Bo; Li, Bile; Chen, Jun 11071
Fluid Interfaces during Viscous-Dominated Primary Drainage in 2D Micromodels Using Pore-Scale SPH Simulations. Sivanesapillai, Rakulan; Steeb, Holger 9235
Fluids, Metals, and Mineral/Ore Deposits. Ding, Xing; Harlov, Daniel E.; Chen, Bin; Sun, Weidong 4432
Fractal Analysis of Microscale and Nanoscale Pore Structures in Carbonates Using High-Pressure Mercury Intrusion. Wang, Fuyong; Lian, Peiqing; Jiao, Liang; Liu, Zhichao; Zhao, Jiuyu; Gao, Jian 6104
Fracture Initiation Model of Shale Fracturing Based on Effective Stress Theory of Porous Media. Li, Yuwei; Jia, Dan 6299
Free LNAPL Volume Estimation by Pancake Model and Vertical Equilibrium Model: Comparison of Results, Limitations, and Critical Points. Frollini, Eleonora; Petitta, Marco 6099
Gas-Water-Rock Interactions and Implications for Geoenvironmental Issues. Li, Liangping; Zhang, Meijing; Zhang, Ming 3097
Geochemical Fingerprinting of Rising Deep Endogenous Gases in an Active Hypogenic Karst System. Fernandez-Cortes, A.; Perez-Lopez, R.; Cuezva, S.; Calaforra, J.M.; Canaveras, J.C.; Sanchez-Moral, 14029
Geochemical Signature of Magmatic-Hydrothermal Fluids Exsolved from the Beauvoir Rare-Metal Granite (Massif Central, France): Insights from LA-ICPMS Analysis of Primary Fluid Inclusions. Harlaux, Matthieu; Mercadier, Julien; Bonzi, Wiledio Marc-Emile; Kremer, Valentin; Marignac, Christi 17074
Geohazard Caused by Groundwater in Urban Underground Excavation. Hsiung, Bin-Chen Benson 5565
Geology, Mineralogy, Fluid Inclusion, and H-O-S-Pb Isotope Constraints on Ore Genesis of the Keyue Sb-Pb-Zn-Ag Deposit in Southern Tibet. Wang, Da; Zheng, Youye; Yang, Wantao; Gyatso, Ngawang 19910
Graphene-Based Membrane Technology: Reaching Out to the Oil and Gas Industry. Castro, Carlos; Cocuzza, Matteo; Lamberti, Andrea; Laurenti, Marco; Pedico, Alessandro; Pirri, Candi 8423
Groundwater and Subsidence Modeling Combining Geological and Multi-Satellite SAR Data over the Alto Guadalentin Aquifer (SE Spain). Ezquerro, Pablo; Guardiola-Albert, Carolina; Herrera, Gerardo; Fernandez-Merodo, Jose Antonio; Bejar 8446
Groundwater Chemistry and Overpressure Evidences in Cerro Prieto Geothermal Field. Morales-Arredondo, Ivan; Armienta, Maria Aurora; Segovia, Nuria 7812
Groundwater Level Distribution in Vacuum Dewatering Method in Phreatic Aquifer. Huang, Feng; Lyu, Jianguo; Gao, He; Yu, Zhaoteng 4285
Groundwater-Mixing Mechanism in a Multiaquifer System Based on Isotopic Tracing Theory: A Case Study in a Coal Mine District, China. Huang, Pinghua; Wang, Xinyi Case study 5748
High-Resolution Wellbore Temperature Logging Combined with a Borehole-Scale Heat Budget: Conceptual and Analytical Approaches to Characterize Hydraulically Active Fractures and Groundwater Origin. Meyzonnat, Guillaume; Barbecot, Florent; Corcho-Alvarado, Jose A.; Tognelli, Antoine; Zeyen, Hermann 13801
Hydraulic Tomography for Estimating the Diffusivity of Heterogeneous Aquifers Based on Groundwater Response to Tidal Fluctuation in an Artificial Island in Taiwan. Wen, Jet-Chau; Lin, Hong-Ru; Yeh, Tian-Chyi Jim; Wang, Yu-Li; Lin, Keng-Li; Huang, Shao-Yang 8288
Hydraulic-Hydrology Analysis of the Turbulent Seepage Flow within Karst Aquifer of the Golubinka Spring Catchment. Loncar, Goran; Sreng, Zeljko; Bekic, Damir; Kunstek, Duska 7492
Hydrochemical Characteristics and Evolution of Geothermal Fluids in the Chabu High-Temperature Geothermal System, Southern Tibet. Wang, X.; Wang, G.L.; Gan, H.N.; Liu, Z.; Nan, D.W. 9726
Hydrochemical Characteristics and Formation of the Madeng Hot Spring in Yunnan, China. Zhenhua, Ren; Xun, Zhou; Miaolin, Yang; Xiaocui, Wang; Yuhui, Zheng; Xiaolu, Li; Ye, Shen 7754
Hydrodynamics in Evaporate-Bearing Fine-Grained Successions Investigated through an Interdisciplinary Approach: A Test Study in Southern Italy--Hydrogeological Behaviour of Heterogeneous Low-Permeability Media. Petrella, E.; Bucci, A.; Ogata, K.; Zanini, A.; Naclerio, G.; Chelli, A.; Francese, R.; Boschetti, T 9703
Hydrogeochemical Characteristics and Genesis Model of Jinjiang and Julong Hot Springs in Changbai Mountain, Northeast China. Yan, Baizhong; Liang, Xiujuan; Xiao, Changlai 7859
Hydrogeochemical Characteristics and Geothermometry Applications of Thermal Waters in Coastal Xinzhou and Shenzao Geothermal Fields, Guangdong, China. Wang, Xiao; Lu, Guoping; Hu, Bill X. 14615
Impact of an Extreme Typhoon Event on Subsequent Sediment Discharges and Rainfall-Driven Landslides in Affected Mountainous Regions of Taiwan. Hung, Ching; Lin, Guan-Wei; Kuo, Hsien-Li; Zhang, Jia-Ming; Chen, Chi-Wen; Chen, Hongey 5368
Impact of Redox Condition on Fractionation and Bioaccessibility of Arsenic in Arsenic-Contaminated Soils Remediated by Iron Amendments: A Long-Term Experiment. Zhang, Quan; Pei, Lixin; Liu, Chunyan; Han, Mei; Wang, Wenzhong 5098
Impact of S[O.sub.2] on Alteration of Reservoir Rock with Ca-Deficient Conditions and Poor Buffering Capacity under a C[O.sub.2] Geologic Storage Condition. Park, Jinyoung; Choi, Byoung-Young; Jeong, Jong Ok; Shinn, Young Jae 8118
Improvements in Drill-Core Headspace Gas Analysis for Samples from Microbially Active Depths. Miyakawa, Kazuya; Okumura, Fumiaki 7611
Injection-Triggered Occlusion of Flow Pathways in Geothermal Operations. Brehme, Maren; Regenspurg, Simona; Leary, Peter; Bulut, Fatih; Milsch, Harald; Petrauskas, Sigitas; 9619
Innovative Research for Geofluid Flow and Solute Transport in Subsurface from Pore to Terrestrial Scales. Wen, Jet-Chau; Illman, Walter A.; Ye, Shujun; Yeh, Tianchyi 1622
Integration of an Iterative Update of Sparse Geologic Dictionaries with ES-MDA for History Matching of Channelized Reservoirs. Kim, Sungil; Min, Baehyun; Lee, Kyungbook; Jeong, Hoonyoung 9408
Interaction between Vetiver Grass Roots and Completely Decomposed Volcanic Tuff under Rainfall Infiltration Conditions. Xu, Ling; Gao, Chongyang; Yan, Dongdong 3456
Investigating Multiphase Flow Phenomena in Fine-Grained Reservoir Rocks: Insights from Using Ethane Permeability Measurements over a Range of Pore Pressures. Letham, Eric Aidan; Bustin, Robert Marc 6220
Laboratory Leaching Tests to Investigate Mobilisation and Recovery of Metals from Geothermal Reservoirs. Osvald, Mate; Kilpatrick, Andrew D.; Rochelle, Christopher A.; Szanyi, Janos; Medgyes, Tamas; Kobor, 12334
Lateral Percolation and Its Effect on Shale Gas Accumulation on the Basis of Complex Tectonic Background. Zhang, Kun; Jiang, Zhenxue; Xie, Xuelian; Gao, Zhiye; Liu, Tianlin; Yin, Lishi; Jia, Chengzao; Song, 6197
Machine Learning Models for Spring Discharge Forecasting. Granata, Francesco; Saroli, Michele; Marinis, Giovanni de; Gargano, Rudy 6898
Material Exchange and Migration between Pore Fluids and Sandstones during Diagenetic Processes in Rift Basins: A Case Study Based on Analysis of Diagenetic Products in Dongying Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, East China. Meng, W.; Zeng, J.H.; Cao, Z.; Song, G.Q.; Wang, Y.S.; Teng, J.L.; Guo, Z. Case study 10777
Measurement of [Cl.sup.-]: [Br.sup.-] Ratios in the Porewater of Clay-Rich Rocks--A Comparison of the Crush-and-Leach and the Paper-Absorption Methods. Celejewski, Magda; Barton, David; Al, Tom 10118
Mechanical Performances of Pressure Arch in Thick Bedrock during Shallow Coal Mining. Wang, Shuren; Wu, Xiaogang; Zhao, Yanhai; Hagan, Paul 6263
Mechanical-Chemical-Mineralogical Controls on Permeability Evolution of Shale Fractures. Jia, Yunzhong; Lu, Yiyu; Tang, Jiren; Fang, Yi; Xia, Binwei; Ge, Zhaolong 9018
Mechanism of Permeability Evolution for Reservoir Sandstone with Different Physical Properties. Liu, Xianshan; Xu, Ming; Wang, Ke 7408
Methane Extraction from Abandoned Mines by Surface Vertical Wells: A Case Study in China. Hu, Shengyong; Zhang, Ao; Feng, Guorui; Guo, Xiangqian; Miu, Xuyang; Li, Chao; Han, Dandan; Wang, Ji Case study 4754
Microscale Research on Effective Geosequestration of C[O.sub.2] in Coal Reservoir: A Natural Analogue Study in Haishiwan Coalfield, China. Zhang, Kaizhong; Li, Wei; Cheng, Yuanping; Dong, Jun; Tu, Qingyi; Zhang, Rong 7818
Microscopic Flow Characteristics of Fluids in Porous Medium and Its Relationship with Remaining Oil Distribution: A Case Study in Saertu Oilfield of Daqing in China. Li, Z.; Sun, X.; Wang, F.; Liang, Y. Case study 4867
Migration of Gas in Water Saturated Clays by Coupled Hydraulic-Mechanical Model. Pazdniakou, Aliaksei; Dymitrowska, Magdalena 16881
Modeling Highly Buoyant Flows in the Castel Giorgio: Torre Alfina Deep Geothermal Reservoir. Volpi, Giorgio; Magri, Fabien; Colucci, Francesca; Fisher, Thomas; De Caro, Mattia; Crosta, Giovanni 11608
Modeling of Transient Flow in Unsaturated Geomaterials for Rainfall-Induced Landslides Using a Novel Spacetime Collocation Method. Ku, Cheng-Yu; Liu, Chih-Yu; Su, Yan; Xiao, Jing-En 8369
Modeling Simultaneous Multiple Fracturing Using the Combined Finite-Discrete Element Method. Liu, Quansheng; Sun, Lei; Liu, Pingli; Chen, Lei 7428
Modelling Seismically Induced Mesothermal Goldfields along the Deep-Rooted Cadillac-Larder Lake Fault, Abitibi, Canada. Bedeaux, Pierre; Rafini, Silvain; Pilote, Pierre; Daigneault, Real 14593
Modern Recharge in a Transboundary Groundwater Basin Deduced from Hydrochemical and Isotopic Investigations: Al Buraimi, Oman. Abdalla, O.; Izady, A.; Hosni, T. Al-; Chen, M.; Mamari, H. Al-; Semhi, K. 8559
Multicomponent Lattice Boltzmann Simulations of Gas Transport in a Coal Reservoir with Dynamic Adsorption. Peng, Zhigao; Liu, Shenggui; Tang, Songlei; Zhao, Yuechao; Li, Yingjun 7642
Multiscale Fracture Analysis in a Reservoir-Scale Carbonate Platform Exposure (Sorrento Peninsula, Italy): Implications for Fluid Flow. Massaro, L.; Corradetti, A.; Vinci, F.; Tavani, S.; Iannace, A.; Parente, M.; Mazzoli, S. 5387
Nanoscale Pore Structure Characterization and Permeability of Mudrocks and Fine-Grained Sandstones in Coal Reservoirs by Scanning Electron Microscopy, Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry, and Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Zhang, Na; Zhao, Fangfang; Guo, Pingye; Li, Jiabin; Gong, Weili; Guo, Zhibiao; Sun, Xiaoming 10948
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