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GeoEngineers: unearthing global opportunities in the oil and gas industry: celebrating 25 years, GeoEngineers is proud of its ongoing presence in Alaska.

One of the world's largest energy companies needed to drill under an enormous river in Eastern Europe, and their third attempt failed. They turned to Alaska's own GeoEngineers. After just one week of study, GeoEngineers found an innovative solution, recovering the project and meeting a critical schedule.

GeoEngineers has maintained a presence in Alaska for 11 years performing oil field support services. Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, the company is increasingly called upon for its expertise in onshore and offshore data acquisition, engineering and project management, and horizontal directional drilling (HDD) engineering.


HDD technology is becoming crucial for many oil and gas industry projects. Because it provides access beneath rivers or the ocean floor, pipelines can now extend to areas that were previously inaccessible.

A classic example comes from GeoEngineers' recent project in the Caribbean, where a mile-long pipeline extends from an offshore oil production platform to an island. A conventional seafloor pipeline was out of the question due to ecological sensitivities. New HDD technology, or "smart drilling," leaves corals and other marine habitat undisturbed.


GeoEngineers also is known for its creative high-resolution geophysical and geotechnical data acquisition capabilities in remote environments. "We'll hang sampling equipment from a helicopter, tow it behind a boat, or drive it over the ground-whatever it takes to get the quality data we need," says Scott Widness, GeoEngineers' Anchorage Office Manager.

GeoEngineers will be putting its high-resolution geophysical and oceanographic equipment in the water soon on a sub-sea pipeline evaluation project in Cook Inlet. They also will be deploying in-situ seafloor testing equipment for a geotechnical investigation for a breakwater and causeway fill off the coast of Mexico.


For several decades, GeoEngineers has provided a wide range of infrastructure development services, such as arctic engineering and designing bridges, roads and docks. "We occupy an unusual market niche because we strive to understand the problem, collect the appropriate information through innovative techniques and develop an engineered solution," explains Widness.

These strengths are coming into play as GeoEngineers helps develop oil field infrastructure in Russia. The firm is using data acquisition tools, processing geotechnical and geophysical data, and preparing site-specific design alternatives and solutions in bilingual documentation. Crucial to success of these remote projects will be the company's expertise in geospatial services and GIS, the effective integration of data management and analyses for project development and regulatory approvals--and GeoEngineers' prior onshore and offshore Arctic experience in Alaska.


Celebrating its 25th year, GeoEngineers is proud of its ongoing presence in Alaska. As Widness says, "Whether it's a cutting-edge oil and gas project or a traditional stream restoration program, we are totally committed to making Alaska a better place-economically, ecologically and as a community."
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Date:May 1, 2005
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