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Genuine Draft bottles embossed with seal.

Genuine Draft bottles embossed with seal

Miller Genuine Draft and Genuine Draft Light recently introduced their newest packaging tack: 12-oz. bottles embossed with the cold-filtered seal. Both the regular and longneck returnable 12-oz. bottles will feature such seals.

"The addition of this special seal not only distinguishes our bottle but also emphasizes to the beer drinker that Miller Genuine Draft is the genuine cold-filtered - never heat-pasteurized - beer," said Tony Sciolla, brand manager, Miller Brewing Co.

The cold-filtered seal is currently featured on Genuine Draft merchandising and promotional items and has been shown in several television commercials, Sciolla noted.

"When Miller Brewing Company introduced Miller Genuine Draft in 1985, we coined the term cold-filtered to describe our exclusive ceramic filtration system, which allows us to deliver rich, smooth genuine draft beer in the convenience of packages to beer drinkers," Sciolla continued.
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Title Annotation:Miller Genuine Draft and Genuine Draft Light's new packaging
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jun 10, 1991
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