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Gentran Integration Suite. (E-Commerce).

The Sterling Commerce Gentran Integration Suite, is a modular software suite designed to put Gentran customers on the path to a strategic integration platform. Gentran:Server is Sterling Commerce's translation software designed to handle high-volume messaging in a distributed computing environment Customers will receive a base version of Gentran Integration Suite as a free maintenance upgrade. This includes enhancements to Gentran:Server such as improved document tracking and thin client administration.

The Gentran Integration Suite is powered by Sterling Integrator, a next generation integration broker software solution built on J2EE-based architecture and supported by a BPML-based business process engine. Additional options of the suite, which are available for licensing separately, include Web services integration, an integration broker, business process management, real-time cross-application event monitoring, integrated human workflow, partner self-service and support for sophisticated B2B protocols such as ebXML, EDI-INT, RosettaNet and UCCNet.

Gentran Integration Suite modules address four key areas of enterprise integration needs, allowing customers to initially implement modules that meet immediate needs and add new functionality as those needs expand.

Features include:

* Enterprise application integration, including a range of adapters, which are available for licensing separately, to enable flow of information between business applications, as well as data source management capabilities

* EDI trading community management, encompassing all widely used EDI standards

* B2B commerce community management, allowing the integration of trading communities based on emerging Internet-based standards such as XML and RosettaNet, available through separate licensing

* Web enablement, supporting community enablement features that expedite and simplify the, participation of trading partners in electronic commerce communities; available through separate licensing
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