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Food manufacturers have traditionally used fresh ingredients in their production, however due to seasonal variations and crop shortages, fresh fruit and vegetables are not always available or of consistent quality.

S & S Services have represented a number of producers of citrus and soft fruit juice concentrates since the early 1950's- Over the years a number of new product lines have been established, such as pizza sauces, air and freeze dried vegetables.

With the continued development of manufactured convenience foods, a number of producers are now incorporating fruit juice concentrates and purees, into their formulations instead of the fresh fruit. The use of fruit juice concentrates not only allows the manufacturer to obtain consistent end product throughout the year, but more importantly the concentrates having been pasteurised during production, and do not have the bacteriological risks associated with the fresh ingredient. Likewise the use of air or freeze dried vegetables in dry mixes has the same result.

The development of juice concentrates, pizza sauces etc, has reached the stage where these products can now be offered, not only preserved, frozen or canned but also in aseptic packs. The obvious advantage for the end user is that consignments can be stored at ambient temperature, without spoilage, however the shelf life of each product must be carefully checked to ensure that maximum storage periods are not exceeded.

However it should not be presumed that all juices and concentrates from different origins and producers should be of similar quality. Processing standards vary considerably from country to country, however the majority of agents and importers, regularly audit the factories that they represent; even more importantly any new processor introduced to them, would be audited prior to offers being made to clients. This enables the agent to inform the customer in full detail of the manufacturing process, the equipment used, the laboratory testing facilities, hygiene etc. S & S Services regularly audit the factories from whom products are offered, this means several visits to a country during any one year, as citrus and tomato seasons are six months apart.
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Date:May 1, 1993
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