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Gently spray dried yogurt powder.

Gently Spray Dried Yogurt Powder

Since antiquity, milk has played an important role in Western food culture. Processing milk to make products, such as cheese, butter and yogurt, is an old technique for utilizing milk's natural nutrients. Using more modern techniques, it is now possible to process even yogurt. A method of spray drying yogurt so that a large number of live yogurt bacteria are retained in the powder has been developed.

Peter Whiting (Ingredients) Ltd of West London, are suppliers of a rather special natural spray dried yogurt powder. It is made from pasteurized skimmed milk that is fermented by selected strains of Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus to make a mildly sour yogurt with characteristic aroma. This yogurt is then spray dried using a gentle process to ensure that bacteria are left alive in the powder. These can then be activated by reconstitution with water.

One great advantage of using skimmed milk in processing is that the powder and the various products made from it are low calorie ones - and this section of the market is currently arousing great interest. Yogurt's high lactase activity makes it of great value as a nutrient, as it can be consumed by those who suffer with lactose intolerance.

As well as 'raw' yogurt powder, the same company has also developed several variations on this theme, for example, instant yogurt powder. With this product, by adding fat powder, sugar and a stabilizer, a highly solvent powder is created - One just adds water and real 'live' yogurt is created. And this can be reconstituted on production lines.

Another variation is yogurt ice cream. In this case, the powder is blended with vegetable fat, sugar, a stabilizer and an emulsifier. The finished product is a fresh and exciting ice cream. There are two varieties of yogurt ice cream - one for soft ice machines and one for spooning. Flavouring can be added to both of them.

With regard to creative development, this yogurt powder has a great many potentials just waiting to be realised. These can be explored by customers working alone or jointly with the supplier. Some of the products under development include: A sodium-reduced yogurt - in this yogurt most of the sodium has been replaced by potassium; and Preparations where yogurt bacteria are used to restore the intestinal bacterial flora, eg, during intestinal infections or following a penicillin cure.
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Title Annotation:method of retaining need bacteria for yogurt powder
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Date:Oct 1, 1989
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