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Gentle terrier savaged by two Akitas.

I READ with horror of a family pet fighting for its life after an attack by a Japanese Akita. Good luck to Mitch (pictured above) and the Wilson family.

My little, gentle ten-year-old Jack Russell terrier was attacked and savaged by two Akitas in the rear garden of my house in October last year. Her injuries were so severe she had to be put to sleep the morning following the attack.

On reporting the attack to the police they stated they do not deal with dog-on-dog attack. I am fully aware that dogs may want to fight each other at times, but is it a fair fight with two such dogs against a small elderly Jack Russell? While trying to rescue my dog from the jaws of one of the Akitas, I would have been attacked myself if it wasn't for the quick intervention of a neighbour.

The attack was reported to Stockton Borough Council by myself and the veterinary surgeon who tried so hard to save my dog. Statements were made, photographs taken of my dog's injuries, all to no avail.

Are we waiting for yet another toddler to be attacked? A EDGAR, Thornaby
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:May 30, 2009
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