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Sharjah ranks global top for high-growth ecosystems. Jun 29, 2020 419
Sharjah gets top ranking in global high growth ecosystems list. Jun 25, 2020 433
RT-PCR for COVID-19: Diagnosis Made Easy. Osheen Sajjad, Aiman Shahzad and Saqib Mahmood Jun 25, 2020 3470
A local cancer genome atlas. Jun 22, 2020 1459
US Authorises Emergency Use Of Illumina's COVIDSeq Covid-19 Test. Jun 10, 2020 213
Newer molecular insights into type-2 diabetes mellitus. Sikandar Hayat Khan and Urwa Sarwar Jun 9, 2020 1877
Oman's report on COVID-19 study enters global data. Jun 8, 2020 627
KCUS completes testing of genome sequences of new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Jun 8, 2020 301
Omani researchers analyze COVID-19 Gene Sequencing. Jun 8, 2020 428
Swift and Arbor partner for hybridization-based target enrichment of COVID-19 virus. Jun 4, 2020 173
Pluristem partners with CRISPR-IL National Consortium for genome-editing. Jun 3, 2020 299
QF scientists look to understand how coronavirus affects different populations. Jun 2, 2020 786
Huawei: 5G, Big Data and AI will help us prevail against Covid 19. Chris Kelly Jun 1, 2020 455
Clinical Features of COVID-19 in Children. Bal, Zumrut Sahbudak; Kurugol, Zafer; Ozkinay, Ferda Jun 1, 2020 2264
QF scientists study Covid-19's varying effect on different populations. Jun 1, 2020 597
Genome-Wide Analysis, Characterization, and Expression Profile of the Basic Leucine Zipper Transcription Factor Family in Pineapple. Liu, Yanhui; Chai, Mengnan; Zhang, Man; He, Qing; Su, Zhenxia; Priyadarshani, S.V.G.N.; Liu, Liping; May 31, 2020 8025
Epigenetic Mechanisms in the Neurodevelopmental Theory of Depression. Talarowska, Monika May 31, 2020 6523
Identification of a Gene-Related Risk Signature in Melanoma Patients Using Bioinformatic Profiling. Wang, Jing; Kong, Peng-Fei; Wang, Hai-Yun; Song, Di; Wu, Wen-Qing; Zhou, Hang-Cheng; Weng, Hai-Yan; May 31, 2020 6145
Identification of Susceptibility Modules and Genes for Cardiovascular Disease in Diabetic Patients Using WGCNA Analysis. Liang, Weiwei; Sun, Fangfang; Zhao, Yiming; Shan, Lizhen; Lou, Hanyu May 31, 2020 4634
Illumina, other investors to invest $70M in Ginkgo Bioworks for COVID-19 testing. May 28, 2020 271
Molecular Identification of HIV-1 in the Presence of Hepatitis B Virus and Hepatitis C Virus Co-infections. Sayan, Murat; Ozguler, Muge; Yildirim, Figen Sarigul; Yildirmak, Taner; Gunduz, Alper; Dokuzoguz, Ba May 28, 2020 5136
Tiziana Life Sciences outlines plans to demerge genomics-based personalised medicine businesses. May 23, 2020 396
DU cracks genome sequence of five samples of Sars-CoV-2. May 23, 2020 288
Tiziana Life Sciences outlines plans to demerge genomics-based personalised medicine businesses. May 23, 2020 398
Researchers decode genome sequence of coronavirus. May 22, 2020 321
Combating coronavirus: UAE genomic study identifies 70 mutations of Covid-19 virus. Staff Reporter May 20, 2020 624
Dairy farm's bid to exploit genomic testing for heifer calves. STAFF REPORTER May 19, 2020 464
Cracking the genome mystery. May 16, 2020 1373
Day Zero Diagnostics Awarded USD 6.2m in CARB-X Funding for Development of New Technology to Rapidly Diagnose Superbug Infections and Determine the Most Effective Antibiotic for Treatment. May 11, 2020 745
Coronavirus may have been infecting humans earlier than 2020, say UK scientists; Scientists at University College London and the University of Reunion Island have studied thousands of genome sequence assemblies and found that the first case of human infection of SARS-CoV-2 was in October. By, Milo Boyd May 7, 2020 381
Intestinal Microbiota and Child Health: A Review of the Literature. Nakamichi, Mikoto; Madi, Dina May 1, 2020 8665
Biphasic Outbreak of Invasive Group A Streptococcus Disease in Eldercare Facility, New Zealand. Worthing, Kate A.; Werno, Anja; Pink, Ramon; McIntyre, Liam; Carter, Glen P.; Williamson, Deborah A. May 1, 2020 5113
Rhizopus microsporus Infections Associated with Surgical Procedures, Argentina, 2006-2014. Bowers, Jolene R.; Monroy-Nieto, Juan; Gade, Lalitha; Travis, Jason; Refojo, Nicolas; Abrantes, Rube May 1, 2020 5249
Genetic Characterization of Japanese Encephalitis Virus Genotype 5 Isolated from Patient, South Korea, 2015. Woo, Jae Hoon; Jeong, Young Eui; Jo, Jung Eun; Shim, Sang-Mu; Ryou, Jungsang; Kim, Kyung-Chang; Lee, May 1, 2020 2045
Multidrug-Resistant Salmonella Serotype Anatum in Travelers and Seafood from Asia, United States. Karp, Beth E.; Leeper, Molly M.; Chen, Jessica C.; Tagg, Kaitlin A.; Watkins, Louise K. Francois; Fr May 1, 2020 1695
Human Adenovirus 7d Strains Associated with Influenza-Like Illness, New York, USA, 2017-2019. Lamson, Daryl M.; Kajon, Adriana; Popowich, Michael; Fuschino, Meghan; George, Kirsten St. May 1, 2020 1493
Who's Who: Sharif Hala, biomedical researcher and co-founder of NoorD. Arab News May 1, 2020 299
Mutations in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Isolates with Discordant Results for Drug-Susceptibility Testing in Peru. Solari, L.; Santos-Lazaro, D.; Puyen, Z.M. Apr 30, 2020 2839
Genome-Wide Characterization and Analysis of bHLH Transcription Factors Related to Crocin Biosynthesis in Gardenia jasminoides Ellis (Rubiaceae). Tian, Ya; Pu, Xiangdong; Yu, Haoying; Ji, Aijia; Gao, Ranran; Hu, Yating; Xu, Zhichao; Wang, Hualei Apr 30, 2020 5487
The Oncogenic Role of CENPA in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Development: Evidence from Bioinformatic Analysis. Zhang, Yuan; Yang, Lei; Shi, Jia; Lu, Yunfei; Chen, Xiaorong; Yang, Zongguo Apr 30, 2020 3505
Biological Pathways of Long-Term Visit-to-Visit Blood Pressure Variability in the American Population: Cardiovascular Health Study and Women's Health Initiatives. Faramawi, Mohammed F.; Orloff, Mohammed S.; Delongchamp, Robert; Wang, Yan; Feingold, Eleanor; Thapa Apr 30, 2020 4021
Upregulation of CEP55 Predicts Dismal Prognosis in Patients with Liver Cancer. Yang, Lingpeng; He, Yang; Zhang, Zifei; Wang, Wentao Apr 30, 2020 6455
Transcriptome Analysis Reveals the Negative Effect of 16 T High Static Magnetic Field on Osteoclastogenesis of RAW264.7 Cells. Huyan, Ting; Peng, Hourong; Cai, Suna; Li, Qi; Dong, Dandan; Yang, Zhouqi; Shang, Peng Apr 30, 2020 6596
Identification of FOS as a Candidate Risk Gene for Liver Cancer by Integrated Bioinformatic Analysis. Hu, Jin-Wu; Ding, Guang-Yu; Fu, Pei-Yao; Tang, Wei-Guo; Sun, Qi-Man; Zhu, Xiao-Dong; Shen, Ying-Hao; Apr 30, 2020 5852
Identification of a Novel Eight-lncRNA Prognostic Signature for HBV-HCC and Analysis of Their Functions Based on Coexpression and ceRNA Networks. Zhao, Xiaonan; Bai, Zhenzi; Li, Chenghua; Sheng, Chuanlun; Li, Hongyan Apr 30, 2020 7534
Genetic Evolution of Mycobacterium abscessus Conferring Clarithromycin Resistance during Long-Term Antibiotic Therapy. Li, Bing; Guo, Qi; Mao, Yanhua; Zou, Yuzhen; Zhang, Yongjie; Zhang, Zhemin; Chu, Haiqing Apr 30, 2020 4530
Whole-Genome Sequencing of Mexican Strains of Anaplasma marginale: An Approach to the Causal Agent of Bovine Anaplasmosis. Martinez-Ocampo, Fernando; Quiroz-Castaneda, Rosa Estela; Amaro-Estrada, Itzel; Dantan-Gonzalez, Edg Apr 30, 2020 3562
A Five-Genes-Based Prognostic Signature for Cervical Cancer Overall Survival Prediction. Zhao, Menghuang; Huang, Wenbin; Zou, Shuangwei; Shen, Qi; Zhu, Xueqiong Apr 30, 2020 6362
Detection of Antimicrobial Resistance Genes Associated with Carbapenem Resistance from the Whole-Genome Sequence of Acinetobacter baumannii Isolates from Malaysia. Rao, Mohan; Rashid, Fairuz A.; Shukor, Surianti; Hashim, Rohaidah; Ahmad, Norazah Apr 30, 2020 5346
Comparative Genomics Reveals Pathogenicity-Related Loci in Shewanella algae. Wang, Jui-Hsing; He, Guo-Cheng; Huang, Yao-Ting; Liu, Po-Yu Apr 30, 2020 5090
Development and Validation of a Bordetella pertussis Whole-Genome Screening Strategy. Antunes, Ricardo da Silva; Quiambao, Lorenzo G.; Sutherland, Aaron; Soldevila, Ferran; Dhanda, Sande Apr 30, 2020 6824
Identification of Hub Genes Related to Carcinogenesis and Prognosis in Colorectal Cancer Based on Integrated Bioinformatics. Gong, Benjiao; Kao, Yanlei; Zhang, Chenglin; Sun, Fudong; Gong, Zhaohua; Chen, Jian Apr 30, 2020 6930
Yield10 obtains response from USDA-APHIS on regulatory status of C3007 trait. Apr 27, 2020 423
'Coronavirus might be changing into a less infective form'. Apr 24, 2020 663
PHYLOGENETIC ANALYSIS OF SHEEP POX AND GOAT POX VIRUS STRAINS IN SAUDI ARABIA. Ibrahim M. El-Sabagh, Ahmed M. Al-Ali, Mohamed A. Salem, Hussein A. Al-Wsaibei, Abdallah M. Al Butay Apr 24, 2020 4515
Science and Technology Daily announces formation of COVID-19 research database by Chinese researchers. Apr 22, 2020 232
Science and Technology Daily announces formation of COVID-19 research database by Chinese researchers. Apr 22, 2020 236
Coronavirus news bulletin from UAE: 432 new cases confirmed; first genome sequencing announced; new restrictions for workers. Ismail Sebugwaawo Apr 16, 2020 1839
Combating coronavirus: Genome sequencing to help assess virus spread. Staff Reporter Apr 16, 2020 443
OpGen announces publication on feasibility of antibiotic susceptibility testing. Apr 16, 2020 544
Coronavirus: UAE announces 460 new cases of Covid-19, 61 recoveries. Web Report Apr 16, 2020 399
UAE scientists successfully sequence COVID-19 genome in full. Staff Report Apr 15, 2020 604
COVID-19: All you want to know about genome sequencing of the coronavirus. Shyam A. Krishna, Senior Associate Editor Apr 15, 2020 758
COVID-19: UAE coronavirus genome sequencing, what you should know. Shyam A. Krishna, Senior Associate Editor Apr 15, 2020 720
54gene Closes $15M Series A. Apr 15, 2020 762
KT edit: UAE backs research to lead fight against Covid-19. Apr 15, 2020 555
UAE announces first full genome sequencing of Covid-19 virus. Apr 15, 2020 426
Combating coronavirus: Dubai announces first full genome sequencing of Covid-19 virus. Staff Report Apr 15, 2020 586
Genome sequencing. Prof (Dr) M. Kamran Azim - Karachi Apr 13, 2020 184
NaCCA boss applauds UG scientists for sequencing genome of Covid-19. Apr 12, 2020 751
Gilead, Second Genome collaborate on IBD treatments. Apr 6, 2020 241
Concern voiced over unauthentic Covid-19 information. Apr 5, 2020 203
Complete Mitochondrial Genome and Phylogenetic Analysis of Gruiformes and Charadriiformes. Report Apr 3, 2020 9145
NUST scientists publish Pakistan's first whole genome sequence of SARS-CoV2. Apr 2, 2020 185
NUST scientists publish Pakistan's first whole genome sequence of SARS-CoV2. Apr 2, 2020 223
Genomic Insight into the Spread of Meropenem-Resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae [Spain.sup.23]F-ST81, Taiwan. Chen, Yi-Yin; Hsieh, Yu-Chia; Gong, Yu-Nong; Liao, Wei-Chao; Li, Shiao-Wen; Chang, Ian Yi-Feng; Lin, Apr 1, 2020 7600
Isolation of Drug-Resistant Gallibacterium anatis from Calves with Unresponsive Bronchopneumonia, Belgium. Van Driessche, Laura; Vanneste, Kevin; Bogaerts, Bert; De Keersmaecker, Sigrid C.J.; Roosens, Nancy Apr 1, 2020 6788
Person-to-Person Transmission of Andes Virus in Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Argentina, 2014. Alonso, Daniel O.; Perez-Sautu, Unai; Bellomo, Carla M.; Prieto, Karla; Iglesias, Ayelen; Coelho, Ro Apr 1, 2020 2065
Outbreak of Dirkmeia churashimaensis Fungemia in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, India. Chowdhary, Anuradha; Sharada, Kothapalli; Singh, Pradeep Kumar; Bhagwani, Dalip Kumar; Kumar, Nitin; Apr 1, 2020 3074
Whole-Genome Analysis of Salmonella enterica Serovar Enteritidis Isolates in Outbreak Linked to Online Food Delivery, Shenzhen, China, 2018. Jiang, Min; Zhu, Feng; Yang, Chao; Deng, Yinhua; Kwan, Patrick S.L.; Li, Yinghui; Lin, Yiman; Qiu, Y Apr 1, 2020 1991
Advanced Resistance Studies Identify Two Discrete Mechanisms in Staphylococcus aureus to Overcome Antibacterial Compounds that Target Biotin Protein Ligase. Hayes, Andrew J.; Satiaputra, Jiulia; Sternicki, Louise M.; Paparella, Ashleigh S.; Feng, Zikai; Lee Report Apr 1, 2020 11296
Genomic Characterization of Escherichia coli Isolates Belonging to a New Hybrid aEPEC/ExPEC Pathotype O153:H10-A-ST10 eae-beta1 Occurred in Meat, Poultry, Wildlife and Human Diarrheagenic Samples. Diaz-Jimenez, Dafne; Garcia-Menino, Isidro; Herrera, Alexandra; Garcia, Vanesa; Lopez-Beceiro, Ana M Apr 1, 2020 9967
Genomic Characterization of Antimicrobial Resistance, Virulence, and Phylogeny of the Genus Ochrobactrum. Yagel, Yael; Sestito, Stephanie; Motro, Yair; Shnaiderman-Torban, Anat; Khalfin, Boris; Sagi, Orly; Report Apr 1, 2020 8308
A single-nucleotide polymorphism (rs8176070) of lncRNA PART1 may reflect the risk for knee osteoarthritis. Piskin, Ilkay; Akcan, Gulben; Firat, Ahmet; Tufan, Ahmet Cevik Letter to the editor Apr 1, 2020 1090
Genome-wide scans for detecting the selection signature of the Jeju-island native pig in Korea. Lee, Young-Sup; Shin, Donghyun; Won, Kyeong-Hye; Kim, Dae Cheol; Lee, Sang Chul; Song, Ki-Duk Apr 1, 2020 4697
Genetic Predisposition and Salt Sensitivity in a Chinese Han Population: The EpiSS Study. Liu, Kuo; Xi, Bo; Liu, Zheng; Qi, Han; Liu, Bin; Zhang, Jie; Cao, Han; Yan, Yuxiang; Zhao, Min; He, Report Mar 31, 2020 6444
A Trypanosoma cruzi Genome Tandem Repetitive Satellite DNA Sequence as a Molecular Marker for a LAMP Assay for Diagnosing Chagas' Disease. Ordonez, Diego; Fernandez-Soto, Pedro; Fernandez-Martin, Ana M.; Crego-Vicente, Beatriz; Febrer-Send Mar 31, 2020 5245
EGFR Polymorphism and Survival of NSCLC Patients Treated with TKIs: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Jurisic, Vladimir; Vukovic, Vladimir; Obradovic, Jasmina; Gulyaeva, Lyudmila F.; Kushlinskii, Nikola Mar 31, 2020 10338
Polytrauma in Older Adults Leads to Significantly Increased TIMP-1 Levels in the Early Posttraumatic Period. Braunstein, Mareen; Kusmenkov, Thomas; Mutschler, Wolf; Kammerlander, Christian; Bocker, Wolfgang; B Mar 31, 2020 6228
West Nile Virus Vaccine Design by T Cell Epitope Selection: In Silico Analysis of Conservation, Functional Cross-Reactivity with the Human Genome, and Population Coverage. Waller, Frances M.; Reche, Pedro A.; Flower, Darren R. Mar 31, 2020 4899
Genomic Analysis of Bacillus megaterium NCT-2 Reveals Its Genetic Basis for the Bioremediation of Secondary Salinization Soil. Wang, Bin; Zhang, Dan; Chu, Shaohua; Zhi, Yuee; Liu, Xiaorui; Zhou, Pei Mar 31, 2020 6263
A Pooling Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies Susceptibility Loci and Signaling Pathways of Immune Thrombocytopenia in Chinese Han Population. Xu, Yanmei; Li, Jing; Yang, Wentao; Tang, Xiaoli; Huang, Bo; Liu, Jing; Lin, Jin; Zhang, Jing; Yang, Mar 31, 2020 5895
Streptococcus halichoeri: Comparative Genomics of an Emerging Pathogen. Aaltonens, Kirsi; Kant, Ravi; Eklund, Marjut; Raunio-Saarnisto, Mirja; Paulin, Lars; Vapalahti, Olli Mar 31, 2020 5681
Comparative Genomics of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae Serotype 8 Reveals the Importance of Prophages in the Genetic Variability of the Species. Prado, Isabelle Goncalves de Oliveira; da Silva, Giarla Cunha; Crispim, Josicelli Souza; Vidigal, Pe Mar 31, 2020 7542
Association of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors (PPARs) with Diabetic Retinopathy in Human and Animal Models: Analysis of the Literature and Genome Browsers. Tajnsek, Spela; Petrovic, Danijel; Petrovic, Mojca Globocnik; Kunej, Tanja Mar 31, 2020 4830
Characterization and Functional Analysis of Polyadenylation Sites in Fast and Slow Muscles. Deng, Lulu; Li, Long; Zou, Cheng; Fang, Chengchi; Li, Changchun Mar 31, 2020 7707
Mechanism of Antibacterial Activity of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens C-1 Lipopeptide toward Anaerobic Clostridium difficile. Lv, Jia; Da, Rong; Cheng, Yue; Tuo, Xiaohong; Wei, Jie; Jiang, Kaichong; Monisayo, Adediji Omolade; Mar 31, 2020 6617
Comprehensive Analysis of lncRNA-Mediated ceRNA Crosstalk and Identification of Prognostic Biomarkers in Wilms' Tumor. Zheng, Hong; Li, Bai-Hui; Liu, Chang; Jia, Li; Liu, Feng-Ting Mar 31, 2020 5700
Gene Expression Analysis of Human Papillomavirus-Associated Colorectal Carcinoma. Qiu, Qiancheng; Li, Yazhen; Fan, Zhiqiang; Yao, Fen; Shen, Wenjun; Sun, Jiayu; Yuan, Yumeng; Chen, J Mar 31, 2020 8239
Evaluation of X-Ray Repair Cross-Complementing Family Members as Potential Biomarkers for Predicting Progression and Prognosis in Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Mei, Jie; Wang, Huiyu; Wang, Runjie; Pan, Jiadong; B, Chaoying Liu; Xu, Juanying Mar 31, 2020 5134
A Systematic Analysis Revealed the Potential Gene Regulatory Processes of ATRA-Triggered Neuroblastoma Differentiation and Identified a Novel RA Response Sequence in the NTRK2 Gene. Guo, Liyuan; Lin, Wei; Zhang, Yidan; Wang, Jing Mar 31, 2020 10211
Cauliflower Mosaic Virus TAV, a Plant Virus Protein That Functions like Ribonuclease H1 and is Cytotoxic to Glioma Cells. Turri, Valentina; Latinovic, Olga S.; Bonafe, Massimiliano; Toyang, Ngeh; Parigi, Maria; Calassanzio Mar 31, 2020 7217
Identification of Three lncRNAs as Potential Predictive Biomarkers of Lung Adenocarcinoma. Jin, Donghui; Song, Yuxuan; Chen, Yuan; Zhang, Peng Mar 31, 2020 5270
Exploring the Consistency of the Quality Scores with Machine Learning for Next-Generation Sequencing Experiments. Cosgun, Erdal; Oh, Min Mar 31, 2020 3792
Identification of Core Prognosis-Related Candidate Genes in Cervical Cancer via Integrated Bioinformatical Analysis. Wei, Jianxia; Wang, Yang; Shi, Kejian; Wang, Ying Mar 31, 2020 4775
Identification of F5 as a Prognostic Biomarker in Patients with Gastric Cancer. Liu, Yi; Liao, Xi-Wen; Qin, Yu-Zhou; Mo, Xian-Wei; Luo, Shan-Shan Mar 31, 2020 6299
Research Progress and Development Trends of Materials Genome Technology. Xiong, Shuling; Wang, Luohan Mar 31, 2020 7191
'Understanding SARS-CoV-2 essential for effective treatment in Pakistan'. JAWAD ZULFIQAR Mar 29, 2020 449
Understanding SARS-CoV-2 essential for effective treatment in Pakistan'. Mar 28, 2020 437
University team on frontline in battle to beat virus. Mar 26, 2020 373
Uni joins the fight against COVID-19. Mar 24, 2020 281
Bionano Genomics says three Europeans sites adopt Bionano Saphyr. Mar 23, 2020 424
Ethics, Experts, and the Public in the Synthetic Age. Preston, Christopher J. Mar 22, 2020 2284
"A Viable Path Toward Responsible Use": A discussion with Jennifer Doudna on the risks and rewards of CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing. Interview Mar 22, 2020 1865
Zuckerberg, Gates to help Kingdom in Covid-19 fight. Mar 20, 2020 316
Coronavirus origin: Scientists find 'no evidence' that virus was made in a lab; Researchers from Scripps Research have analysed the public genome sequence data for the virus, and have found 'no evidence' that the virus was made in a lab. By, Shivali Best Mar 18, 2020 395
Heritable human genome editing is not inevitable. Donna Dickenson And Katie Hasson Mar 17, 2020 1045
Gene-editing could make us superior humans, but is it ethical? Donna Dickenson, Katie Hasson & Marcy Darnovsky Mar 17, 2020 903
UP calls for donations of protective equipment for PGC. Mar 17, 2020 194
Faces of the News: Raul Destura. Mar 15, 2020 201
'Moral responsibility' drove team behind PH-made virus test kit. Mar 15, 2020 993
Coronavirus: What Chinese researchers have discovered so far. Mar 11, 2020 336
Bionano Genomics announces studies to identify gene variants of coronavirus. Mar 10, 2020 436
Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex Lineage 3 as Causative Agent of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Eastern Sudan. Shuaib, Yassir A.; Khalil, Eltahir A.G.; Wieler, Lothar H.; Schaible, Ulrich E.; Bakheit, Mohammed A Report Mar 1, 2020 6312
Multidrug- and Extensively Drug-Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis Bejjing Clades, Ukraine, 2015. Merker, Matthias; Nikolaevskaya, Elena; Kohl, Thomas A.; Molina-Moya, Barbara; Pavlovska, Olha; Bran Report Mar 1, 2020 6554
Stable and Local Reservoirs of Mycobacterium ulceraos Inferred from the Nonrandom Distribution of Bacterial Genotypes, Benin. Coudereau, Clement; Besnard, Alban; Robbe-Saule, Marie; Bris, Celine; Kempf, Marie; Johnson, Roch Ch Report Mar 1, 2020 6845
Whole-Genome Sequencing to Detect Numerous Campylobacter jejuni Outbreaks and Match Patient Isolates to Sources, Denmark, 2015-2017. Joensen, Katrine G.; Kiil, Kristoffer; Gantzhorn, Mette R.; Nauerby, Birgitte; Engberg, Jorgen; Holt Report Mar 1, 2020 6128
Block-Constraint Laplacian-Regularized Low-Rank Representation and Its Application for Cancer Sample Clustering Based on Integrated TCGA Data. Wang, Juan; Liu, Jin-Xing; Zheng, Chun-Hou; Lu, Cong-Hai; Dai, Ling-Yun; Kong, Xiang-Zhen Mar 1, 2020 10159
Electroacupuncture Alleviates Experimental Chronic Inflammatory Pain by Inhibiting Calcium Voltage-Gated Channel-Mediated Inflammation. Zhou, Jie; Jin, Ying; Ma, Ruijie; Song, Hongyun; Chen, Qin; Chai, Yueyang; Liang, Yi; Zhou, You; Fan Mar 1, 2020 5299
Whole Genome Sequencing for the Analysis of Drug Resistant Strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: A Systematic Review for Bedaquiline and Delamanid. Ramirez, Luisa Maria Nieto; Vargas, Karina Quintero; Diaz, Gustavo Report Mar 1, 2020 7087
Upregulated Seizure-Related 6 Homolog-Like 2 Is a Prognostic Predictor of Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Wang, Linhe; Ling, Xiangchao; Zhu, Caihui; Zhang, Zhiheng; Wang, Ziming; Huang, Shanzhou; Tang, Yunh Mar 1, 2020 3900
Recurrence-Associated Multi-RNA Signature to Predict Disease-Free Survival for Ovarian Cancer Patients. Zhang, Yu; Ye, Qingjian; He, Junxian; Chen, Peigen; Wan, Jing; Li, Jing; Yang, Yuebo; Li, Xiaomao Mar 1, 2020 10037
Identification and Analysis of Novel Biomarkers Involved in Chromophobe Renal Cell Carcinoma by Integrated Bioinformatics Analyses. Zhang, Wei; Xu, Yin; Zhang, Jinghan; Wu, Jun Mar 1, 2020 3390
Whole-Genome Resequencing of Twenty Branchiostoma belcheri Individuals Provides a Brand-New Variant Dataset for Branchiostoma. Bi, Changwei; Lu, Na; Han, Tingyu; Huang, Zhen; Chen, J.-Y.; He, Chunpeng; Lu, Zuhong Mar 1, 2020 11096
Identification of Genes Associated with the Metastasis of Pheochromocytoma/Paraganglioma Based on Weighted Gene Coexpression Network Analysis. Su, Qisheng; Ding, Qinpei; Zhang, Zunni; Yang, Zheng; Qiu, Yuling; Li, Xiaohong; Mo, Wuning Mar 1, 2020 3622
Identifying Tumorigenesis and Prognosis-Related Genes of Lung Adenocarcinoma: Based on Weighted Gene Coexpression Network Analysis. Yi, Ming; Li, Tianye; Qin, Shuang; Yu, Shengnan; Chu, Qian; Li, Anping; Wu, Kongming Mar 1, 2020 5111
Construction and Comprehensive Analyses of a Competing Endogenous RNA Network in Tumor-Node-Metastasis Stage I Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Gu, Xuefeng; Li, Hongbo; Sha, Ling; Zhao, Wei Mar 1, 2020 5325
A Novel Three-miRNA Signature Identified Using Bioinformatics Predicts Survival in Esophageal Carcinoma. Wu, KunZhe; Zhang, ChunDong; Zhang, Cheng; Dai, DongQiu Mar 1, 2020 4834
Identification of Key Modules, Hub Genes, and Noncoding RNAs in Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyps by Weighted Gene Coexpression Network Analysis. Zhou, Xuanchen; Zhen, Xiaoyue; Liu, Yiqing; Cui, Zhaoyang; Yue, Zhiyong; Xu, Anting; Han, Jie Mar 1, 2020 6765
Exploring the Key Genes and Pathways in the Formation of Corneal Scar Using Bioinformatics Analysis. Liu, Binfeng; Li, Ang; Wang, Hongbo; Wang, Jialin; Zhai, Gongwei; Ma, Haohao; Feng, Shiqing; Liu, Li Mar 1, 2020 6357
Identification of Prognostic Immune Genes in Bladder Urothelial Carcinoma. Su, Qisheng; Sun, Yan; Zhang, Zunni; Yang, Zheng; Qiu, Yuling; Li, Xiaohong; Mo, Wuning Mar 1, 2020 4600
Screening and Identification of Differentially Expressed Genes Expressed among Left and Right Colon Adenocarcinoma. Han, Jing; Zhang, Xue; Yang, Yang; Feng, Li; Wang, Gui-Ying; Zhang, Nan Mar 1, 2020 6585
Complete Chloroplast Genome Sequence of Chinese Lacquer Tree (Toxicodendron vernicifluum, Anacardiaceae) and Its Phylogenetic Significance. Wang, Lu; He, Na; Li, Yao; Fang, Yanming; Zhang, Feilong Mar 1, 2020 8734
The Length and Distribution of Plasma Cell-Free DNA Fragments in Stroke Patients. Cui, Xiaofang; Du, Shiyi; Liu, Houlin; Liu, Ju; Wu, Qingjian; Huo, Qing; Qi, Yanwei; Qin, Xiao; Yang Mar 1, 2020 3169
Genetic basis of myelodysplastic syndromes. Ogawa, Seishi Mar 1, 2020 7371
At the Southern California Summit, Albert Oriol Shares Rady Children's Journey Into Genomic Care: Albert Oriol, vice president and CIO of Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego, shared with Healthcare Innovation Summit attendees his organization's groundbreaking journey into genomics-based care. Hagland, Mark Mar 1, 2020 1631
Clinical and Survival Impact of Sex-Determining Region Y-Box 2 in Colorectal Cancer: An Integrated Analysis of the Immunohistochemical Study and Bioinformatics Analysis. Song, Kun; Hao, Jingduo; Ge, Zuyin; Chen, Pushi Report Mar 1, 2020 6528
Genome-Wide Profiling of Human Papillomavirus DNA Integration into Human Genome and Its Influence on PD-L1 Expression in Chinese Uygur Cervical Cancer Women. Yang-Chun, Feng; Sen-Yu, Wang; Yuan, Zhang; Yan-Chun, Huang Mar 1, 2020 6797
Meta-Analysis of Expression Profiling Data Indicates Need for Combinatorial Biomarkers in Pediatric Ulcerative Colitis. Li, Xinxiu; Lee, Eun Jung; Gawel, Danuta R.; Lilja, Sandra; Schafer, Samuel; Zhang, Huan; Benson, Mi Mar 1, 2020 7003
Genetic Association and Expression Correlation between Colony-Stimulating Factor 1 Gene Encoding M-CSF and Adult-Onset Still's Disease. Chen, Yi-Ming; Hung, Wei-Ting; Chang, Wan-Chun; Hsieh, Chia-Wei; Chung, Wen-Hung; Lan, Joung-Liang; Mar 1, 2020 6890
Screening Genes Promoting Exit from Naive Pluripotency Based on Genome-Scale CRISPR-Cas9 Knockout. Yang, Bin; Kuang, Junqi; Wu, Chuman; Zhou, Wenyi; Zhu, Shuoji; Jiang, Haodong; Zhai, Ziwei; Wu, Yue; Mar 1, 2020 6882
Maternally Inherited Diabetes Mellitus Associated with a Novel m.15897G>A Mutation in Mitochondrial tRN[A.sup.Thr] Gene. Li, Ke; Wu, Lijun; Liu, Jianjiang; Lin, Wei; Qi, Qiang; Zhao, Tianlan Mar 1, 2020 6211
Exceptional Enlargement of the Mitochondrial Genome Results from Distinct Causes in Different Rain Frogs (Anura: Brevicipitidae: Breviceps). Hemmi, Keitaro; Kakehashi, Ryosuke; Kambayashi, Chiaki; Preez, Louis Du; Minter, Leslie; Furuno, Nob Mar 1, 2020 9216
A Missense Mutation in IRS1 is Associated with the Development of Early-Onset Type 2 Diabetes. Li, Juyi; Sun, Shan; Wang, Xiufang; Li, Yarong; Zhu, Hong; Zhang, Hongmei; Deng, Aiping Mar 1, 2020 5143
Twist Bioscience and SOPHiA Genetics Collaborate to Offer Optimised Genomic Solutions. Feb 28, 2020 352
Scientists sequence genetic code of the otter. Feb 25, 2020 387
Base-Editing. Might Cure CysticFibrosis In Patients' Stem Cells: New Type Of Genome Editing Excises Mutations Without Damaging DNA. Feb 24, 2020 538
Cardiff uni scientists crack code in bid to help otters. emily beament Feb 20, 2020 359
KU research officer dies in China. Feb 20, 2020 189
Precision Medicine Can Become A Reality Through Knowledge Sharing And Collaboration. Feb 18, 2020 422
Short Communication - Molecular Characterization and Phylogeny of Chicken Anemia Virus Detected in Broiler Poultry Flocks in Punjab, Pakistan. Syed Maaz Nadeem, Muti ur Rehman Khan, Asim Aslam, Ali Ahmad Sheikh, Arfan Ahmad and Muhammad Anees Feb 14, 2020 2805
Korean genome analyzer draws attention from Africa, Middle East. Feb 6, 2020 322
Genome Center to help detect nCoV via whole-genome sequencing. Feb 4, 2020 412
Coronavirus: Bats the 'probable' cause behind emergence of deadly China outbreak. Feb 3, 2020 662
Unique Clindamycin-Resistant Clostridioides difficile Strain Related to Fluoroquinolone-Resistant Epidemic BI/RT027 Strain. Skinner, Andrew M.; Petrella, Laurica; Siddiqui, Farida; Sambol, Susan P.; Gulvik, Christopher A.; G Feb 1, 2020 5186
Ocular Spiroplasma ixodetis in Newborns, France. Matet, Alexandre; Fleche-Mateos, Anne Le; Doz, Francois; Dureau, Pascal; Cassoux, Nathalie Feb 1, 2020 2310
Human Norovirus Infection in Dogs, Thailand. Charoenkul, Kamonpan; Nasamran, Chanakarn; Janetanakit, Taveesak; Tangwangvivat, Ratanaporn; Bunpapo Feb 1, 2020 2206
Rapid Nanopore Whole-Genome Sequencing for Anthrax Emergency Preparedness. McLaughlin, Heather P.; Bugrysheva, Julia V.; Conley, Andrew B.; Gulvik, Christopher A.; Cherney, Bl Feb 1, 2020 2445
Hepatitis A Virus Genotype IB Outbreak among Internally Displaced Persons, Syria. Kaddoura, Malak; Allaham, Rasmieh; Abubakar, Abdinasir; Ezzeddine, Amani; Barakat, Amal; Mala, Peter Feb 1, 2020 1496
Selection signature reveals genes associated with susceptibility loci affecting respiratory disease due to pleiotropic and hitchhiking effect in Chinese indigenous pigs. Shittu; Ma, Pei-Pei; Zhang, Xiang-Zhe; Wang, Qi-Shan; Pan, Yu-Chun Feb 1, 2020 6283
Genome-wide DNA methylation pattern in a mouse model reveals two novel genes associated with Staphylococcus aureus mastitis. Wang, Di; Wei, Yiyuan; Shi, Liangyu; Khan, Muhammad Zahoor; Fan, Lijun; Wang, Yachun; Yu, Ying Feb 1, 2020 5730
No excessive mutations in transcription activator-like effector nuclease-mediated [alpha]-1,3-galactosyltransferase knockout Yucatan miniature pigs. Choi, Kimyung; Shim, Joohyun; Ko, Nayoung; Park, Joonghoon Feb 1, 2020 7883
Genomic Characterization of New Variant of Hydrogen Sulfide ([H.sub.2]S)-Producing Escherichia coli with Multidrug Resistance Properties Carrying the mcr-1 Gene in China. Biswas, Silpak; Elbediwi, Mohammed; Gu, Guimin; Yue, Min Report Feb 1, 2020 2987
Genome-wide Association Study and Genomic Prediction for Fusarium graminearum Resistance Traits in Nordic Oat (Avena sativa L.). Haikka, Hanna; Manninen, Outi; Hautsalo, Juho; Pietila, Leena; Jalli, Marja; Vetelainen, Merja Feb 1, 2020 13152
Genome-Wide Detection of SNP Markers Associated with Four Physiological Traits in Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Mini Core Collection. Shaibu, Abdulwahab S.; Sneller, Clay; Motagi, Babu N.; Chepkoech, Jackline; Chepngetich, Mercy; Miko Feb 1, 2020 7658
In Silico Identification and Expression Analysis of Nuclear Factor Y (Nf-Y) Transcription Factors in Cucumber. Chen, Lianghai; Zhou, Yong; Lai, Wei; Hu, Lifang; Jiang, Lunwei; Liu, Shiqiang Feb 1, 2020 6765
Genome-Wide Identification, Structure Characterization, and Expression Profiling of Dof Transcription Factor Gene Family in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Fang, Zhengwu; Jiang, Wenqiang; He, Yiqin; Ma, Dongfang; Liu, Yike; Wang, Shuping; Zhang, Yingxin; Y Feb 1, 2020 11598
Stepwise-Selected Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and B. subtilis Strains from Composted Aromatic Plant Waste Able to Control Soil-Borne Diseases. Zaccardelli, Massimo; Sorrentino, Roberto; Caputo, Michele; Scotti, Riccardo; De Falco, Enrica; Pane Feb 1, 2020 7147
University scoops PS4 million of pot to keep public safe from infectious diseases. Jan 28, 2020 434
The Global Market for Sample Preparation in Genomics, Proteomics and Epigenomics is Projected to Reach $7.7 Billion by 2021, Growing at a CAGR of 6.5%. Jan 26, 2020 758
'Jumping genes' provides stability to DNA folding patterns. ANI Jan 25, 2020 341
BIOS IT will showcase its range of optimised HPC, AI & Cloud solutions at the Festival of Genomics. Jan 23, 2020 513
Genome British Columbia: New tools to protect against foodborne pathogens. Jan 22, 2020 651
Personal Genome Diagnostics, Eisai Co Team to Develop Comprehensive Liquid Biopsy Biomarker Discovery Solution. Jan 22, 2020 355
Contextual Genomics and EORLA Partner for Early Access to ctDNA Cancer Testing. Jan 22, 2020 546
Algentech announces US patent in nuclear genome editing. Jan 21, 2020 239
Algentech announces US patent in nuclear genome editing. Jan 21, 2020 235
IDT Partners with SOPHiA Genetics to Increase Access to Clinical-grade Technologies. Jan 21, 2020 443
Research leads to connection between DNA alteration and cancer. ANI Jan 19, 2020 591
Researchers discover new tumour-driving mutations in under-explored regions of cancer genome. ANI Jan 18, 2020 615
Korean genome firm aims for China entry with cancer-detecting service. Jan 16, 2020 318
Co-Diagnostics' genetic detection technology on display at international agriculture conference. Conference news Jan 15, 2020 388
First Genomic Study Of Puberty Yields Insights Into Development And Cancer. Jan 13, 2020 855
BC Platforms collaborates with Dante Labs. Jan 8, 2020 148
BC Platforms collaborates with Dante Labs. Jan 8, 2020 144
Global Exome Sequencing Market to 2024. Jan 1, 2020 340
Forward genetic approach for behavioral neuroscience using animal models. Funato, Hiromasa Jan 1, 2020 15725
The piRNA pathway in Drosophila ovarian germ and somatic cells. Sato, Kaoru; Siomi, Mikiko C. Jan 1, 2020 7024
Candidatus Mycoplasma haemohominis in Human, Japan. Hattori, Norimichi; Kuroda, Makoto; Katano, Harutaka; Takuma, Takahiro; Ito, Takayoshi; Arai, Nana; Jan 1, 2020 4591
Phenotypic and Genotypic Correlates of Penicillin Susceptibility in Nontoxigenic Corynebacterium diphtheriae, British Columbia, Canada, 2015-2018. Zou, Jason; Chorlton, Samuel D.; Romney, Marc G.; Payne, Michael; Lawson, Tanya; Wong, Anna; Champag Jan 1, 2020 5013
High Pathogenicity of Nipah Virus from Pteropus lylei Fruit Bats, Cambodia. Gaudino, Maria; Aurine, Noemie; Dumont, Claire; Fouret, Julien; Mathieu, Marion Ferren Cyrille; Reyn Jan 1, 2020 6580
Novel Reassortant Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A(H5N2) Virus in Broiler Chickens, Egypt. Hassan, Kareem E.; King, Jacqueline; El-Kady, Magdy; Afifi, Manal; Abozeid, Hassanein H.; Pohlmann, Jan 1, 2020 2726
Infectivity of Norovirus GI and GII from Bottled Mineral Water during a Waterborne Outbreak, Spain. Guix, Susana; Fuentes, Cristina; Pinto, Rosa M.; Blanco, Albert; Sabria, Aurora; Anfruns-Estrada, Ed Jan 1, 2020 2521
Recombinant Nontypeable Genotype II Human Noroviruses in the Americas. Tohma, Kentaro; Lepore, Cara J.; Degiuseppe, Juan I.; Stupka, Juan A.; Saito, Mayuko; Mayta, Holger; Jan 1, 2020 1677
Performance of a Multiplex Nested Polymerase Chain Reaction in Detecting 7 Pathogens Containing DNA in Their Genomes Associated With Congenital Infections. Yamamoto, Lidia; Filho, Antonio G. Amorim; Queiroz, Joelma A.; de Carvalho, Mario H.B.; Rodrigues, J Jan 1, 2020 6423
Potential Applications of Nanopore Sequencing for Forensic Analysis. Hall, C.L.; Zascavage, R.R.; Sedlazeck, F.J.; Planz, J.V. Jan 1, 2020 24302
WILL Precision Medicine LEAD TO A HEALTHIER POPULATION? The dominance of genomics in biomedical research today is driven by scientific theory and opportunity, but it is pushing science dangerously far from proven pathways to widespread health benefits. Cooper, Richard; Paneth, Nigel Jan 1, 2020 6633
Familial Russell-Silver Syndrome like Phenotype in the PCNA Domain of the CDKN1C Gene, a Further Case. Sabir, A.H.; Ryan, G.; Mohammed, Z.; Kirk, J.; Kiely, N.; Thyagarajan, M.; Cole, T. Jan 1, 2020 4196
Fatal Hypogammaglobulinemia 3 Years after Rituximab in a Patient with Immune Thrombocytopenia: An Underlying Genetic Predisposition? Viallard, Jean-Francois; Parrens, Marie; Rieux-Laucat, Frederic Jan 1, 2020 4193
Genetic and Genomic Diversity in a Tarwi (Lupinus mutabilis Sweet) Germplasm Collection and Adaptability to Mediterranean Climate Conditions. Guilengue, Norberto; Alves, Sofia; Talhinhas, Pedro; Neves-Martins, Joao Jan 1, 2020 13144
B-box Proteins in Arachis duranensis: Genome-Wide Characterization and Expression Profiles Analysis. Jin, Hanqi; Xing, Mengge; Cai, Chunmei; Li, Shuai Jan 1, 2020 7961
Transcriptomic Profiling of Pomegranate Provides Insights into Salt Tolerance. Liu, Cuiyu; Zhao, Yujie; Zhao, Xueqing; Wang, Jinping; Gu, Mengmeng; Yuan, Zhaohe Jan 1, 2020 8374
Genome-Wide Association and Genomic Prediction for Fry Color in Potato. Byrne, Stephen; Meade, Fergus; Mesiti, Francesca; Griffin, Denis; Kennedy, Colum; Milbourne, Dan Jan 1, 2020 6895
An SNP-Based High-Density Genetic Linkage Map for Tetraploid Potato Using Specific Length Amplified Fragment Sequencing (SLAF-Seq) Technology. Yu, Xiaoxia; Zhang, Mingfei; Yu, Zhuo; Yang, Dongsheng; Li, Jingwei; Wu, Guofang; Li, Jiaqi Jan 1, 2020 6444
Mapping Agronomic and Quality Traits in Elite Durum Wheat Lines under Differing Water Regimes. Merida-Garcia, Rosa; Bentley, Alison R.; Galvez, Sergio; Dorado, Gabriel; Solis, Ignacio; Ammar, Kar Jan 1, 2020 12710
The Multifarious Link between Cytochrome P450s and Cancer. Alzahrani, Abdullah M.; Rajendran, Peramaiyan Jan 1, 2020 14729
Identification of miRNA-Based Signature as a Novel Potential Prognostic Biomarker in Patients with Breast Cancer. Tang, Jia; Ma, Wei; Zeng, Qinlong; Tan, Jieliang; Cao, Keshen; Luo, Liangping Jan 1, 2020 6100
Comparative Analysis of the Complete Chloroplast Genomes in Allium Subgenus Cyathophora (Amaryllidaceae): Phylogenetic Relationship and Adaptive Evolution. Yang, Xin; Xie, Deng-Feng; Chen, Jun-Pei; Zhou, Song-Dong; Yu, Yan; He, Xing-Jin Jan 1, 2020 10389
Genome Survey and Transcriptome Analysis on Mycelia and Primordia of Agaricus blazei. Lu, Yuan-Ping; Liao, Jian-Hua; Guo, Zhong-Jie; Cai, Zhi-Xin; Chen, Mei-Yuan Jan 1, 2020 8055
Integrated Bioinformatics Analysis Identifies Hub Genes Associated with the Pathogenesis and Prognosis of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Zhang, Hui; Zhong, Jianing; Tu, Youbing; Liu, Benquan; Chen, Zhibo; Luo, Yunchen; Tang, Yaping; Xiao Jan 1, 2020 4406
Optimal Growth Temperature and Intergenic Distances in Bacteria, Archaea, and Plastids of Rhodophytic Branch. Lyubetsky, Vassily A.; Zverkov, Oleg A.; Rubanov, Lev I.; Seliverstov, Alexandr V. Jan 1, 2020 7063
Machine Learning Supports Long Noncoding RNAs as Expression Markers for Endometrial Carcinoma. Mello, Ana Carolina; Freitas, Martiela; Coutinho, Laura; Falcon, Tiago; Matte, Ursula Jan 1, 2020 7628
Prediction of the Outcome for Patients with Glioblastoma with lncRNA Expression Profiles. Liu, Qinglin; Qi, Changjing; Li, Gang; Su, Wandong Jan 1, 2020 4297
Characterization of the Complete Mitochondrial Genome of Fischoederius elongatus Derived from Cows in Shanghai, China. Han, Zhaoqing; Li, Kun; Luo, Houqiang; Shahzad, Muhammad; Mehmood, Khalid Jan 1, 2020 3034
Differential RNA editing of ATP complex in different tissues of Catharanthus roseus plastid. Alshammari, Wasimah B.; Alhamdan, Huda; Khan, Thana; Hassanein, Sameh E.; Ramadan, Ahmed M. Report Jan 1, 2020 3859
Genetic study in a family with dopa-responsive dystonia revealed a novel mutation in sepiapterin reductase gene. Tawfiq Froukh Report Dec 31, 2019 1054
Fine mapping of MRT9 locus through genome wide homozygosity mapping in a consanguineous Pakistani family. Shoaib Ur Rehman, Shahid Mahmood Baig, Larse Hasen, Ilyas Ahmed, Rahmat Ali and Masroor Hussain Dec 31, 2019 2087
Facility for cancer research urged to help identify its genetic roots. Disease/Disorder overview Dec 29, 2019 680
Grain Traits Traced to 'Dark Matter' of Rice Genome. Dec 25, 2019 666
Definitive Research Study Shows Genes Contribute Only 5-10% to a Person's Chance of Developing a Disease. Report Dec 18, 2019 1172
Ancient 'Chewing Gum' Yields Insights. Dec 18, 2019 734
Moot on genes genomes, genetics and diversity - Press Release issued by University of Karachi. Dec 17, 2019 241
Global Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies Market to be Worth $10.35 billion by 2025. Dec 17, 2019 895
Moot on genes genomes, genetics and diversity. Dec 17, 2019 193
China-Pak symposium on genomics selection held. Dec 13, 2019 368
Plant Genomics Market: An Emerging Market with Attractive Growth Opportunities. Dec 13, 2019 785
China-Pak symposium on genomics selection held. Dec 13, 2019 415
Inscripta Raises USD 125m in Series D Financing. Dec 11, 2019 320
Department of Health unveils world's most comprehensive Genome Program. Dec 10, 2019 466
NHS 'could map whole genomes'. Dec 6, 2019 129
Chinese GMO Twins with Unforeseen Mutations in their Genomes. Dec 4, 2019 160
HBKU's CHLS sheds light on 'genomics in clinical practice'. Dec 2, 2019 323
HBKU-CHLS holds genomics in clinical practice symposium. Dec 2, 2019 272
Re: Molecular Landmarks of Tumor Hypoxia Across Cancer Types. Bhandari, V.; Hoey, C.; Liu, L.Y.; Lalonde, E.; Ray, J.; Livingstone, J.; Lesurf, R.; Shiah, Y.J.; V Dec 1, 2019 525
Investigating Occult Hepatitis B in Individuals With Family History of Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection/ Ailesinde Kronik Hepatit B Virusu Infeksiyonu Bulunan Kisilerde Okult Hepatit B Varliginin Arastirilmasi. Ersoz-Acar, Betul; Sunnetcioglu, Mahmut; Parlak, Mehmet Dec 1, 2019 3558
CRISPR-Cas: Removing Boundaries of the Nature. Cebrailoglu, Nicat; Yildiz, Ali Burak; Akkaya, Ozlem; Ciftci, Yelda Ozden Dec 1, 2019 6489
Multiple Sources of the Outbreak of Legionnaires' Disease in Genesee County, Michigan, in 2014 and 2015. Smith, Anya F.; Huss, Anke; Dorevitch, Samuel; Heijnen, Leo; Arntzen, Vera H.; Davies, Megan; Holle, Dec 1, 2019 9437
Quantile Regression Applied to Genome-Enabled Prediction of Traits Related to Flowering Time in the Common Bean. Nascimento, Ana Carolina; Nascimento, Moyses; Azevedo, Camila; Silva, Fabyano; Barili, Leiri; Vale, Dec 1, 2019 5914
Rice Biofortification: High Iron, Zinc, and Vitamin-A to Fight against "Hidden Hunger". Majumder, Shuvobrata; Datta, Karabi; Datta, Swapan Kumar Dec 1, 2019 11126
Analysis of Wheat Bread-Making Gene (wbm) Evolution and Occurrence in Triticale Collection Reveal Origin via Interspecific Introgression into Chromosome 7AL. Kirov, Ilya; Pirsikov, Andrey; Milyukova, Natalia; Dudnikov, Maxim; Kolenkov, Maxim; Gruzdev, Ivan; Dec 1, 2019 4444
Hydrangea DNA Methylation Caused by pH Substrate Changes to Modify Sepal Colour is Detected by MSAP and ISSR Markers. Anaya-Covarrubias, Julio Y.; Larranaga, Nerea; Almaraz-Abarca, Norma; Escoto-Delgadillo, Martha; Rod Dec 1, 2019 5633
The CYP74 Gene Family in Watermelon: Genome-Wide Identification and Expression Profiling Under Hormonal Stress and Root-Knot Nematode Infection. Zhou, Yong; Guang, Yelan; Li, Jingwen; Wang, Fei; Ahammed, Golam Jalal; Yang, Youxin Dec 1, 2019 6402
DNA-Based Assessment of Genetic Diversity in Grassland Plant Species: Challenges, Approaches, and Applications. Loera-Sanchez, Miguel; Studer, Bruno; Kolliker, Roland Dec 1, 2019 12622
The Prognostic Value of the Expression of SMC4 mRNA in Breast Cancer. Ma, Rui-min; Yang, Fan; Huang, Du-ping; Zheng, Min; Wang, Yi-luan Dec 1, 2019 3309
Bioinformatic Profiling Identifies a Fatty Acid Metabolism-Related Gene Risk Signature for Malignancy, Prognosis, and Immune Phenotype of Glioma. Qi, Ying; Chen, Di; Lu, Qiqi; Yao, Yu; Ji, Chunxia Dec 1, 2019 5082
Competitive Endogenous RNA Network Construction and Comparison of Lung Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Smokers and Nonsmokers. Yao, Yan; Zhang, Tingting; Qi, Lingyu; Liu, Ruijuan; Liu, Gongxi; Wang, Xue; Li, Jie; Li, Jia; Sun, Dec 1, 2019 5728
A Genomic-Clinicopathologic Nomogram Predicts Survival for Patients with Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Cui, Jie; Wen, Qingquan; Tan, Xiaojun; Chen, Zhen; Liu, Genglong Dec 1, 2019 6907
Overexpression of eIF3D in Lung Adenocarcinoma Is a New Independent Prognostic Marker of Poor Survival. Wang, Dan; Jia, Yichen; Zheng, Wendan; Li, Changzheng; Cui, Wen Dec 1, 2019 7860
Bioinformatic Analysis Reveals an Immune/Inflammatory-Related Risk Signature for Oral Cavity Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Bai, Shuang; Yan, Ying-Bin; Chen, Wei; Zhang, Ping; Zhang, Tong-Mei; Tian, Yuan-Yuan; Liu, Hao Dec 1, 2019 4837
Current Landscape of Epigenetics in Lung Cancer: Focus on the Mechanism and Application. Shi, Yuan-Xiang; Sheng, De-Qiao; Cheng, Lin; Song, Xin-Yu Dec 1, 2019 8385
Cell Adhesion-Related Molecules Play a Key Role in Renal Cancer Progression by Multinetwork Analysis. Wang, Anbang; Chen, Ming; Wang, Hui; Huang, Jinming; Bao, Yi; Gan, Xinxin; Liu, Bing; Lu, Xin; Wang, Dec 1, 2019 4803
Deciphering Immune-Associated Genes to Predict Survival in Clear Cell Renal Cell Cancer. Hu, Daixing; Zhou, Mi; Zhu, Xin Dec 1, 2019 4225
Integrative Analysis of ceRNA Network Reveals Functional lncRNAs in Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma. Zhou, Dongkai; Gao, Bingqiang; Yang, Qifan; Kong, Yang; Wang, Weilin Dec 1, 2019 4528
Genotypes and Hot Spot Mutations of Hepatitis B Virus in Northwest Chinese Population and Its Correlation with Diseases Progression. Wang, Wei; Shu, Yi; Bao, Han; Zhao, Wenliang; Wang, Weihua; Wang, Qin; Lei, Xiaoying; Cui, Daxiang; Dec 1, 2019 7128
Expression Profile Analysis of Selenium-Related Genes in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells of Patients with Keshan Disease. Liu, Xiaojuan; He, Shulan; Peng, Juanxia; Guo, Xiong; Tan, Wuhong Dec 1, 2019 5309
Characterization of the Complete Chloroplast Genome of Acer truncatum Bunge (Sapindales: Aceraceae): A New Woody Oil Tree Species Producing Nervonic Acid. Ma, Qiuyue; Wang, Yanan; Zhu, Lu; Bi, Changwei; Li, Shuxian; Li, Shushun; Wen, Jing; Yan, Kunyuan; L Dec 1, 2019 7149
Human Infection with Orf Virus and Description of Its Whole Genome, France, 2017. Andreani, Julien; Fongue, Jessica; Khalil, Jacques Y. Bou; David, Laurene; Mougari, Said; Bideau, Ma Dec 1, 2019 5859
Genomic Analysis of Fluoroquinolone- and Tetracycline-Resistant Campylobacterjejuni Sequence Type 6964 in Humans and Poultry, New Zealand, 2014-2016. French, Nigel P.; Zhang, Ji; Carter, Glen P.; Midwinter, Anne C.; Biggs, Patrick J.; Dyet, Kristin; Dec 1, 2019 5877
Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 Virus Infection in a Captive Giant Panda, Hong Kong. Martelli, Paolo; Teng, Jade L.L.; Lee, Foo-Khong; Yeong, Kai-Yan; Fong, Jordan Y.H.; Hui, Suk-Wai; C Dec 1, 2019 3085
Distantly Related Rotaviruses in Common Shrews, Germany, 2004-2014. Johne, Reimar; Tausch, Simon H.; Grutzke, Josephine; Falkenhagen, Alexander; Patzina-Mehling, Corinn Dec 1, 2019 2834
Identification of copy number variations using high density whole-genome single nucleotide polymorphism markers in Chinese Dongxiang spotted pigs. Wang, Chengbin; Chen, Hao; Wang, Xiaopeng; Wu, Zhongping; Liu, Weiwei; Guo, Yuanmei; Ren, Jun; Ding, Dec 1, 2019 5117
Analysis of allele-specific expression using RNA-seq of the Korean native pig and Landrace reciprocal cross. Ahn, Byeongyong; Choi, Min-Kyeung; Yum, Joori; Cho, In-Cheol; Kim, Jin-Hoi; Park, Chankyu Dec 1, 2019 5185
Multidrug-Resistant Salmonella enterica Serovar Rissen Clusters Detected in Azores Archipelago, Portugal. Silveira, Leonor; Pinto, Miguel; Isidro, Joana; Pista, Angela; Themudo, Patricia; Vieira, Luis; Mach Dec 1, 2019 6404
Genome-Wide Identification and Analysis of the Cytochrome B5 Protein Family in Chinese Cabbage (Brassica rapa L. ssp. Pekinensis). Zheng, Han; Li, Xin; Shi, Lin; Jing, Ying; Song, Qingqing; Chen, Yanan; He, Lilong; Wang, Fengde; Ga Dec 1, 2019 9148
In Vitro Susceptibility and Florfenicol Resistance in Citrobacter Isolates and Whole-Genome Analysis of Multidrug-Resistant Citrobacter freundii. Zhou, Wangxiao; Chen, Qianqian; Qian, Changrui; Shen, Kai; Zhu, Xinyi; Zhou, Danying; Lu, Wei; Sun, Dec 1, 2019 10340
Comparative Genomic Analysis of Rhodococcus equi: An Insight into Genomic Diversity and Genome Evolution. Ying, Jianchao; Ye, Jun; Xu, Teng; Wang, Qian; Bao, Qiyu; Li, Aifang Dec 1, 2019 8609
New genetic analysis improves diagnosis of intellectual disability. Nov 30, 2019 611
QF RDI shares insights from Qatar genome project at forum in Japan. Nov 27, 2019 590
Global Genome Editing Services Markets (2019-2030), Case Study, Patent Analysis, Academic Grant Analysis, Competitiveness Analysis, Company Profiles. Company overview Nov 27, 2019 1239
Hibernating Animals Give Clues to Obesity in Humans. Nov 26, 2019 388
QF RDI Shares Key Insights From Qatar Genome Programme at Japan Forum. Nov 26, 2019 585
Upcoming events in Latvia for Tuesday, November 26. Calendar Nov 26, 2019 262
Korean genome analyzer ushers Hewlett Packard into genetics. Nov 25, 2019 449
Upcoming events in Latvia for Tuesday, November 26. Calendar Nov 25, 2019 262
CUDOS focuses on paediatric precision medicine, genomics & clinical research. Nov 25, 2019 616
China's genome research company BGI Group invests EUR 15 million in sequencing center in Riga. Nov 22, 2019 260
Sidra to host symposium on Paediatric Precision Medicine. Nov 18, 2019 428
Rare native plants and mosses to yield DNA fingerprints. Nov 17, 2019 671
Digital PCR Market: Opportunities and Challenges. Nov 12, 2019 1024
Spotlight on governance of human genome sequencing. Staff Report Nov 6, 2019 586
Digital Genome Market 2019 Emerging Technologies, Global Trends, Competitive Landscape, Regional Study, Size and Profit Growth by Forecast to 2027. Nov 5, 2019 939
Whole Genome And Exome Sequencing Markets, 2023 - Research, Clinical, Direct to Consumer, AgriBio & Tumor. Nov 1, 2019 1433
Global Immuno-Oncology Diagnostics Market Forecasts 2020-2024. Nov 1, 2019 1258
K-mer-Based Motif Analysis in Insect Species across Anopheles, Drosophila, and Glossina Genera and Its Application to Species Classification. Cserhati, Matyas; Xiao, Peng; Guda, Chittibabu Nov 1, 2019 11011
Identification and Expression Analysis of the NAC Gene Family in Coffea canephora. Dong, Xiangshu; Jiang, Yuan; Yang, Yanan; Xiao, Ziwei; Bai, Xuehui; Gao, Jing; Tan, Shirui; Hur, Yoo Nov 1, 2019 9886
Accelerating Breeding for Heat Tolerance in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.): An Integrated Approach. Ayenan, Mathieu Anatole Tele; Danquah, Agyemang; Hanson, Peter; Ampomah-Dwamena, Charles; Sodedji, F Nov 1, 2019 13790
Update on Myopia Risk Factors and Microenvironmental Changes. Coviltir, Valeria; Burcel, Miruna; Cherecheanu, Alina Popa; Ionescu, Catalina; Dascalescu, Dana; Pot Nov 1, 2019 7991

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