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Geneva World Cup update.

World Cup Cafe

Delegates to the World Cup Exhibition and Symposium in Geneva, June 3-5, will have a new venue in which to sample several of the world's finest coffees and teas. Bunn-O-Matic Corporation at the Geneve Palexpo sponsors the new World Cup Cafe concept.

This year's World Cup events is expected to exceed the nine previous trade shows in quality and quantity of exhibitors and attendees. Our collaboration with BUNN's Beverage Technology Center will enable us to transform our traditional coffee break program into a complete 'Seed to Cup' experience. For the first time, all of the exhibiting tea and coffee growers will have an opportunity to showcase their roasted coffees and teas in a cafe-like setting. Tea & Coffee Trade Journal has always encouraged proper brewing and serving practices as featured in the magazine's monthly Cup Service section. The World Cup Cafe concept brings the best practices featured in this section to life.

BUNN will brew each tea coffee to the farmer's desired flavor profile. "We will work with the producers' groups before the show to create individual recipes for each type of coffee in accordance with the SCAE's Gold Cup Standards. Then we'll grind and brew the coffees on-site using our Multi-Hopper Grinder and ThermoFresh System," commented Randy Pope, director of the BUNN Beverage Technology Center. The World Cup Cafe tea and coffee menu will be posted throughout the three-day event so delegates will know which specific coffee will be served during each time slot. Attendees are encouraged to stop by the World Cup Cafe to sample the full flight of teas and coffees from many diverse origins.

New Workshops

A 90-minute session on Tasting Tisanes will be offered for the first time, coordinated by Florapharm. In our Quality Control Roasting Workshop, presented by Probat Werke, participants will learn how to use instruments and equipment efficiently in order to obtain clear statements on the condition of the coffee.

Online registration is available now at: or call +1 212-391-2060 for a World Cup brochure.



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