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Genetically Modified Foods: Safety Aspects.

The purpose of the symposium on which this book is based, was to discuss on a scientific basis some of the various genetic engineering projects involved, directly and indirectly, in the production of foods and flavours and the actual and proposed benefits evolving from such work. It seems clear that increased production of food is necessary, for feeding the ever-increasing, population of the world and that genetic engineering has an important role to plan in the needed increase in food production. Whilst there are those critics who wish all genetic engineering to stop, and others who equally. foolishly, believe that anything new is good, it is important to address the safety aspects of foods so produced, and to have governmental guidelines which protect the consumer by ensuring that the production of greater amounts of food will be done without impairing its nutritional or safety aspects.

The book, composed mainly of papers given at a symposium, by international experts from academia, government and industry provides information which will allay the fears of those who question what genetic engineering will do to our food and to our health. The eighteen chapters cover such subjects as: Foods and food ingredients produced via recombinant DNA techniques; safety assessment of flavour ingredients produced by genetically modified organisms; determination of the safely of genetically engineered crops; comparison of genetic strategies to improve fruit quality; potential of allergenicity in transgenic foods; use of plant virus genes to produce disease resistant crops; improvement of beer brewing by using genetically modified yeast; safety aspects of genetically modified lactic acid bacteria; enzymes from genebtically modified microorganisms; progress in the generic modification of farm animals.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Apr 1, 1996
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