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Do you know blood donation can reveal dangerous genetic cholesterol condition? May 23, 2019 500
Insight gleaned from Qatari genome study. Report May 23, 2019 276
Purchase Reagents And Consumables For Jindo Gene Analysis. May 21, 2019 105
Reagents And Consumables For Detecting Dna Of Pathogens Of Viral And Bacterial Infections By Pcr. May 21, 2019 154
High throughput imaging and quantitative phenotyping for behavioural genomics. May 20, 2019 242
Genetic Studies Service Through Panels Of Ngs (next Generation Sequencing) For The Genetic Service Of The University Hospital son Espases (spain-palma: Services Provided By Medical Laboratories). May 20, 2019 123
Optimization Of Drug Resistance And Antigen Genetic Analysis Of Domestic Human Immunodeficiency Virus (hiv-1). May 20, 2019 103
A dog can be man's best friend but it depends on your genes, reveals scientific study. May 19, 2019 234
Qatar : QU Msc Student Presented Results of Novel Observational Study of Genetic and Non-genetic Factors Affecting Clopidogrel Responsiveness in Qatar. May 18, 2019 485
Contract For The Supply Of Reagents And Fungibles For The Analysis Of Gene, Protein And Epigenetic Expression. May 18, 2019 113
DNA discovery gives hope; Dogs: Study shows link between gene and breathing woes in certain breeds. May 17, 2019 250
Genes responsible for fainting identified. May 17, 2019 426
Genetic makeup influences decision to own a dog: Study. May 17, 2019 535
United States : Scientists create new genomic resource for improving tomatoes. May 17, 2019 282
Investigation of the Antioxidant, [alpha]-Glucosidase Inhibitory, Anti-inflammatory, and DNA Protective Properties of Vaccinium arctostaphylos L./Vaccinium arctostaphylos L.'nin Antioksidan, [alpha]-Glukozidazi Inhibe Edici, Anti-inflamatuvar ve DNA Koruyucu Ozelliklerinin Incelenmesi. Barut, Burak; Barut, Elif Nur; Engin, Seckin; Ozel, Arzu; Sezen, Feride Sena Report May 17, 2019 5632
Roche says entrectinib shrank tumours harbouring NTRK, ROS1 or ALK gene fusions. May 16, 2019 125
United States : VAs voluntary research genetics program reaches major milestone with 750,000 Veteran partners. May 16, 2019 380
WCM-Q event explores law and ethics of genetic medicine. May 16, 2019 572
Synthesis Service Of Dna And Rna Oligonucleotides For The Laboratories Of The Fundaci Center De Regulaci Genmica (crg) And The Unit Of The National Genomic Analysis Center (cnag-crg). May 15, 2019 128
Scientists identify new genes responsible for four serious mental illnesses. May 14, 2019 502
The Provision Of The Service Of Performing Analytical Tests And Genetic Studies By External Laboratories For The University Hospital Rafael Mndez, Of Lorca, Assigned To The Management Of Area Iii Of. May 11, 2019 120
Genetic Therapy Heals After Heart Attack. May 9, 2019 395
This genetic mutation makes people feel full. May 8, 2019 1125
Kucuk Hucreli Disi Akciger Kanserinde ALK Geninin Yeniden Duzenlenmesinin FISH Yontemi ile Belirlenmesi/Determination of ALK Gene Rearrangment with FISH Method in Non Small Cell Lung Carcinoma. Seymen, Pelin Nimet; Gumuslu, Esen Report May 7, 2019 3166
Caris Life awarded US FDA's breakthrough device designation for MI Transcriptome companion diagnostic test to detect gene fusions across all solid tumor. May 6, 2019 283
Caris Life awarded US FDA's breakthrough device designation for MI Transcriptome companion diagnostic test to detect gene fusions across all solid tumor. May 6, 2019 279
Scientists reveal why some people love COFFEE - and it's nothing to do with taste; Whether you like coffee and beer is in the genes, but it's the buzz that makes us like them, not the taste. May 3, 2019 649
Scientists identify 34 genes associated with increased risk of ovarian cancer. May 2, 2019 709
Reagents And Consumables For Molecular Genetic, Serological And Morphological Studies (scientific Topic 02. 10). May 2, 2019 144
Why some people get many types of cancers; genes, earlier treatments, DNA alteration. May 1, 2019 1596
PolarityTE's SkinTE may address certain genetic diseases, says Cantor Fitzgerald. Apr 30, 2019 110
Three New Copper (II) Complexes with CHIRAL SCHIFF BASES: Synthesis, Characterization, DNA Binding and DNA-Cleavage Studies. Apr 30, 2019 6036
Uruguay : Uruguay approved the first request for access to genetic resources. Apr 25, 2019 297
Researches find how lifestyle affects genes. Apr 24, 2019 203
A wheat pan-genomics platform for enhanced genetic dissection of agronomic traits. Apr 23, 2019 175
Provision Of A "high-throughput" Platform For The Genomic Analysis Of Individual Cells ("single Cell"). Apr 23, 2019 116
BHA commits PS1m to fight gene doping. Apr 23, 2019 188
Researchers identify 104 high-risk genes for schizophrenia. Apr 23, 2019 480
Genetic variants that protect against obesity could aid new weight loss medicines. Apr 22, 2019 396
China draws up tighter rules on human gene and embryo trials. Apr 20, 2019 277
United States : St. Jude gene therapy cures babies with 'bubble boy' disease. Apr 20, 2019 773
United States : Research reveals how the most common ALS mutation dooms cells. Apr 20, 2019 264
DNA shows Crusaders had families and descendants in Lebanon. Apr 19, 2019 358
Weight-loss pills 'possible' as scientists identify genes that prevent overeating; Research from the University of Cambridge revealed that four million Brits carry genes that protect them against obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Apr 19, 2019 723
Benefit Procurement Of Bacterial Tissue And Intestinal Dna Assay For Team 2 Intestinal Risk Factors, Diabetes, Dyslipidemia Of The Joint Research Unit 1048 - I2mc In Toulouse. Apr 18, 2019 202
Qatar Genome Programme enters into research pact with Genomics England. Apr 18, 2019 474
Doctors use HIV in gene therapy to fix immune disorder. Apr 18, 2019 502
Qatar Genome Programme, Genomics England ink pact. Apr 18, 2019 292
Bionano Genomics says study finds its optical mapping key to detecting variants. Apr 17, 2019 124
US researchers begin CRISPR gene editing trials on humans. Apr 17, 2019 142
Wolman Hastaliginda Yeni Bir Mutasyon: Olgu Sunumu/A New Mutation in Diagnosis of Wolman Disease: Case Report. Cansever, Mehmet Serif; Aslan, Mine; Zubarioglu, Tanyel Clinical report Apr 17, 2019 1487
Science Journals Withdraw DNA Repair Studies Due To Falsification Of Data. Apr 16, 2019 496
Selecta Biosciences to present AAV-based gene therapy vectors data at ASGCT. Apr 16, 2019 288
This gene could reduce brain swelling after stroke. Apr 15, 2019 388
Your genes may be able to explain your low pay check. Apr 12, 2019 235
Supply Reagents And Consumables For Molecular Genetic. Apr 12, 2019 147
NASA twin study: Genes change in space. Apr 12, 2019 517
Moldova Republic of : Boris Glca had a meeting with the representative of the International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Natasa Skoko. Apr 11, 2019 434
MoU signed to enhance genetic potential of livestock. Apr 11, 2019 256
Study finds cancer-fighting gene to prevent birth defects. Report Apr 10, 2019 414
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and Sanofi agree to complete research and option phase of 2014 RNAi therapeutics alliance in rare genetic diseases. Apr 9, 2019 163
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and Sanofi agree to complete research and option phase of 2014 RNAi therapeutics alliance in rare genetic diseases. Apr 9, 2019 159
Genprex collaborators report preclinical data for TUSC2 gene with pembrolizumab. Apr 8, 2019 154
Poverty Leaves a Mark On Our Genes. Apr 6, 2019 513
Provision Of A "high-throughput" Platform For The Genomic Analysis Of Individual Cells ("single Cell"). Apr 6, 2019 116
Poverty leaves a mark on nearly 10% of genes in the genome, says study. Apr 5, 2019 479
Agilent Launches New System for RNA and DNA Quality Control Laboratories. Apr 5, 2019 137
Dubai-based gene bank data now to be available worldwide. Apr 5, 2019 568
Immunomic Therapeutics Presents Late-Breaking Preclinical Data on DNA Vaccine ITI-7000 at AACR 2019. Apr 4, 2019 584
United States : Genomic analysis offers roadmap for diagnosis and treatment of a high-risk leukemia. Apr 1, 2019 625
Germany : New fusion gene discovered in cancer research. Apr 1, 2019 380
Framework Agreement For Contracting Through An Open Procedure For The Provision Of The Necessary Products And Equipment To Perform Viral Genomic Detection (nat) Techniques In The Cvt. Apr 1, 2019 150
OMRF launches genetics research program. Apr 1, 2019 137
Free Program to Inspire Youth to Pursue Careers in STEM and Genomics. Apr 1, 2019 409
Marine Genomics Aids Human Disease Research: The Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute is dedicated to decoding the mysteries of sea life DNA. Doughman, Elizabeth Apr 1, 2019 685
"World's first" AMD gene therapy carried out by Oxford researchers. Powell, Selina Apr 1, 2019 227
The Polymorphic Analysis of the Human Potassium Channel KCNE Gene Family in Meniere's Disease-A Preliminary Study. Dai, Qingqing; Wang, Dan; Zheng, Hong Report Apr 1, 2019 3931
Evaluation of genotype by environment interactions on milk production traits of Holstein cows in southern Brazil. Moreira, Raphael Patrick; Pinto, Luis Fernando Batista; Valloto, Altair Antonio; Pedrosa, Victor Bre Report Apr 1, 2019 4804
Genetic diversity of Indonesian cattle breeds based on microsatellite markers. Agung, Paskah Partogi; Saputra, Ferdy; Zein, Moch Syamsul Arifin; Wulandari, Ari Sulistyo; Putra, Wi Report Apr 1, 2019 5369
Analysis of genetic characteristics of pig breeds using information on single nucleotide polymorphisms. Lee, Sang-Min; Oh, Jae-Don; Park, Kyung-Do; Do, Kyoung-Tag Report Apr 1, 2019 4967
Genome wide association study on feed conversion ratio using imputed sequence data in chickens. Wang, Jiaying; Yuan, Xiaolong; Ye, Shaopan; Huang, Shuwen; He, Yingting; Zhang, Hao; Li, Jiaqi; Zhan Report Apr 1, 2019 4080
Maternal lineage of Okinawa indigenous Agu pig inferred from mitochondrial DNA control region. Touma, Shihei; Shimabukuro, Hirotoshi; Arakawa, Aisaku; Oikawa, Takuro Report Apr 1, 2019 3696
Pathway enrichment and protein interaction network analysis for milk yield, fat yield and age at first calving in a Thai multibreed dairy population. Laodim, Thawee; Elzo, Mauricio A.; Koonawootrittriron, Skorn; Suwanasopee, Thanathip; Jattawa, Danai Report Apr 1, 2019 7253
Analysis of the BACE1 and Clusterin Genes Expression Levels in Alzheimer's Disease/Alzheimer Hastaliginda BACE1 ve Clusterin Genleri Ekspresyon Seviyelerinin Analizi. Alsaadoni, Hani; Caykara, Burcu; Pence, Sadrettin; Tuzgen, Saffet; Pence, Halime Hanim Report Apr 1, 2019 3370
Microbial Ecology: Current Advances from Genomics, Metagenomics and Other Omics. Book review Apr 1, 2019 115
Expression Analysis of the CRISP2, CATSPER1, PATE1 and SEMG1 in the Sperm of Men with Idiopathic Asthenozoospermia. Heidary, Zohreh; Zaki-Dizaji, Majid; Saliminejad, Kioomars; Khorramkhorshid, Hamid Reza Report Apr 1, 2019 3795
Research finds rare genes linked with Alzheimer disease. Mar 31, 2019 450
Stone Age Migrants Transform DNA! Mar 28, 2019 589
Woman lives almost pain-free thanks to genetic mutation; She also may have enhanced wound healing, says new research. Mar 28, 2019 520
Woman lives almost pain-free thanks to genetic mutation; She also may have enhanced wound healing, says new research. Mar 28, 2019 520
Woman lives almost pain-free thanks to genetic mutation; She also may have enhanced wound healing, says new research. Mar 28, 2019 520
Woman lives almost pain-free thanks to genetic mutation; She also may have enhanced wound healing, says new research. Mar 28, 2019 520
Woman lives almost pain-free thanks to genetic mutation; She also may have enhanced wound healing, says new research. Mar 28, 2019 520
Woman lives almost pain-free thanks to genetic mutation; She also may have enhanced wound healing, says new research. Mar 28, 2019 520
Woman lives almost pain-free thanks to genetic mutation; She also may have enhanced wound healing, says new research. Mar 28, 2019 520
Woman lives almost pain-free thanks to genetic mutation; She also may have enhanced wound healing, says new research. Mar 28, 2019 520
Gran 'feels no pain' even when she gave BIRTH due to her mutated genes; Jo Cameron says childbirth was "quite enjoyable", nothing scares her and she doesn't feel pain when she suffers cuts or burns. Mar 28, 2019 765
Woman lives almost pain-free thanks to genetic mutation; She also may have enhanced wound healing, says new research. Mar 28, 2019 520
Woman Feels Almost No Pain After Rare Genetic Mutation. Mar 28, 2019 523
Australia : $65 million to unlock the potential of personalised medicine through genomics. Mar 28, 2019 543
Procurement Of Reagents For Scientific Activities For The Implementation Of The Gpni Project to Study The Role Of Gene Expression Of Notch- And Tweak Signaling Pathways Involved In The Processes Of Proliferation And Differentiation Of Liver Cells In Norm. Mar 28, 2019 156
New genetic modification could increase plant's disease resistance. Mar 27, 2019 615
Sarepta gene therapy update a 'slight positive' for shares, says Citi. Mar 26, 2019 128
Fragment Analyzer, Libraries And Dna. Mar 26, 2019 270
HitGen and Almirall Enter DNA-Encoded Library Based Innovative Drug Discovery Research Collaboration. Mar 26, 2019 254
Sarepta rallies after presenting 9-month DMD gene therapy data. Mar 25, 2019 126
Supply Reagents And Fungible Material Genomic Analysis Dna Samples Massive Sequencing Technology And Comparative Genomic Hybridization Microarray For The Hospital Virgen De La Arrixaca. Mar 25, 2019 117
Researchers Discover Gene That Requlates Hematopoietic Stem Cells. Mar 25, 2019 467
Damage to sperm DNA can lead to repeat miscarriages. Medical condition overview Mar 24, 2019 419
Bluebird Bio opens gene and cell therapy manufacturing facility. Mar 22, 2019 241
Genetic Sex Differences May Influence Heart Disease. Mar 22, 2019 150
Governance and the Human Genome. Finneran, Kevin Mar 22, 2019 1522
Islamic Ethical Perspectives on Human Genome Editing: Religious scholars take a generally favorable position toward human genome editing research, and Gulf countries have launched several scientific efforts on the topic. Ghaly, Mohammed Mar 22, 2019 2640
Engineered Potassium Channel gene therapy for epilepsy. Mar 18, 2019 447
Understanding recombination through tractable statistical analysis of whole genome sequences. Mar 18, 2019 338
Researchers identify 9 genes behind eyebrow colours. Mar 18, 2019 329
Genetic Key to Whole-Body Regeneration. Mar 16, 2019 1311
Iranian Scientists Produce PCR Machine to Make Copies of Genes. Mar 16, 2019 284
Sydney Verastegui didn't think studying DNA structures and conducting experiment. Mar 15, 2019 731
Framework Contract For Dna Analysis In Outsourcing. (germany-erfurt: Services Provided By Medical Laboratories). Mar 15, 2019 117
Supply Of Scientific Equipment For Establishment Of Centre For Excellence In Groundnut And Pigeonpea Genomics At Regional Agricultural Research, Tirupati. Mar 15, 2019 167
Amc Of Genetic Analyser And Steponeplus. Mar 15, 2019 138
Calls for halt to gene editing that results in "designer babies". Mar 14, 2019 515
Evolutionary history of Colobanthus quitensis and its associated micro-organisms. Mar 13, 2019 152
Imputation-aided analysis of DNA methylomes. Mar 13, 2019 447
Axovant jumps following update on Tay-Sachs Disease gene therapy program. Mar 11, 2019 234
DNAnexus Launches Clinico-Genomic Browser to Allow Diverse Research Teams to Explore Complex Human Data Sets. Mar 11, 2019 397
Sustainable life support for Martian and lunar exploration: genetic engineering and extra-terrestrial cultivation of edible cyanobacterium. Mar 9, 2019 167
United States : Genomic testing of a single patient reveals a gene commonly mutated in pediatric melanoma. Mar 9, 2019 881
Why your sleeping problems could be down to your genes; New study could aid new treatments for sleep and sleep-related disorders. Mar 8, 2019 552
Why your sleeping problems could be down to your genes; New study could aid new treatments for sleep and sleep-related disorders. Mar 8, 2019 552
Why your sleeping problems could be down to your genes; New study could aid new treatments for sleep and sleep-related disorders. Mar 8, 2019 552
Why your sleeping problems could be down to your genes; New study could aid new treatments for sleep and sleep-related disorders. Mar 8, 2019 552
Why your sleeping problems could be down to your genes; New study could aid new treatments for sleep and sleep-related disorders. Mar 8, 2019 552
Why your sleeping problems could be down to your genes; New study could aid new treatments for sleep and sleep-related disorders. Mar 8, 2019 552
Why your sleeping problems could be down to your genes; New study could aid new treatments for sleep and sleep-related disorders. Mar 8, 2019 552
Why your sleeping problems could be down to your genes; New study could aid new treatments for sleep and sleep-related disorders. Mar 8, 2019 552
Why your sleeping problems could be down to your genes; New study could aid new treatments for sleep and sleep-related disorders. Mar 8, 2019 552
Woman who cared for dad with dementia told she'll get disease within 10 years; Laura Sides left her studies to look after her father - but when she found out his condition was genetic she agonised over whether to find out her own fate. Mar 7, 2019 1540
Genetic center invests $1.75M in growth. Brief article Mar 7, 2019 265
Genetic manipulation of photosynthetic efficiency to increase strawberry yields. Mar 7, 2019 214
DOST tapping genomics to develop precision medicine. Mar 6, 2019 574
Belmt 162/19-ea Reagents And Consumables For Molecular Genetic (pcr), Cytogenetic (fish) Research. Mar 5, 2019 159
Buying A Dna Isolation Robot And Accessories. Mar 5, 2019 407
SOMETHING YOU SUSPECTED ALL ALONG Thin people have 'skinny' genes; DR MIRIAM STOPPARD; Helping to keep you fit and healthy. Mar 4, 2019 156
For Dna Analysis. Mar 2, 2019 142
Happily married? Thank your Genes. Mar 2, 2019 425
Scientific Equipment For Establishment Of Centre For Excellence In Groundnut And Pigeonpea Genomics At Regional Agricultural Research, Tirupati. Mar 1, 2019 167
Bulldogs Shed Light on Human Syndrome: A similar DNA mutation is found in Robinow syndrome. Mar 1, 2019 237
"NOT TONIGHT, HONEY, IT'S MY GENES". Brief article Mar 1, 2019 291
Genomic Analysis of Cardiac Surgery--Associated Mycobacterium chimaera Infections, United States. Hasan, Nabeeh A.; Epperson, L. Elaine; Lawsin, Adrian; Rodger, Rachael R.; Perkins, Kiran M.; Halpin Mar 1, 2019 2805
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Thrombospondin-1 mRNA Expression in Bladder Tumors: Correlation with Histopathology and Prognosis. Ozveren, Bora; Turkeri, Levent Report Mar 1, 2019 3728
Estimation of the genetic milk yield parameters of Holstein cattle under heat stress in South Korea. Lee, SeokHyun; Do, ChangHee; Choy, YunHo; Dang, ChangGwon; Mahboob, Alam; Cho, Kwanghyun Report Mar 1, 2019 3766
Utility of MARS Algorithm for Describing Non-Genetic Factors Affecting Pasture Revenue of Morkaraman Breed and Romanov x Morkaraman F1 Crossbred Sheep under Semi Intensive Conditions. Report Feb 28, 2019 4566
Short Communication - Association of SNP in JPH1 gene with severity of disease in Charcot Marie Tooth 2K patients. Report Feb 28, 2019 1579
Here's what controls the tips of our chromosomes. Feb 28, 2019 435
Around Town: Gene's 90th birthday party raises $420,000 for cancer research. Feb 27, 2019 500
Patients' DNA boosts study into anxiety & depression. Feb 26, 2019 184
Researchers Identify Gene Responsible for Prostate Cancer Spread. Feb 26, 2019 113
Genetic Roadmap of Cultivated Strawberry. Feb 26, 2019 436
Cantor sees uniQure as next gene therapy buyout, ups price target to $81. Feb 25, 2019 103
Procurement Of Ultra Small Spectrophotometer For Dna Analysis Under Efc For Manipur Centre. Feb 25, 2019 224
New study could offer protection to patients with rare genetic disease. Feb 24, 2019 515
Supply Of Floronieter-linear Dynamic Range: Five Orders Of Magnitude, Assay Dependent. Sensitivity: Lopg%ul Double Stranded Dna With Quantifluor- Ds Dna Dye. 100 Pg/ul Rn>-using Quantifluor1- Rna Dye. Detectors: Solid State Silicon Sensor. Wavelength: Exc. Feb 24, 2019 115
Regulatory Genomics and System Biology. Feb 23, 2019 273
Chemical and genetic interrogation of novel proteoltytic pathways in apicoplexan parasites. Feb 22, 2019 108
Manufacturing lentiviral vectors for gene therapies: Optimisation of cellular factories. Feb 22, 2019 328
New Synthetic biology tools for controlling gene expression. Feb 22, 2019 274
Reagents, Reagents For Molecular - Genetic, Immunological Studies. Feb 22, 2019 124
Dna Genotyping Service Using Openarray Technology For The Mapfre2017 Research Project Of The Department Of Biochemistry And Molecular Biology. Feb 22, 2019 121
Here's how genes affect tobacco and alcohol use. Feb 21, 2019 443
Inovio: First subject dosed with DNA-encoded monoclonal antibody technology. Feb 20, 2019 110
Natera: Study shows high predictive values in determining genetic abnormalities. Feb 19, 2019 202
United States : Researchers find genetic vulnerability to menthol cigarette use. Feb 19, 2019 654
Scientists find genetic vulnerability to menthol cigarette use. Feb 16, 2019 580
Spotlight on gene-editing. Feb 16, 2019 285
Genetic disorders: The heavy price of cousin marriages. Feb 16, 2019 839
United States : The Engines of Genetic Diversity. Feb 16, 2019 932
Belmt 213/19-ea Reagents And Consumables For Molecular Genetic Studies Using The Method Of Sequencing And Fragment Analysis. Feb 16, 2019 119
New study shows hidden genes may underlie autism severity. Feb 15, 2019 386
Inherited blood disorders, globalisation and the promise of genomics: An Indian case-study. Feb 15, 2019 480
For Dna Analysis. Feb 14, 2019 142
Nomura expects 'blowout' MYO-101 expression data from Sarepta. Feb 12, 2019 138
TRIBUTES have been paid to [...]; TRIBUTES TO MAN, 21, WHO DIED FROM RARE GENETIC CONDITION. Feb 12, 2019 367
Not love, genes may impact quality of marriage: Study. Feb 11, 2019 513
Amc Of Genetic Analyser And Steponeplus. Feb 9, 2019 109
For Dna Analysis. Feb 9, 2019 137
Rutgers scientists discover genes that help harmful bacteria thwart treatment. Perry, Jessica Brief article Feb 8, 2019 239
Researchers discover genes that help bacteria prevent treatment: Study. Feb 8, 2019 259
Nicotine addiction while pregnant alters genes: Study. Medical condition overview Feb 7, 2019 385
RDx BioScience Genetic Risk Testing Identifies Harmful Mutation in BRCA1 or BRCA2 Human Genes Indicating Higher Likelihood of Breast Cancer. Feb 6, 2019 225
For Dna Analysis. Feb 5, 2019 142
It's all in the genes: Why some people stay thin no matter what they eat. Feb 5, 2019 535
The macroevolutionary impact of epigenetics and lateral gene transfer on eukaryotic genomes. Feb 2, 2019 332
DNA-protein crosslinks: endogenous origins and cellular responses. Feb 2, 2019 341
European Advanced infraStructure for Innovative Genomics. Feb 2, 2019 347
Deep uncertainties in bioethics: genetic research, preventive medicine, reproductive decisions. Feb 2, 2019 332
Optimal Conductor Selection in Radial Distribution Network Using Bat and Genetic Algorithm. Kabir, Imamuddeen; Musa, Idris; Usman, A.D. Case study Feb 1, 2019 3589
The effect of nanoemulsified methionine and cysteine on the in vitro expression of casein in bovine mammary epithelial cells. Kim, Tae-Il; Kim, Tae-Gyun; Lim, Dong-Hyun; Kim, Sang-Bum; Park, Seong-Min; Lim, Hyun-Joo; Kim, Hyun Report Feb 1, 2019 4335
It's all in the genes--expanding molecular testing to improve healthcare for those with blood disorders. Holmberg, Jerry A. Feb 1, 2019 3382
Light perception to letters: gene therapy improves vision. Powell, Selina Brief article Feb 1, 2019 228
Autism Study Focuses on Epigenetics. Feb 1, 2019 359
Different Patterns of Neuron Growth Seen. Feb 1, 2019 394
Engineering a Complex TCR Immunotherapy. Feb 1, 2019 508
Somatic Mutation Is a Function of Clone Size and Depth in Orbicella Reef-Building Corals. Olsen, Kevin C.; Moscoso, Jose A.; Levitan, Don R. Report Feb 1, 2019 7739
The implications of natural genetic variation in flax for crop development. Jan 31, 2019 114
Germany : First genetic switch for C. elegans developed. Jan 31, 2019 871
Sectarian thug who spat on priest caught by DNA; VICTIM FORGIVES GOBBING MARCHER; Canon White calls for consultation into Orange parades. Jan 31, 2019 594
Implementation of aptamer biosensors in coordinating gene expression. Jan 29, 2019 190
Why is the highly conserved splicing regulator protein Tra2b essential for spermatogenesis. Jan 29, 2019 507
Germany : A safer way to correct faulty DNA. Jan 29, 2019 684
Rutgers study links heavy drinking to changes in DNA. Jan 29, 2019 304
Rutgers University, Horizon Discovery form partnership to develop gene editing technology. Jan 28, 2019 285
Structure and Function of DNA topoisomerase IIB. Jan 28, 2019 462
Self-disclosing protective materials using synthetic gene networks. Jan 28, 2019 496
Preventing chromosome segregation errors in anaphase. Jan 28, 2019 236
Genomics And Immunophenotyping For The Swiss Personalized Sepsis Study (psss) Funded By Sphn/Phrt. (genomics And Immunophenotyping Service For The Sphn/Phred-funded Swiss-personalized Sepsis Study). Jan 28, 2019 116
The First Case of a Small Supernumerary Marker Chromosome 18 in a Klinefelter Fetus: A Case Report. Saberzadeh, Jamileh; Miri, Mohammad Reza; Dianatpour, Mehdi; Behbahani, Abbas Behzad; Tabei, Mohamma Case study Jan 1, 2019 2293
Cloning and expression of lin-28 homolog B gene in the onset of puberty in Duolang sheep. Xing, Feng; Zhang, Chaoyang; Kong, Zhengquan Report Jan 1, 2019 4194
Genetic characterization and population structure of six brown layer pure lines using microsatellite markers. Karsli, Taki; Balcioglu, Murat Soner Report Jan 1, 2019 5683
Analysis of the oxidized low density lipoprotein receptor 1 gene as a potential marker for carcass quality traits in Qinchuan cattle. Gui, Lin-sheng; Raza, Sayed Haidar Abbas; Jia, jianlei Report Jan 1, 2019 3468
IT'S OK TO MAKE MONEY ON GENETIC RESEARCH. Bailey, Ronald Jan 1, 2019 408
Healthy Lifestyle Offsets High Genetic Risk for Stroke. Jan 1, 2019 187
Prediction of RNA- and DNA-Binding Proteins Using Various Machine Learning Classifiers. Asghari, Mehdi Poursheikhali; Abdolmaleki, Parviz Report Jan 1, 2019 4994
Effects of Tamoxifen on DNA Integrity in Mice. Sadeghi, Sepideh; Talebi, Ali Reza; Shahedi, Abbas; Moein, Mohammad Reza; Abbasi-Sarcheshmeh, Abolgh Report Jan 1, 2019 3563
The First ongoing Pregnancy Following Comprehensive Aneuploidy Assessment Using a Combined Blastocenetesis, Cell Free DNA and Trophectoderm Biopsy Strategy. Ben-Nagi, Jara; Odia, Rabi; Gonzalez, Xavier Vinals; Heath, Carleen; Babariya, Dhruti; SenGupta, Sio Clinical report Jan 1, 2019 3275
DNA of high quality isolated from the cortex of Euterpe edulis Mart. (Arecaceae)/DNA de alta qualidade isolado a partir do cortex de Euterpe edulis Mart. (Arecaceae). Carvalho, Marina Santos; Noia, Luina Ribeiro; Ferreira, Marcia Flores da Silva; Ferreira, Adesio Jan 1, 2019 2706
Association of polymorphisms of xeroderma pigmentosum complementation group D gene with cervical cancer in Maharashtrian population: A case-control study. Korabu, Kalpita S.; Datkhile, Kailas D.; Patil, Madhavi N.; Durgawale, Pratik P.; Joshi, Shreepad A. Report Jan 1, 2019 5020
Genetic parameters in agronomic characters for selection of superior lineages of Ricinus communis L/Parametros geneticos em caracteres agronomicos na selecao de linhagens superiores de Ricinus communis L. dos Santos, Laurenice Araujo; Silva, Simone Alves; de Souza, Deoclides Ricardo; Araujo, Gilmara de M Jan 1, 2019 3920
A Review of Challenges to Genetic Improvement of Indigenous Livestock for Improved Food Production in Nigeria. Okpeku, Moses; Ogah, Danlami Moses; Adeleke, Matthew A. Report Jan 1, 2019 7356
Complete Mitochondrial DNA Genome Sequences for Two Lineages in Coilia mystus (Clupeiformes: Engraulididae): Mitogenomic Perspective on the Phylogenetic Relationships of Genus Coilia. Guo, Ai; Xiao, Jiaguang; Shan, Binbin; Gao, Tianxiang; Zhou, Yongdong Technical report Dec 31, 2018 6231
Complete Mitochondrial Genome of Three Species (Perciformes, Amblyopinae): Genome Description and Phylogenetic Relationships. Liu, Zisha; Song, Na; Yanagimoto, Takashi; Han, Zhiqiang; Shui, Bonian; Gao, Tianxiang Report Dec 31, 2018 5731
De novo Assembly and Annotation of the Whole Transcriptome of Penaeus penicillatus. Shan, Binbin; Liu, Yan; Yang, Changping; Liu, Shengnan; Sun, Dianrong Technical report Dec 31, 2018 2925
Molecular Characterization of Cry11 Crystal Protein Gene from Bacillus thuringiensis Isolated from Different Soil Samples. Technical report Dec 31, 2018 3384
Inhibitory Mechanism Exhibited by Phenol-based Natural Products against DNA Polymerase [alpha] from Psoralea corylifolia by Molecular Docking. Zafar, Syed Kashif; Iqbal, Sadaf; Mumtaz, Majid; Ali, Syed Kashif; Ali, Syed Tariq Technical report Dec 31, 2018 4179
KMC Medical Genetics Team discovers rare bone disorder. Dec 17, 2018 442
For Dna Analysis. Dec 15, 2018 138
Neanderthal genes behind shape of human skulls: Study. Dec 14, 2018 383
Service Of Tests And Genetic Studies For The University Hospital Of Fuenlabrada. Dec 14, 2018 128
Construction Of 6 Collective Housing In Saint Genes Champanelle. Dec 14, 2018 155
'Understanding genetic variation still a challenge'. Dec 13, 2018 366
Applied Genetic price target lowered to $5.75 from $8 at H.C. Wainwright. Dec 13, 2018 102
More Arab genetic studies needed to treat cancer in UAE. Dec 13, 2018 533
US-UK BBSRC-NIFA Collab-Reassembly of cattle immune gene clusters for quantitative analysis. Dec 13, 2018 259
United States : NIH researcher presents encouraging results for gene therapy for severe sickle cell disease. Dec 13, 2018 357
The Device For Carrying Out Ptsr In The Mode Of Real Time Rotor-gene Q Or Analog. Dec 13, 2018 107
HitGen and Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Enter DNA-Encoded Library Based Innovative Drug Discovery Research Collaboration. Dec 12, 2018 304
Applied Genetic reports interim data from rAAV2tYF-CB-hRS1 trial. Dec 12, 2018 375
Red squirrels' genes are fittest for survival. Dec 11, 2018 235
9 genes clue behind rarity of ginger hair. Dec 11, 2018 124
United Kingdom : AstraZeneca and Cancer Research UK launch Functional Genomics Centre to accelerate the discovery of new medicines. Dec 11, 2018 516
Nigeria : Sgs Publishes New White Paper for Food Sector: Understanding Dna-based Test Methods. Dec 11, 2018 329
HBKU is Functional Genomics Symposium academic partner. Dec 9, 2018 568
Government embarks on 'genetic diversity' program on narra. Dec 8, 2018 897
Sidra Medicine opens annual functional genomics symposium. Dec 8, 2018 497
Study leads to a DNA health revolution. Dec 6, 2018 206
Dawn of the DNA health revolution; Test as tot could predict disease risk. Dec 6, 2018 385
Dawn of the DNA health revolution; Baby tests can predict disease risk. Dec 6, 2018 385
Sidra Medicine to host International Functional Genomics Symposium. Dec 3, 2018 345
Editing The Genome, Even To Save Lives, Is A Deathly Serious Business. Dec 3, 2018 503
Sidra Medicine all set to host fourth genomics symposium. Dec 3, 2018 480
CRISPR-Cas9 gene drives to fight antimicrobial resistance. Dec 3, 2018 491
For Dna Analysis. Dec 3, 2018 142
Cancer Clues in the Genome: A large genetic study has identified more genes that are linked to a higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Dec 1, 2018 450
Dry storage methods for DNA samples. Brunstein, John Dec 1, 2018 2027
The identification of novel regions for reproduction trait in Landrace and Large White pigs using a single step genome-wide association study. Suwannasing, Rattikan; Duangjinda, Monchai; Boonkum, Wuttigrai; Taharnklaew, Rutjawate; Tuangsithtan Report Dec 1, 2018 7307
The influence of a first-order antedependence model and hyperparameters in BayesC[pi] for genomic prediction. Li, Xiujin; Liu, Xiaohong; Chen, Yaosheng Report Dec 1, 2018 6989
Genetic diversity of Saudi native chicken breeds segregating for naked neck and frizzle genes using microsatellite markers. Fathi, Moataz; El-Zarei, Mohamed; Al-Homidan, Ibrahim; Abou-Emera, Osama Report Dec 1, 2018 5550
In silico approaches to discover the functional impact of non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms in selective sweep regions of the Landrace genome. Shin, Donghyun; Won, Kyung-Hye; Song, Ki-Duk Report Dec 1, 2018 8238
Genetic Diversity of Fungi Producing Mycotoxins in Stored Crops. Eltariki, Fuzia Elfituri Muftah; Tiwari, Kartikeya; Ariffin, Indang Ariati; Alhoot, Mohammed Abdelfa Report Dec 1, 2018 4207
Molecular Detection of Complement Resistance Genes (traT and iss) in some Enterobacteriaceae Isolates. Al-Janabi, Hayder Shkhair Obayes; Kadhim, Mohanad Jawad; Al-Mousawi, Haider Turky Report Dec 1, 2018 2949
Genetic Modification, Factory Farms, and ALF: A Focus Group Study of the Netflix Original Film Okja. Steede, Garrett M.; Opat, Kelsi; Curren, Leah S.; Irlbeck, Erica Report Dec 1, 2018 6781
Characteristics of genetic mineralogy of pyrite and quartz and their indicating significance in the Gaosongshan Gold Deposit, Heilongjiang Province, NE China/Caracteristicas de mineralogia genetica de piritas y cuarzos y su importancia en el yacimiento aurifero de Gaosongshan, Provincia de Heilongjiang, al noreste de China. Geng, Huiqing; Gu, Xuexiang; Zhang, Yongmei Dec 1, 2018 15085
Genotypic and Phenotypic Characterization of MBL Genes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolates from the Non-hospital Environment. Ejikeugwu, Chika; Esimone, Charles; Iroha, Ifeanyichukwu; Eze, Peter; Ugwu, Malachy; Adikwu, Michael Report Dec 1, 2018 4521
Detection of Colony Adhesion Factors and Genetic Background of Adhesion Genes Among Multidrug-Resistant Uropathogenic Escherichia coli Isolated in Iraq. Ali, Munim Radwan; Khudhair, Anfal Mohammed Report Dec 1, 2018 5091
Undescribed color polymorphism of the Asiatic palm weevil, Rhynchophorus vulneratus Panzer (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Indonesia: biodiversity study based on COI gene. Sukirno, Sukirno; Tufail, Muhammad; Rasool, Khawaja Ghulam; Aldawood, Abdulrahman Saad Report Dec 1, 2018 6005
Legal, ethical checks needed for gene research. Nov 30, 2018 684
12 genetic risk factors for ADHD, university researchers discover. Nov 29, 2018 210
Experts lambaste Chinese scientist for creating gene-edited babies. Nov 29, 2018 298
Forget dating apps! Singletons will be paired in LABS based on their DNA by 2025; In a new report on the future of dating, researchers from Imperial College London suggest matches could be made in the lab. Nov 29, 2018 236
China halts research said to lead to first gene-edited babies, STAT reports. Nov 29, 2018 139
Genetic Admixture and Host-Pathogen Interactions in Helicobacter pylori Infection. Nov 29, 2018 474
Combating avian influenza through systematic analysis of antigenic drift, genetic variation, and development of novel diagnostic tools and vaccines. Nov 29, 2018 258
Architects of genomic change: the evolutionary dynamics of transposable elements. Nov 29, 2018 481
Precision BioSciences Receives FDA Authorisation to Initiate Clinical Study of Gene Edited Cancer Immunotherapy. Nov 28, 2018 542
Chinese scientistAEs claim of gene-edited babies creates uproar. Nov 27, 2018 355
Omani doctor awarded in UAE for "outstanding" contribution to genetic medicine. Nov 27, 2018 143
Radical Research by Hong Xue on Mutations in the GABRB2 Gene Encoding for a Major Inhibitory Neuro-Transmitter Receptor from Oasis Publishers. Nov 27, 2018 692
Government embarks on genetic diversity program of narra, rattan for forest conservation, deforestation. Nov 27, 2018 379
Investigation after academic claims to have edited twins' genes. Nov 26, 2018 575
CRISPR stocks rise after Chinese researcher claims first gene-edited babies. Nov 26, 2018 252
First gene-edited babies claimed in China. Nov 26, 2018 1619
Ancient genetic mechanism's discovery to aid treatment: Study. Nov 25, 2018 301

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