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NUST scientists publish Pakistan's first whole genome sequence of SARS-CoV2. Apr 2, 2020 223
NUST scientists publish Pakistan's first whole genome sequence of SARS-CoV2. Apr 2, 2020 185
Conservation of the Nrf2-Mediated Gene Regulation of Proteasome Subunits and Glucose Metabolism in Zebrafish. Nguyen, Vu Thanh; Fuse, Yuji; Tamaoki, Junya; Akiyama, Shin-ichi; Muratani, Masafumi; Tamaru, Yutaka Report Jan 1, 2017 5417
Darwin's puddle: blue and yellow fish living in a small lake in Tanzania are helping scientists understand basic mechanics of evolution. Aug 1, 2016 392
Male genital diversity gets a rethink: female shapes, ecological factors may explain fast evolution. Milius, Susan Feb 6, 2016 869
Genetics study revises bird family tree: Avian evolution produced some counterintuitive convergences. Milius, Susan Jan 10, 2015 774
Epigenetics: it upends the modern view of evolution--and has implications for our work with clients. Uteg, Charlotte Nov 1, 2013 1193
Cats' genes explain hunting success: lion, tiger and snow leopard DNA offer clues to feline evolution. Saey, Tina Hesman Oct 19, 2013 589
Important lesson from cuddly toys; Creatures Features OUR FRIENDS AT DUDLEY ZOO BRING US ALL THE LATEST NEWS. Aug 27, 2013 312
Going ape offers better family tree: gorilla, chimp genomes suggest twists in primate evolution. Saey, Tina Hesman Apr 21, 2012 343
A whole genome association study to detect single nucleotide polymorphisms for body conformation traits in a Hanwoo population. Alam, M.; Lee, Y.-M.; Park, B.-L.; Kim, J.-H.; Lee, S.-S.; Shin, H.-D.; Kim, K.-S.; Kim, N.-S.; Kim, Report Mar 1, 2011 6081
The effectiveness of advanced oxidation techniques in degrading ethynylestradiol in water. Arwood, Bryan S.; Peters, Robert W.; Angus, Robert A. Report Jan 1, 2011 5694
Mexican salamander helps uncover evolution, genetics of stem cells. Jul 12, 2010 1098
A whole genome association study to detect single nucleotide polymorphisms for carcass traits in Hanwoo populations. Lee, Y.-M.; Han, C.-M.; Li, Yi; Lee, J.-J.; Kim, L.H.; Kim, J.-H.; Kim, D.-I.; Lee, S.-S.; Park, B.- Report Apr 1, 2010 6039
How humans may, or may not, evolve in the future. Nov 25, 2009 463
Genetic diversity among clonal lineages within Escherichia coli O157:H7 stepwise evolutionary model. Feng, Peter C.H.; Monday, Steven R.; Lacher, David W.; Allison Lesley; Siitonen, Anja; Keys, Christi Nov 1, 2007 4558
Population differences in the polyalanine domain and 6 new mutations in HLXB9 in patients with Currarino syndrome. Garcia-Barcelo, Merce; So, Man-ting; Lau, Danny Ko-chun; Leon, Thomas Yuk-yu; Yuan, Zheng-wei; Cai, Report Jan 1, 2006 4560
Origin of genetic information and evolution of biological species. Wahid, Pallacken Abdul Jun 22, 2005 11938
Apes, monkeys split earlier than fossils had indicated. Bower, Bruce Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 207
Introduction. Sogin, Mitchell; Jennings, Diana E. Apr 1, 2003 641
Complexity in natural microbial ecosystems: the Guerrero Negro experience. Spear, John R.; Ley, Ruth E.; Berger, Alicia B.; Pace, Norman R. Apr 1, 2003 3860
Plants, mycorrhizal fungi and endobacteria: a dialog among cells and genomes. Bonfante, P. Apr 1, 2003 3706
Genome evolution in an insect cell: distinct features of an ant-bacterial partnership. Wernegreen, Jennifer J.; Degnan, Patrick H.; Lazarus, Adam B.; Palacios, Carmen; Bordenstein, Seth R Apr 1, 2003 7247
Older ancestors: primate origins age in new analysis. (This Week). Bower, B. Brief Article Apr 20, 2002 419
Expanding the explanatory base of behavior analysis via modern connectionism: selectionism as a common explanatory core. Tryon, Warren W. Jan 1, 2002 9201
Microagregacion genetica y geografica de aislados del virus linfotropico humano tipo I (HTLV-I) en zonas endemicas del suroccidente de Colombia. Garcia, Felipe; Chavez, Monica; Dominguez, Martha Cecilia; Blank, Abraham Report Jul 1, 2000 4423
Single-nucleotide polymorphisms in intron 2 of CYP21P: evidence for a higher rate of mutation at CpG dinucleotides in the functional steroid 21-hydroxylase gene and application to segregation analysis in congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Jiddou, Renee R.; Wei, Wan-li; Sane, Kumud S.; Killeen, Anthony A. May 1, 1999 3359
Sex and speciation: genetic architecture and evolutionary potential of sexual versus nonsexual traits in the sibling species of the Drosophila melanogaster complex. Civetta, Alberto; Singh, Rama S. Aug 1, 1998 7544
Test for ancient species flocks based on molecular phylogenetic appraisals of Sebastes rockfishes and other marine fishes. Johns, Glenn C.; Avise, John C. Aug 1, 1998 6167
Analysis of mechanisms of microevolutionary change in Cepphus guillemots using patterns of control region variation. Kidd, Monica G.; Friesen, Vicki L. Aug 1, 1998 7600
Maternal inheritance and its effect on adaptive evolution: a quantitative genetic analysis of maternal effects in a natural plant population. Thiede, Denise A. Aug 1, 1998 11222
Heterochrony and developmental innovation: evolution of female gametophyte ontogeny in Gnetum, a highly apomorphic seed plant. Friedman, William E.; Carmichael, Jeffrey S. Aug 1, 1998 9158
Evolutionary genetics of allorecognition in the colonial hydroid Hydractinia symbiolongicarpus. Grosberg, Richard K.; Levitan, Don R.; Cameron, Brenda B. Dec 1, 1996 12847
Demographic genetics of a pioneer tropical tree species: patch dynamics, seed dispersal, and seed banks. Alvarez-Buylla, Elena R.; Chaos, Alvaro; Pinero, Daniel; Garay, Adriana A. Jun 1, 1996 8048
Changes in genetic variances and covariances: G whiz! Shaw, Frank H.; Shaw, Ruth G.; Wilkinson, Gerald S.; Turelli, Michael Dec 1, 1995 6805
Genetic constraints on macroevolution: the evolution of host affiliation in the leaf beetle genus Ophraella. Futuyma, Douglas J.; Keese, Mark C.; Funk, Daniel J. Oct 1, 1995 10702
Color-pattern variation in Lake Erie water snakes: the role of gene flow. King, Richard B.; Lawson, Robin Oct 1, 1995 7583
Quantitative genetics in plants: the effect of the breeding system on genetic variability. Charlesworth, D.; Charlesworth, B. Oct 1, 1995 7846
Understanding the population genetic structure of Gleditsia triacanthos L.: the scale and pattern of pollen gene flow. Schnabel, Andrew; Hamrick, J.L. Oct 1, 1995 8458
Unpredictability of correlated response to selection: pleiotropy and sampling interact. Gromko, Mark H. Aug 1, 1995 5421
Hybrid breakdown between two haplodiploid species: the role of nuclear and cytoplasmic genes. Breeuwer, Johannes A.J.; Werren, John H. Aug 1, 1995 9323
Inferring phylogenies from mtDNA variation: mitochondrial-gene trees versus nuclear-gene trees. Moore, William S. Aug 1, 1995 7917
Spatial population structure in the whirligig beetle Dineutus assimilis: evolutionary inferences based on mitochondrial DNA and field data. Nurnberger, Beate; Harrison, Richard G. Apr 1, 1995 6941
Phenotypic plasticity and the maintenance of genetic variation. Cheetham, Alan H.; Jackson, Jeremy B.C.; Hayek, Lee-Ann C. Apr 1, 1995 4687
Mitchondrial DNA variation in the fungus Atkinsonella hypoxylon infecting sympatric Danthonia grasses. Horn, Randall Van; Clay, Keith Apr 1, 1995 7644
Evolution and extinction in a changing environment: a quantitative-genetic analysis. Burger, Reinhard; Lynch, Michael Feb 1, 1995 9808
Deceit pollination and selection on female flower size in Begonia involucrata: an experimental approach. Schemske, Douglas W.; Agren, Jon Feb 1, 1995 5715
Vertebrates' cousin shares key genes. Pennisi, Elizabeth Aug 20, 1994 680
Could recombination drive evolution? Brief Article Jul 30, 1994 294
The evolutionary biology of aging, sexual reproduction, and DNA repair. Avise, John C. Oct 1, 1993 6038
Inbreeding effects in a gynodioecious population of the colonizing species Trifolium hirtum all. Molina-Freaner, Francisco; Jain, Subodh K. Oct 1, 1993 4431
Evidence for multiple origins and sympatric divergence of trophic ecotypes of smelt (Osmerus) in northeastern North America. Taylor, Eric B.; Bentzen, Paul Jun 1, 1993 9357
Erectus unhinged. Bower, Bruce Cover Story Jun 20, 1992 2358
Taking proteins for a walk: mathematical mountains offer sweeping views of evolution. Amato, Ivan Jan 13, 1990 2114
Tracing living signs of ancient life forms. Amato, I. Oct 7, 1989 788
Eukaryotes, prokaryotes: who's first? May 3, 1986 349

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