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Prognostic Values for the mRNA Expression of the ADAMTS Family of Genes in Gastric Cancer. Liang, Liang; Zhu, Jin-hui; Chen, Gang; Qin, Xin-gan; Chen, Jun-qiang Aug 31, 2020 9501
Candidate Genes Associated with Delayed Neuropsychomotor Development and Seizures in a Patient with Ring Chromosome 20. Correa, Thiago; Venancio, Amanda Cristina; Galera, Marcial Francis; Riegel, Mariluce Mar 1, 2020 4248
Transcriptional Regulation of Ovarian Steroidogenic Genes: Recent Findings Obtained from Stem Cell-Derived Steroidogenic Cells. Yazawa, Takashi; Imamichi, Yoshitaka; Sekiguchi, Toshio; Miyamoto, Kaoru; Uwada, Junsuke; Khan, Md. Apr 30, 2019 9398
11p15.4 Microdeletion Associates with Hemihypertrophy. Puvabanditsin, Surasak; Sadiq, Mehrin; Jacob, Marianne; Jalil, Maaz; Cabrera, Kenya; Choudry, Omer; Jan 1, 2018 1570
Mutation Spectrum of the ABCA4 Gene in a Greek Cohort with Stargardt Disease: Identification of Novel Mutations and Evidence of Three Prevalent Mutated Alleles. Smaragda, Kamakari; Vassiliki, Kokkinou; George, Koutsodontis; Polixeni, Stamatiou; Christoforos, Gi Jan 1, 2018 7609
Sex-specific associations between particulate matter exposure and gene expression in independent discovery and validation cohorts of middle-aged men and women. Vrijens, Karen; Winckelmans, Ellen; Tsamou, Maria; Baeyens, Willy; De Boever, Patrick; Jennen, Danye Apr 1, 2017 10939
Conservation of the Nrf2-Mediated Gene Regulation of Proteasome Subunits and Glucose Metabolism in Zebrafish. Nguyen, Vu Thanh; Fuse, Yuji; Tamaoki, Junya; Akiyama, Shin-ichi; Muratani, Masafumi; Tamaru, Yutaka Report Jan 1, 2017 5417
A Novel Missense Mutation in the CLPP Gene Causing Perrault Syndrome Type 3 in a Turkish Family. Dursun, Fatma; Mohamoud, Hussein Sheikh Ali; Karim, Noreen; Naeem, Muhammad; Jelani, Musharraf; Kirm Report Dec 1, 2016 3593
Influence of resveratrol on rheumatoid fibroblast-like synoviocytes analysed with gene chip transcription. Glehr, Mathias; Fritsch-Breisach, Margherita; Lohberger, Birgit; Walzer, Sonja Maria; Moazedi-Fuerst Report Feb 15, 2013 7010
Progenika receives CE Mark approval for DNA LPLchip. Sep 27, 2010 219
DNA; fingerprinting, sequencing, and chips. Book review Jun 1, 2010 164
A whole genome association study to detect single nucleotide polymorphisms for carcass traits in Hanwoo populations. Lee, Y.-M.; Han, C.-M.; Li, Yi; Lee, J.-J.; Kim, L.H.; Kim, J.-H.; Kim, D.-I.; Lee, S.-S.; Park, B.- Report Apr 1, 2010 6039
Genes linked to brittle bone identified. Oct 21, 2009 237
Genes linked to brittle bone identified. Oct 12, 2009 235
Characterization of globin RNA interference in gene expression profiling of whole-blood samples. Wright, Christopher; Bergstrom, Donald; Dai, Hongyue; Marton, Matthew; Morris, Mark; Tokiwa, George; Feb 1, 2008 4554
Transcriptional profiling of hematologic malignancies with a low-density DNA microarray. Alvarez, Patricia; Saenz, Pilar; Arteta, David; Martinez, Antonio; Pocovi, Miguel; Simon, Laureano; Feb 1, 2007 4851
China-based cancer research gets boost. Jul 1, 2006 145
Hybridization isotherms of DNA microarrays and the quantification of mutation studies. Halperin, Avraham; Buhot, Arnaud; Zhulina, Ekaterina B. Dec 1, 2004 6269
Microarray-based approach for high-throughput genotyping of single-nucleotide polymorphisms with layer-by-layer dual-color fluorescence hybridization. Hou, Peng; Ji, Meiju; Li, Song; Lu, Zuhong Oct 1, 2004 1730
Three-dimensional microarray compared with PCR-single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis/DNA sequencing for mutation analysis of K-ras codons 12 and 13. Maekawa, Masato; Nagaoka, Tomonori; Taniguchi, Terumi; Higashi, Hitomi; Sugimura, Haruhiko; Sugano, Aug 1, 2004 3392
Electrochemical DNA array for simultaneous genotyping of single-nucleotide polymorphisms associated with the therapeutic effect of interferon. Takahashi, Masayoshi; Okada, Jun; Ito, Keiko; Hashimoto, Michie; Hashimoto, Koji; Yoshida, Yuri; Fur Mar 1, 2004 2173
Evaluation of the performance of a p53 sequencing microarray chip using 140 previously sequenced bladder tumor samples. Wikman, Friedrik P.; Lu, Ming-Lan; Thykjaer, Thomas; Olesen, Sanne H.; Andersen, Lars D.; Cordon-Car Oct 1, 2000 3791

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