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A demonstration of the H3 trimethylation ChIP-seq analysis of galline follicular mesenchymal cells and male germ cells. Chokeshaiusaha, Kaj; Puthier, Denis; Nguyen, Catherine; Sananmuang, Thanida Report Jun 1, 2018 3731
Long-term Air Pollution Exposure, Genome-wide DNA Methylation and Lung Function in the LifeLines Cohort Study. de F.C. Lichtenfels, Ana Julia; van der Plaut, Diana A.; de Jong, Kim; van Diemen, Cleo C.; Postma, Report Feb 1, 2018 9238
Comparative analysis on genome-wide DNA methylation in longissimus dorsi muscle between Small Tailed Han and DorperxSmall Tailed Han crossbred sheep. Cao, Yang; Jin, Hai-Guo; Ma, Hui-Hai; Zhao, Zhi-Hui Report Nov 1, 2017 5280
Exposure to low levels of lead in Utero and umbilical cord blood DNA methylation in project viva: an epigenome-wide association study. Wu, Shaowei; Hivert, Marie-France; Cardenas, Andres; Zhong, Jia; Rifas-Shiman, Sheryl L.; Agha, Gola Report Aug 1, 2017 9302
Prenatal exposure to mercury: associations with global DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation in cord blood and in childhood. Cardenas, Andres; Rifas-Shiman, Sheryl L.; Godderis, Lode; Duca, Radu-Corneliu; Navas-Acien, Ana; Li Report Aug 1, 2017 10088
DNA Methylation in Rehmannia glutinosa Roots Suffering from Replanting Disease. Yang, Yanhui; Li, Mingjie Report Feb 29, 2016 5792
Methylation status of vitamin d receptor gene promoter in benign and malignant adrenal tumors. Pilon, Catia; Rebellato, Andrea; Urbanet, Riccardo; Guzzardo, Vincenza; Cappellesso, Rocco; Sasano, Report Jan 1, 2016 3847
RmtC and RmtF 16S rRNA methyltransferase in NDM-1-producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Rahman, Mohibur; Prasad, Kashi Nath; Pathak, Ashutosh; Pati, Binod Kumar; Singh, Avinash; Ovejero, C Report Nov 1, 2015 1981
Gene-specific differential DNA methylation and chronic arsenic exposure in an epigenome-wide association study of adults in Bangladesh. Argos, Maria; Chen, Lin; Jasmine, Farzana; Tong, Lin; Pierce, Brandon L.; Roy, Shantanu; Paul-Brutus Report Jan 1, 2015 9385
Differential DNA methylation in umbilical cord blood of infants exposed to low levels of arsenic in utero. Koestler, Devin C.; Avissar-Whiting, Michele; Houseman, E. Andres; Karagas, Margaret R.; Marsit, Car Report Aug 1, 2013 7907
Associations of plasma selenium with arsenic and genomic methylation of leukocyte DNA in Bangladesh. Pilsner, J. Richard; Hall, Megan N.; Liu, Xinhua; Ahsan, Habibul; Ilievski, Vesna; Slavkovich, Vesna Report Jan 1, 2011 8150
Low doses of the carcinogen furan alter cell cycle and apoptosis gene expression in rat liver independent of DNA methylation. Chen, Tao; Mally, Angela; Ozden, Sibel; Chipman, Kevin J. Report Nov 1, 2010 6177
Epigenetic shifts linked to PTSD. Seppa, Nathan Brief article Jun 5, 2010 119
Association of low-dose exposure to persistent organic pollutants with global DNA hypomethylation in healthy Koreans. Kim, Keon-Yeop; Kim, Dong-Sun; Lee, Sung-Kook; Lee, In-Kyu; Kang, Jung-Ho; Chang, Yoon-Seok; Jacobs, Report Mar 1, 2010 5733
15th Congress of the European Cancer Organization and the 34th European Society for Medical Oncology multidisciplinary congress: GI update. Brown, Vanessa Clinical report Oct 1, 2009 1840
Epigenetics: from islands to the shores: tissue-specific DNA tagging found in unexpected regions. Saey, Tina Hesman Feb 14, 2009 990
Methyl groups move to the next generation. Brief article Feb 14, 2009 138
Why some ex-smokers develop lung cancer and some don't. Dec 3, 2008 249
Why some ex-smokers develop lung cancer and some don't. Nov 25, 2008 249
High-resolution melting for accurate assessment of DNA methylation. Dahl, Christina; Guldberg, Per Nov 1, 2007 1517
Quantitative high-resolution CpG island mapping with pyrosequencing[TM] reveals disease-specific methylation patterns of the CDKN2B gene in myelodysplastic syndrome and myeloid leukemia. Brakensiek, Kai; Wingen, Luzie U.; Langer, Florian; Kreipe, Hans; Lehmann, Ulrich Jan 1, 2007 3848
High lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme 1 in a patient with malignant germ cell tumor is attributable to aberrant methylation of the LDHA gene. Ishikawa, Jinko; Taniguchi, Terumi; Higashi, Hitomi; Miura, Katsutoshi; Suzuki, Kazuya; Takeshita, A Oct 1, 2004 2117
Three-dimensional microarray compared with PCR-single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis/DNA sequencing for mutation analysis of K-ras codons 12 and 13. Maekawa, Masato; Nagaoka, Tomonori; Taniguchi, Terumi; Higashi, Hitomi; Sugimura, Haruhiko; Sugano, Aug 1, 2004 3392
High-throughput detection of submicroscopic deletions and methylation status at 15q11-q13 by a photo-cross-linking oligonucleotide hybridization assay. Peoples, Risa; Weltman, Helena; Van Atta, Reuel; Wang, Jingli; Wood, Michael; Ferrante-Raimondi, Mar Oct 1, 2002 4498
Plasma nucleic acids in the diagnosis and management of malignant disease. Johnson, Philip J.; Lo, Y.M. Dennis Aug 1, 2002 5984
Differential DNA methylation between fetus and mother as a strategy for detecting fetal DNA in maternal plasma. Poon, Leo L.M.; Leung, Tse N.; Lau, Tze K.; Chow, Katherine C.K.; Lo, Y.M. Dennis Jan 1, 2002 4052
X-Chromosome inactivation in healthy females: incidence of excessive lyonization with age and comparison of assays involving DNA methylation and transcript polymorphisms. El Kassar, Nahed; Hetet, Gilles; Briere, Jean; Grandchamp, Bernard Jan 1, 1998 3980

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