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Identification of the Key microRNAs and miRNA-mRNA Interaction Networks during the Ovarian Development of Hens. Li, Jing; Li, Chong; Li, Qi; Wen-Ting; Li, Hong; Li, Guo-Xi; Kang, Xiang-Tao; Liu, Xiao-Jun; Tian, Y Report Sep 1, 2020 5216
Effects of Dietary Inclusion of Seaweed, Heat Stress and Genetic Strain on Performance, Plasma Biochemical and Hematological Parameters in Laying Hens. Borzouie, Shima; Rathgeber, Bruce M.; Stupart, Cassie M.; MacIsaac, Janice Report Sep 1, 2020 8329
Impacts of Dietary Protein and Prebiotic Inclusion on Liver and Spleen Gene Expression in Hy-Line Brown Caged Layers. Ajeeli, Morouj N. Al-; Hubert, Shawna M.; Leyva-Jimenez, Hector; Hashim, Mohammed M.; Abdaljaleel, R Report Mar 1, 2020 6270
Genetic characterization and population structure of six brown layer pure lines using microsatellite markers. Karsli, Taki; Balcioglu, Murat Soner Report Jan 1, 2019 5683
Genetic correlations between behavioural responses and performance traits in laying hens. Rozempolska-Rucinska, Iwona; Zieba, Grzegorz; Kibala, Lucyna; Prochniak, Tomasz; Lukaszewicz, Marek Report Dec 1, 2017 3558
Novel polymorphisms of adrenergic, alpha-1B-, receptor and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma, coactivator 1 beta genes and their association with egg production traits in local Chinese Dagu hens. Mu, F.; Jing, Y.; Qin, N.; Zhu, H.Y.; Liu, D.H.; Yuan, S.G.; Xu, R.F. Report Sep 1, 2016 6759
Polymorphism, genetic effect and association with egg production traits of chicken matrix metalloproteinases 9 promoter. Zhu, Guiyu; Jiang, Yunliang Report Nov 1, 2014 3888
Identification of SNPs in cellular retinol binding protein 1 and cellular retinol binding protein 3 genes and their associations with laying performance traits in Erlang mountainous chicken. Wang, Yan; Xiao, Li-Hua; Zhao, Xiao-Ling; Liu, Yi-Ping; Zhu, Qing Report Aug 1, 2014 5649
LAYING CHARACTERISTICS AND EGG GEOMETRY OF FOUR VARIETIES OF INDIGENOUS ASEEL CHICKEN IN PAKISTAN. Iqbal, A.; Akram, M.; Sahota, A.W.; Javed, K.; Hussain, J.; Sarfraz, Z.; Mehmood, S. Report Dec 31, 2012 3514
Determining the Most Effective Variables for Egg Quality Traits of Five Hen Genotypes. Sarica, Musa; Onder, Hasan; Yamak, Umut S. Report Apr 30, 2012 5264
Cloning and expression of FSHb gene and the effect of FSH[beta] on the mRNA levels of FSHR in the local chicken. Zhao, L.H.; Chen, J.L.; Xu, H.; Liu, J.W.; Xu, R.F. Report Mar 1, 2010 6404
Management & genetics determine span of lay. Skinner, John Brief article Jan 1, 2008 329

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