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Health Canada Grants Marketing Authorization for Trikafta in Children with Cystic Fibrosis Ages 6 Through 11 years With At Least One F508del Mutation. Apr 22, 2022 405
Cystic Fibrosis: Link Between Genetic Disease And Infertility. Dec 29, 2021 517
Vertex Inks Reimbursement Agreement in Spain for Kaftrio in Combination with Ivacaftor to Treat People With Cystic Fibrosis 12 Years and Older With At Least One F508del Mutation in the CFTR Gene. Nov 24, 2021 245
The Genetic Analysis of Cystic Fibrosis Patients with Seven Novel Mutations in the CFTR Gene in the Central Anatolian Region of Turkey. Erdogan, Murat; Kose, Mehmet; Pekcan, Sevgi; Hangul, Melih; Balta, Burhan; Kiraz, Aslihan; Gonen, Gi Report Nov 1, 2021 5586
Zinc deficiency. Martin, Donna Bilu Sep 1, 2021 406
Vertex Pharmaceuticals announces new portfolio reimbursement agreement in Italy. Jun 25, 2021 198
Vertex gets FDA approval forTRIKAFTA to treat children with mutations of CF. Jun 9, 2021 400
Metagenomi Receives Award from Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to Explore Novel Gene Editing Systems for Therapeutic Applications for Cystic Fibrosis. May 28, 2021 161
Vertex Receives Australian TGA Approval for Trikafta to Treat People with Cystic Fibrosis Ages 12 Years and Older Who Have At Least One F508del Mutation. Mar 25, 2021 536
CF Foundation Awards Up to USD 2m to Eloxx Pharmaceuticals for Additional Support of Phase 2 Clinical Studies of Potential Therapy for Nonsense Mutations. Jan 13, 2021 499
New Therapeutic Approaches in Cystic Fibrosis/Kistik Fibroziste Yeni Terapotik Yaklasimlar. Fakioglu, Dolunay Merve; Altun, Beril Report Dec 1, 2020 10386
Vertex Pharmaceuticals announces EMA validation of MAA for Kaftrio. Sep 14, 2020 174
Oman witnessing rise in Cystic Fibrosis Disease. Times News Service Sep 7, 2020 255
Characterization of Ancestral Origin of Cystic Fibrosis of Patients with New Reported Mutations in CFTR. Paz-y-Mino, Cesar; Zambrano, Ana Karina; Ruiz-Cabezas, Juan Carlos; Armendariz-Castillo, Isaac; Garc Jun 30, 2020 3680
Identification of a Mutation in the Novel Compound Heterozygous CFTR in a Chinese Family with Cystic Fibrosis. Shao, Hongxia; Hua, Jingna; Wu, Qi; Li, Xiaoge; Zhang, Ming; Wang, Herong; Wu, Junping; Xu, Long; Xi May 31, 2020 3400
Base-Editing. Might Cure CysticFibrosis In Patients' Stem Cells: New Type Of Genome Editing Excises Mutations Without Damaging DNA. Feb 24, 2020 538
Vertex Wins European Commission Nod for Kalydeco in Infants with Cystic Fibrosis Ages 6 Months to Less Than 12 Months with Certain Mutations in the CFTR Gene. Dec 11, 2019 720
French Authorities Approve National Reimbursement of Orkambi for Eligible People Ages Two and Older with Cystic Fibrosis. Nov 21, 2019 697
Cystic Fibrosis Therapy Breakthough Approved. Nov 18, 2019 477
New Hope for Cystic Fibrosis: Phase 3 Trial. Nov 2, 2019 552
Vertex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: VRTX) - FDA Approves TRIKAFTA (elexacaftor/tezacaftor/ivacaftor and ivacaftor) to Treat the Underlying Cause of Cystic Fibrosis in People Ages 12 and Older Who Have at Least One F508del Mutation -- 21/10/2019. Oct 24, 2019 2040
Genetic factors in male infertility. Gokce, Nuriye; Akalin, Hilal; Mermer, Damla Badur; Basgoz, Neslihan; Dogan, Muhammet Ensar; Ekmekcio Jun 1, 2019 303
Sanliurfa Ilindeki Ter Testi Sonucu Supheli Olan ve Klinik On Tanisi Kistik Fibrozis Olan Hasta Gruplarindaki CFTR Gen Mutasyonlarinin Yeni Nesil Dizileme Yontemi ile Incelenmesi/Examination of CFTR Gene Mutations in Patient Groups with Borderline Sweat Test and Clinical Preliminary Diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis by Next-Generation Sequencing Method in Sanliurfa Province. Gumus, Evren Report Apr 19, 2019 3348
Vertex receives approval for SYMDEKO in Australia. Mar 12, 2019 122
Vertex Receives Australia Approval for Symdeko to Treat the Underlying Cause of Cystic Fibrosis in People aged 12 and Older with Certain CFTR Gene Mutations. Mar 12, 2019 300
Early diagnosis of a case of infantile cystic fibrosis and review of literature in Taiwan. Lin, Hsiao-Chi; Huang, Shao-Wei; Lu, Ying-Chun; Wang, Chih-Chien Mar 1, 2019 1343
CHOOSING SMART EMBRYOS ISN'T IMMORAL. Bailey, Ronald Feb 21, 2019 675
Cystic fibrosis: What's new in South Africa in 2019. Zampoli, M. Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2019 2712
Vertex Receives European CHMP Positive Opinion for Orkambi (lumacaftor/ivacaftor) for Treatment of Children with Cystic Fibrosis Aged 2 to 5 Years Old with Most Common form of the Disease. Nov 20, 2018 680
Vertex Receives a Positive PBAC Recommendation for Reimbursement of Orkambi to Treat Australians Ages Six and Over with Cystic Fibrosis and Two Copies of the F508del Mutation. Aug 22, 2018 624
New Treatment Available in Canada for Underlying Cause of Certain Cystic Fibrosis Cases. Jul 5, 2018 324
Vertex announces approval for PrSymdeko by Health Canada. Jun 28, 2018 219
Mystery Diseases: Genes Give Clues. Apr 4, 2018 598
Noninvasive Prenatal Diagnosis of Single-Gene Disorders by Use of Droplet Digital PCR. Camunas-Soler, Joan; Lee, Hojae; Hudgins, Louanne; Hintz, Susan R.; Blumenfeld, Yair J.; El-Sayed, Y Feb 1, 2018 6227
Airway Inflammatory/Immune Responses in COPD and Cystic Fibrosis. De Rose, Virginia; Burgel, Pierre-Regis; Gaggar, Amit; Greene, Catherine Jan 1, 2018 1552
Airway Epithelium Dysfunction in Cystic Fibrosis and COPD. De Rose, Virginia; Molloy, Kevin; Gohy, Sophie; Pilette, Charles; Greene, Catherine M. Jan 1, 2018 16632
CFTR Mutation Analysis in Western Iran: Identification of Two Novel Mutations. Karimi, Nasibeh; Alibakhshi, Reza; Almasi, Shekoufeh Report Jan 1, 2018 4337
Vertex Studies of the Tezacaftor/Ivacaftor Combination Treatment in Adolescents and Adults with Cystic Fibrosis Show Significant Improvements in Lung Function. Nov 6, 2017 401
US FDA Approves Vertex Pharmaceuticals' Kalydeco for People with Cystic Fibrosis Who Have Certain Residual Function Mutations. May 19, 2017 548
Evidence for the Involvement of Lipid Rafts and Plasma Membrane Sphingolipid Hydrolases in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infection of Cystic Fibrosis Bronchial Epithelial Cells. Schiumarini, Domitilla; Loberto, Nicoletta; Mancini, Giulia; Bassi, Rosaria; Giussani, Paola; Chiric Report Jan 1, 2017 7762
Differential Effects of Angelicin Analogues on NF-[kappa]B Activity and IL-8 Gene Expression in Cystic Fibrosis IB3-1 Cells. Lampronti, Ilaria; Manzione, Maria Giulia; Sacchetti, Gianni; Ferrari, Davide; Spisani, Susanna; Bez Report Jan 1, 2017 6524
Further Evidence That the CFTR Variant c.2620-6T>C Is Benign. Wallerstein, Violet I.; Wallerstein, Robert Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 867
Genetic escape artists resist disease: 13 people found with harmful mutations but no symptoms. Saey, Tina Hesman May 14, 2016 829
Copy number assessment by competitive PCR with limiting deoxynucleotide triphosphates and high-resolution melting. Zhou, Luming; Palais, Robert A.; Paxton, Christian N.; Geiersbach, Katherine B.; Wittwer, Carl T. Report May 1, 2015 5112
A tale of two diseases. Butler, Kiera May 1, 2015 858
Microbiology of the middle meatus compared to sputum in young patients with cystic fibrosis from Bahia--Brazil. Tunesa, Alessandro; Reis, Joice Neves; Terse, Regina; Santana, Maria Angelica; Diniz, Ana Lucia; Bar Report Mar 1, 2014 3139
Mutation analysis of exons 10 and 17a of CFTR gene in patients with cystic fibrosis in Kermanshah province, western Iran. Sahami, Abbas; Alibakhshi, Reza; Ghadiri, Keyghobad; Sadeghi, Hamid Report Jan 1, 2014 3825
A comprehensive assay for CFTR mutational analysis using next-generation sequencing. Tayoun, Ahmad N. Abou; Tunkey, Christopher D.; Pugh, Trevor J.; Ross, Tristen; Shah, Minita; Lee, Cl Report Oct 1, 2013 5000
Cure for cystic fibrosis comes closer to reality. Aug 26, 2013 454
Symmetric snapback primers for scanning and genotyping of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator gene. Zhou, Luming; Palais, Robert A.; Ye, Felix; Chen, Jimmy; Montgomery, Jesse L.; Wittwer, Carl T. Report Jul 1, 2013 5191
N30 Pharmaceuticals starts treatment of first cystic fibrosis patient with two copies of F508del-CFTR mutation. Mar 15, 2013 166
N30 Pharmaceuticals starts treatment of first cystic fibrosis patient with two copies of F508del-CFTR mutation. Mar 15, 2013 162
Genetic similarity of Burkholderia cenocepacia from cystic fibrosis patients. Pretto, Luana; de-Paris, Fernanda; Machado, Alice Beatriz Mombach Pinheiro; Martins, Andreza Francis Report Jan 1, 2013 1766
Transforming growth factor [beta]1 genotypes in relation to TGF[beta]1, interleukin-8, and tumor necrosis factor alpha in induced sputum and blood in cystic fibrosis. Eickmeier, O.; v. d. Boom, L.; Schreiner, F.; Lentze, M.J.; NGampolo, D.; Schubert, R.; Zielen, S.; Report Jan 1, 2013 5935
Jennifer Wederell, Cystic Fibrosis Sufferer, Dies of Lung Cancer After Receiving Smoker's Lungs. Dec 19, 2012 435
Why genes mean a healthy lifestyle may not be enough; We all know that genetics can play a significant role in shaping our lives, but to what extent could we inherit certain illnesses from our parents, or grandparents? Health correspondent Julia McWatt found out. Dec 3, 2012 1298
Proteostasis Therapeutics forms research partnership with Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics. May 7, 2012 153
Nancy set for a big Bay out being pushed by dad Lyn. Apr 28, 2012 302
Charity night to honour tragic Leanne; Family hopes to raise buckets of cash for trust. Feb 21, 2012 361
Little Ava's full of life, you'd never even think she had an illness. Jan 20, 2012 487
Cystic fibrosis gets a breath of fresh air. Taylor, Matthew R.G. Jan 1, 2012 699
Actions and consequences: characterization of a deletion in the CFTR gene that encompasses a splice site. Suarez, Carlos Jose; Boyle, Terry; Chiang, Tsoyu; Schrijver, Iris Jan 1, 2012 1772
Mountain fundraiser for teenager's birthday. Aug 8, 2011 278
Birthday reaches new high; Teenager turns 14 climbing England's highest mountain. Aug 6, 2011 492
Mutation distribution in expanded screening for cystic fibrosis: making up the balance in a context of ethnic diversity. Schrijver, Iris Jun 1, 2011 2340
Cystic fibrosis causing bacteria may harbour deadly MRSA super bug cure. May 28, 2011 207
'I take around 35 tablets a day' Living with the life threatening condition cystic fibrosis requires a lot of planning, work, and sacrifice, as Kayleigh Old told Cathy Owen. Apr 20, 2011 621
I want to be a dad before it's too late; COUPLE'S CASH BID FOR IVF AFTER DISEASE ROBBED MARC THE CHANCE TO BE FATHER. Feb 11, 2011 662
Protein involved in cystic fibrosis linked to chronic lung diseases. Dec 30, 2010 257
Pupils helping out charity. Jul 10, 2010 161
Effect of meconium ileus on the clinical prognosis of patients with cystic fibrosis diagnosed at younger than 12 months/Mekonyum ileusunun 12 ay altinda tani alan kistik fibrozlu hastalarda klinik seyire etkisi. Pekcan, Sevgi; Kiper, Nural; Kose, Mehmet; Aslan, Ayse Tana; Cobanoglu, Nazan; Yalcin, Ebru; Dogru, Report Jun 1, 2010 3738
Rhinovirus C and respiratory exacerbations in children with cystic fibrosis. de Almeida, Marina B.; Zerbinati, Rodrigo M.; Tateno, Adriana F.; Oliveira, Cristina M.; Romao, Rena Jun 1, 2010 2405
Infliximab treatment effective for cystic fibrosis and Crohn's disease. Apr 20, 2010 319
Developing a national newborn screening strategy for Canada. Wilson, Kumanan; Kennedy, Shelley J.; Potter, Beth K.; Geraghty, Michael T.; Chakraborty, Pranesh Mar 22, 2010 4870
Cystic fibrosis control panel. Mar 1, 2010 111
Skydive for good cause. Jan 18, 2010 159
Respiratory roundup: what type of cystic fibrosis testing platform is right for your laboratory? Tubb, Christine Cover story Dec 1, 2009 2209
Surfing the wave of hypertonic saline therapy in cystic fibrosis. Masini, Douglas Nov 1, 2009 1214
CFTR structural rearrangements are not a major mutational mechanism in black and coloured southern African patients with cystic fibrosis. De Carvalho, Candice Lee; Ramsay, Michele Oct 1, 2009 611
BLAME IT ON YOUR DNA. Aug 25, 2009 1060
Taking on the great race for Vicky. Aug 4, 2009 343
Common cold virus may help treat cystic fibrosis. Jul 21, 2009 309
Antibiotic treatment may offer cystic fibrosis treatment. Apr 8, 2009 186
Gene that modifies severity of cystic fibrosis lung disease identified. Mar 4, 2009 395
Scientists turn benign virus into good gene therapy carrier for cystic fibrosis. Feb 17, 2009 418
Young Dylan shows his winning ways; SERIOUS DISEASE FAILS TO HOLD SPORTY SIX-YEAR-OLD BACK. Dec 30, 2008 478
A new kind of cystic fibrosis drug, designed to bypass a genetic defect to treat the disease, has produced promising results in mid-stage clinical trials, Israeli researchers said. Sep 1, 2008 222
Cystic fibrosis: newborn screening in America. Kleven, Daniel T.; McCudden, Christopher R.; Willis, Monte S. Cover story Jul 1, 2008 5381
Heart may hold the key. Jun 23, 2008 141
Study of biological characteristics of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains isolated from patients with cystic fibrosis and from patients with extra-pulmonary infections. Stehling, Eliana Guedes; da Silveira, Wanderley Dias; Leite, Domingos da Silva Report Feb 1, 2008 2636
Microtransponder-based multiplex assay for genotyping cystic fibrosis. Xin, Lin; Flint, James A.; Azaro, Marco; Coradetti, Thomas; Kopacka, Wesley M.; Streck, Deanna L.; Z Jul 1, 2007 3950
Cystic Fibrosis: The Facts. May 25, 2007 126
Simple method for haplotyping the poly(TG) repeat in individuals carrying the IVS8 5t allele in the CFTR gene. Mantovani, Vilma; Garagnani, Paolo; Selva, Paola; Rossi, Cesare; Ferrari, Simona; Cenci, Marinella; Mar 1, 2007 2289
Scots lead hunt for cystic fibrosis cure. Dec 3, 2006 251
Mucus clogs lungs. Dec 1, 2006 168
BROWN BABY AGONY; Little Fraser, 4 months, has cystic fibrosis. Nov 30, 2006 288
A new hope. Nov 2, 2006 367
Cystic fibrosis diagnosis after age 40 on the rise. Kirn, Timothy F. Feb 15, 2006 733
High-resolution DNA melting analysis for simultaneous mutation scanning and genotyping in solution. Zhou, Luming; Wang, Lesi; Palais, Robert; Pryor, Robert; Wittwer, Carl T. Oct 1, 2005 4218
Direct molecular haplotyping of the IVS-8 Poly(TG) and PolyT repeat tracts in the cystic fibrosis gene by melting curve analysis of hybridization probes. Millson, Alison; Pont-Kingdon, Genevieve; Page, Sam; Lyon, Elaine Sep 1, 2005 2887
New CF screen expected to improve accuracy. Kilgore, Christine Jul 15, 2005 766
Time-motion analysis of 6 cystic fibrosis mutation detection systems. Krafft, Amy E.; Lichy, Jack H. Jul 1, 2005 4742
Multimutational analysis of eleven cystic fibrosis mutations common in the Mediterranean areas. Farez-Vidal, M. Esther; Gomez-Llorente, Carolina; Blanco, Sonia; Morales, Pablo; Casals, Teresa; Gom Nov 1, 2004 1905
Rapid detection of cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator gene IVS8 5T variant by real-time PCR. Kamory, Eniko; Csokay, Bela; Hollo, Zsolt Oct 1, 2004 2006
Closed-tube genotyping with unlabeled oligonucleotide probes and a saturating DNA dye. Zhou, Luming; Myers, Alexander N.; Vandersteen, Joshua G.; Wang, Lesi; Wittwer, Carl T. Report Aug 1, 2004 4511
Care of the adult patient with cystic fibrosis. Aronson, Barbara S.; Marquis, Melissa Jun 1, 2004 7818
Detection of five common CFTR mutations by rapid-cycle real-time amplification refractory mutation system PCR. Dempsey, Eugene; Barton, David E.; Ryan, Fergus Apr 1, 2004 1951
Multicenter characterization and validation of the intron-8 poly(T) tract (IVS8-T) status in 25 coriell cell repository cystic fibrosis reference cell lines for cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) gene mutation assays. Sebastian, Siby; Spitzer, Silvia G.; Grosso, Leonard E.; Amos, Jean; Schaefer, Frederick V.; Lyon, E Jan 1, 2004 2578
Molecular research has altered landscape of cystic fibrosis: seminal articles of the year. Kirn, Timothy F. Oct 1, 2003 982
Detection of cystic fibrosis mutations by peptide mass signature genotyping. Malehorn, David E.; Telmer, Cheryl A.; McEwen, Sherri B.; An, Jiyan; Kinsey, Ashley D.; Retchless, A Aug 1, 2003 8530
High-resolution genotyping by amplicon melting analysis using LCGreen. Wittwer, Carl T.; Reed, Gudrun H.; Gundry, Cameron N.; Vandersteen, Joshua G.; Pryor, Robert J. Jun 1, 2003 4547
FPs lag in offering genetic cystic fibrosis test. (Screening Recommended in 2001 by ACOG). Zoler, Mitchel L. May 1, 2003 1561
Florida State University obtains United States patent. Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 168
Development and evaluation of a PCR-based, line probe assay for the detection of 58 alleles in the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) gene. Wang, XinJing; Myers, Angela; Saiki, Randall K.; Cutting, Garry R. Jul 1, 2002 1801
Should preconceptual and prenatal cystic fibrosis carrier screening be a routine part of obstetrical care? (Pro & Con). Brief Article May 15, 2002 970
Analysis of the exoS, exoT, and exoU genes in P. aeruginosa cystic fibrosis isolates. Stevens, Meagan J.; Malinky, Christopher; Ferguson, Michael; Olson, Joan Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 216
Make CF Carrier Screens Part of Prenatal Routine. (Offer to all White and High-Risk Couples). Johnson, Kate Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 1034
Fluorescent, multiplexed, automated, primer-extension assay for 3120+1G [right arrow] a and I148t mutations in cystic fibrosis. Brown, Nicholas M.; Bernacki, Susan; Pratt, Victoria M.; Stenzel, Timothy T. Nov 1, 2001 1744
ACOG, in Response to NIH, Is Preparing To Back Broader Cystic Fibrosis Screening. JOHNSON, KATE Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 596
Prenatal detection by real-time quantitative PCR and characterization of a new CFTR deletion, 3600+ 15kbde15.3kb (or CFTRdelel9). Costes, Bruno; Girodon, Emmanuelle; Vidaud, Dominique; Flori, Elisabeth; Ardalan, Azarnouche; Contev Sep 1, 2000 2622
Application of the Luminex LabMAP in rapid screening for mutations in the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator gene: a pilot study. Dunbar, Sherry A.; Jacobson, James W. Report Sep 1, 2000 1268
Cystic Fibrosis Pregnancy Screening Becoming Routine. KIRN, TIMOTHY F. Brief Article May 1, 2000 550
Cystic Fibrosis Carriers at Higher Risk for Rhinosinusitis. BAKER, BARBARA Dec 1, 1999 238
Detection of five rare cystic fibrosis mutations peculiar to southern Italy: implications in screening for the disease and phenotype characterization for patients with homozygote mutations. Castaldo, Giuseppe; Fuccio, Antonella; Cazeneuve, Cecile; Picci, Luigi; Salvatore, Donatello; Raia, Jul 1, 1999 4244
Reverse transcription-competitive multiplex PCR improves quantification of mRNA in clinical samples--application to the low abundance CFTR mRNA. Loitsch, Stefan M.; Kippenberger, Stefan; Dauletbaev, Nurlan; Wagner, Thomas O.F.; Bargon, Joachim May 1, 1999 3419
Clinical evaluation of the CF(12)m cystic fibrosis DNA diagnostic kit. Houdayer, Claude; Cazeneuve, Cecile; Cougoureux, Emmanuel; Magnier, Catherine; Tredano, Mohammed; Ay Jun 1, 1998 1712
Rapid capillary zone electrophoresis in isoelectric histidine buffer: high resolution of the poly-T tract allelic variants in intron 8 of the CFTR gene. Gelfi, Cecilia; Perego, Marilena; Righetti, Pier Giorgio; Cainarca, Silvia; Firpo, Stefania; Ferrari May 1, 1998 5410
A homogeneous method for genotyping with fluorescence polarization. Gibson, Neil J.; Gillard, Helen L.; Whitcombe, David; Ferrie, Richard M.; Newton, Clive R.; Little, Aug 1, 1997 4155
Simple triple-label detection of seven cystic fibrosis mutations by time-resolved fluorometry. Heinonen, Pia; Iitia, Antti; Torresani, Toni; Lovgren, Timo Jul 1, 1997 6320
What good is the cystic fibrosis gene? Travis, John Brief Article May 17, 1997 450
Gene, biochemical fixes sought for CF. Pennisi, Elizabeth Oct 23, 1993 698
CF: maxi-mutations make mini-diseases. Weiss, Rick Oct 20, 1990 534
Cystic fibrosis gene: too many mutants. Weiss, Rick Jul 28, 1990 430
Uneven inheritance: a genetic quirk leaves some people with a chromosomal odd couple. Weiss, Rick Jul 7, 1990 3105
Closing in on the cystic fibrosis gene. May 9, 1987 164
Cystic fibrosis marker. Miller, Julie Ann Oct 19, 1985 315

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