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Genetic Testing Database: It's part of an initiative from IPFD.

Genetic testing took a giant leap forward with the International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD) program's Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs ( The genetic testing lists by breed, test, and disease.

The database includes:

* Catalogs of genetic tests for hundreds of dog breeds and varieties.

* Consumer information for buying DNA tests by describing the expertise, quality-assurance activities, and resources of the providers of genetic tests.

* Clinical and genetic information on individual genetic tests.

* The research behind the genetic tests and descriptions of the tests.

JAVMA explained that the database now includes 18 providers of genetic tests and over 300 genetic tests, from parentage and panel tests to disease and diagnostic tests, by breed and type.

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Title Annotation:THIS JUST IN
Publication:Dog Watch
Date:Aug 1, 2018
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