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Genesta Announces Availability of the SyVox Emulator.

ROCKWALL, Texas -- Genesta is proud to announce the availability of the SyVox Emulator, a product that voice enables an enterprise (WMS or ERP) application without requiring any changes to the enterprise application. One of the greatest challenges facing companies that want to implement a speech recognition solution in their distribution or manufacturing operation is adapting their current warehouse management system (WMS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to communicate with the voice enabling software.

The SyVox Emulator speech enables legacy green screen applications running over terminal emulation (TE) connected to mid-range and mainframe platforms including IBM's iSeries (AS400), AIX, and HPUX. The SyVox emulator supports major emulation schemes including ANSI, 5250, and 3270.

The SyVox Emulator is middleware that resides on a web server (Microsoft's IIS), acting as a bridge between SyVox VoiceXML traffic from a mobile computer and a terminal emulation session on the remote host. Within the SyVox Emulator, the screen output is captured and translated into one or more voice enabled screens converting the application's output into a conversation. The end user then interacts with the SyVox Client, Genesta's fully multi-model, speech enabled client application running on Windows Mobile or Windows CE mobile computer.

"We've been working for years on integrating speech technology into our customer's business application," stated Kelson Elam, Genesta's Managing Partner. "With the SyVox Emulator, we eliminated the key integration hurdle, the need to change the customer's back end systems."

Unlike other voice enabled terminal emulation solutions on the market which are 100% client side, the SyVox Emulator also addresses common issues in a TE environment such as session persistence and remote visibility. Connectivity issues between mobile wireless computers and the SyVox Emulator are hidden from the TE host which is reliably connected to the SyVox Emulator over a wired link. Because the TE screens are processed through the SyVox Emulator, remote user sessions can be monitored, including viewing the screen that the end user is interacting with.

A key advantage of the SyVox Emulator is that screen capture and translation functions are accomplished through intuitive scripting that can be accomplished by non-programmers. Although advanced users will find plenty of tools to speech enable even the most complex applications, quickly and cost effectively. Stephen Schwartz, Genesta's Director of Engineering, noted that "with the SyVox Emulator, we can speech enable a typical terminal emulation application in a week and run our solution side by side with the app we are replacing, allowing customers to quickly see and measure the benefits of our SyVox technology."

About Genesta

Genesta is a leading provider of data collection solutions for industrial, transportation, and logistics applications. Since its inception in 1993, Genesta has delivered innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of each customer. Genesta has succeeded by assembling a collection of committed professionals with extensive industry experience. Genesta offers a complete set of integration, installation, and support services. Its RFlex and SyVox software products enable processes using radio frequency identification (RFID), speech recognition, bar coding, and wireless based technologies.
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Date:Feb 25, 2010
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