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Genesis. By James McKeown (Eerdmans, $25). Another contribution to The Two Horizons of Old Testament Commentary series. Mckeown avoids questions of authorship and focuses on the final form of the text. In his view the larger unit of which Genesis is a part includes not only the Pentateuch, but also the Deuteronomistic History, thus Genesis to 2 kings. He equivocates on the significance of Gen 3:15, but concludes that the seed of the woman is the line of chosen people whom God will bless (this is by no means Self-evident) and that ultimately this line does lead to Christ. He also equivocates about the long lives of figures in Gen 1-11, not deciding whether they are to be taken literally or symbolically, but opting for a "cautious approach." He gives five options for understanding the sons of God in Gen 6:1-4, but concludes that without further information it is difficult to choose among them. The commentary itself is 175 pages long and it is followed by 183 pages of theological reflections (where the ambivalence continues).

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