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Genesee breaks advertising campaign this month.

Genesee breaks advertising campaign this month

Beginning this month, television viewers began seeing beer advertising "in a whole new light." According to the Genesee Brewing Co., a new campaign without teams of horses, beautiful women and top athletes will reach consumers around the country.

The commercials are part of the brewery's new positioning to reinforce the quality perception of Genesee beer in an entertaining way.

"The Genesee campaign is reflective of the company's philosophy of focusing on product," said Paul Silverman, executive vice president and creative director, Mullen, the producer of the spots. "Genesee is pouring its money into what counts - its beer. The creative is a spoof on beer advertising as a whole."

The three new 30-second spots are entertaining but sell through a strong value message, Silverman added. In "Horse," an equestrian rider stands next to her horse and says, "some beer companies pour their money into expensive commercials with sophisticated women and fancy horses. At Genesee we wouldn't think of doing that. We pour our money into the purest water and the finest grains." At that point, the horse breaks into his own interpretation of "100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall."

According to Hugh Crossin, Genesee's vice president of advertising, the campaign is more aggressive in its approach than anything the company has ever done. "We're trying to distinguish Genesee within the beer category."
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Title Annotation:Genesee Brewing Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jun 17, 1991
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