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Genergy to provide services to Atco Properties. (Technology Update).

Citing energy's new acceptance as an "asset", and energy information provider Genergy's unique approach of managing a portfolio's energy use as a "mini-utility", Atco Properties and Management, Inc. has contracted with the innovative firm to be the Technical Data Service Provider/Manager for Atco's entire New York area portfolio.

The contract covers five premiere commercial properties, ranging from the owner/ developer's headquarters at 555 Fifth Ave. 20 West 57th St., said Peter L. DiCapua, Atco senior vice president. Services to be provided by Genergy under its gEnergyOne [TM] Real Time Energy Management & Information System include:

* Developing a Load Management Profile

* Performing Cost Analysis

* Power Grid Identification (comprehensive mapping of all engineering system as-builts)

* Thermal Imaging (detects potential breakdowns through temperature diagramming)

* Electric Rent Inclusion studies

* Sub-metering reading, billing and analysis

* An analysis of Overtime HVAC costs, and more.

gEnergyOne [TM] is the first, "one-source, comprehensive portfolio of energy management services in the business," says Dario Gristina, chairman and CEO, "providing numerous benefits clients would not otherwise receive when these same services are purchased from multiple service providers."

Gristina said that his firm developed the "mini-utility" concept of aggregating properties into one energy entity to help owners control costs and enhance their competitiveness and marketability. "While many firms, from ESCOs to manufacturers, can offer a product or service that will lower energy cost and/or use, we take into account all aspects of the portfolio when we structure an energy management plan, and offer all services under one roof.

And we do that via the web--for all the real-time advantages that provides. We created services in direct response to owners' and managers' needs, so all systems are custom-tailored--no 'off-the-shelf software with modifications."

DiCapua, a force in New York energy management through his role as president of the Owners' Committee on Electric Rates and leadership of the EPPA, an 8-association energy purchasing coalition, said, "At Atco, we have long incorporated energy into our asset management approach. The mini-utility concept was a natural fit. Genergy's information will lower costs--benefiting our tenants and our bottom line--and give us a comprehensive perspective of our total use, equipping us with information to make the right decisions going forward. The alliance with Genergy was a real case of knowledge equaling power."
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Date:May 15, 2002
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