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Every summer seems to leave its own mark on history, or have a "theme" of its own, if you will. Forty years ago people were talking about Apollo 11 and the man on the moon; Bethel, NY hosting the Woodstock Festival; and of course the Amazin' Mets trying to make a run for the National League Pennant! Who would have thought back in 1969 that today, the summer exactly forty years later, I would be writing an insurance related column speaking of The Sea of Tranquility, Exit 16 on the New York State Thruway; and a black cat crossing the infield at Shea Stadium?

Although when we speak of The Summer of 2009 forty years from today, we will be thinking of the July where it rained on twenty nine days out of thirty one (for a second I had to recite to myself "30 days hath September, April, June, and November just to be sure! Ok day, don't laugh, I know some of you did the same); health care "reform"; and of course "Cash for Clunkers" (the latter reminds me more about this year's Mets than what is was supposed to do!), there were still a couple of insurance events that many people will be talking about in years to come!

The first event was sponsored by the Professional Insurance Agent's of New York's Young Insurance Professionals in the evening of August 19, 2009. Promoted as the "YIP Summer Membership Reception" and held in Midtown Manhattan in New York City, over one hundred guests attended making this reception the highest attended Young Insurance Professionals membership reception in New York for several years. Members, guests, colleagues and friends enjoyed a festive atmosphere while taking part in premier networking with insurance professionals from around the state. New York Young Insurance Professional's President Amy Bryan of Bryan Insurance Agency in New Windsor, NY said, "NY-YIP is thrilled to attract such a high volume of insurance professionals from all around the state in the height of summer. It's really fantastic to see people taking the time to attend a NY-YIP event."

What I have always admired about this group of such dedicated young men and women of this thing of ours, is that The New York Young Insurance Professionals, like so many other wonderful insurance organizations, considers their membership receptions extremely important not only for recruiting purposes, but a vastly important step in creating a solid foundation of contacts to advance and accelerate their professional futures. Due to the state of the economy and uncertain futures, modern young professionals are acutely aware that creating a vast and versatile network of contacts is not only an important career move but a necessary one. Gino Orrino of Orrino Insurance in Queens, NY, NY-YIP programs committee chair says, "These membership receptions are extremely important for the development of young insurance professionals. Without these receptions, networking to this degree for this age group is hard to come by." NY-YIP prides itself on giving these opportunities, the younger generation of insurance professionals in hopes of illustrating the many opportunities that can arise from simply getting to know their peers in the industry. Present at the event were so many friends of ours, such as Joe Left of Magna Carta Companies; Clara Wu of Met Life; Adam Brickman and Ainsley Natta of Carlston North Hills; Anne Marie Bowler of Gabay-Rafy & Bowler; Matt Farbman of Jimcor Agency; Dave Isenberg of D C White Agency; the folks from Maxons Restorations; Adam Rostkowski of Pro Active Brokerage; Dennis D'Amico of Sprint Agency; Christina Caputo of Buckingham Badler; and so many more fabulous people!

Once again, like so many of its peer organizations, NY-YIP actively emphasizes the importance of networking and creating personal business relationships year-long with their several membership receptions, a prestigious golf outing as well as their "Winterfest" networking, ski and education weekend. NY-YIP also provides several educational opportunities through PIA. For more information on the New York Young Insurance Professionals, or to join, please visit or call (800) 424-4244 and ask to speak with Jackie Abukhalaf. She may also be reached at

Another wonderful event that was held on August 26th, 2009 at the beautiful Silver Lake Country Club located in Perry, NY, was the annual Alpha Insurance Group Golf Outing. Which began in the morning with an opportunity to network with old friends and new, included lunch on the course, 18 holes of that game that they say "... ruins a good walk through the park", a fantastic cocktail reception, a pre-dinner boat ride on Silver Lake, and a dinner served on the lake bank that was fit for a king, ended in the evening with a water balloon fight on the outside deck initiated by Jamie Murphy (nicknamed "The Chief" by one of our golfing partners, Mick Marshall, of Walker & Marshall Insurance Agency) and assisted by her associate Wendy of Alleghany Insurance Company, overlooking the lake!

Hosted by an incredible collection of insurance professionals from Alpha Group, and chaired by Linda "Annette Funicello" Kruszka of Main Street Insurance in Attica, NY (nicknamed "Annette Funicello" for giving this event an exciting "SoCal" beach atmosphere) it brought together an extraordinary group of insurance professionals from carrier folks, to insurance agents and their staff, and vendors. Some of the people that I had the pleasure of speaking with were Charlie Colby of Security Mutual Insurance Company; Dave Rood of Charles E. Hock; Ron Martin of Preferred Mutual Insurance Company; Mark Berger of Main Street America Group; Brenda Ireland of I. Edwards Agency in Jamestown; Katherine Kemp of Allstate Insurance Company; Lorenzo Jackson and Kevin Johns of Travelers Insurance Company; Bob Florio of Erie and Niagara (of which I won a beautiful shirt of theirs as my foursome came in tenth place!), and the other member of our foursome; Katie Merle and Michelle of Main Street Insurance; Norm "NORM" Orlowski also of Erie and Niagara Insurance Company ... and of course, a very special "Thank you" to my friend Julius Aebly of Walsh Jones Insurance Agency for inviting me, and to his son, Trey, for lending me his golf clubs! By the way, Julius, tell Trey that there must be something wrong with those clubs as "they didn't work very well!" There were so many other fantastic people present, and I'm sorry if I cannot think of you at this moment, but I'm sure we'll catch up another time and I'll drag your name into a future column of mine! You won't escape!



Well, that's all for now, and with the fall convention season just around the corner we'll be talking about events such as Syracuse 'T' Day; Rochester 'T' Day; Hudson Valley RAP; IIAANY's upcoming automation seminars; ACT/AUGIE's New Orleans conference, and many more! Thanks for taking a walk around the neighborhood with me, and I'll see you next fall!

Michael Loguercio is Vice President of Business Development for StoneRiverFSC (formally Fiserv FSC Insurance Solutions); active Past President of The Young Insurance Professionals of New York State; current ACT/AUGIE, and Professional Insurance Agents of New York State Committee member; and is a regular Contributor to The Insurance Advocate. In his community, Michael is President of the Longwood Central School District Board of Education on Long Island, NY; and a member of The Middle Island, NY, Rotary Club. He may be contacted at 631-345-9359 or
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Date:Sep 14, 2009
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