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Generation hottie: we asked readers to pick Young Hollywood's sexiest men and women. The results are in: meet gay and lesbian America's top 20 screen fantasies. (Hollywood).


1 Colin Farell

AGE: 27 BEST KNOWN FOR: Spending an entire move in a Phone Booth. GAYEST MOMENT: His sweaty, post-hetero-coital scene with Matthew Davis in Tigerland, WHAT'S SO HOT: Dark Irish good looks and those kittenish eyes. Resistance is futile.


2 Ewan McGregor

AGE: 32 BEST KNOWN FOR: Playing young Obi-Wan Kenobi. GAYEST MOMENT: His steamy couplings with Japanese daddy Yoshi Oida in The Pillow Book. WHAT'S SO HOT: Thanks to his frequent nude appearances in film, audiences know he's beautiful all over..

3 Gale Harold

AGE: 34 BEST KNOWN FOR: Playing rakish cocksman Brian Kinney on Showtime's Queer as Folk. GAYEST MOMENT: See "Best known for." WHAT'S SO, NOT: As Brian, Harold's attitude writes a check that his body can definitely cash.


4 Hugh Jackman

AGE: 34 BEST KNOWN FOR: X-Men's Wolverine. GAYEST MOMENT: Jackman will play the famously fey Peter Allen on Broadway. WHAT'S SO HOT: Him. Preferably shirtless.


5 Ben Affleck

AGE: 31 BEST KNOWN FOR: Saving the world in Armageddon and The Sum of All Fears. GAYEST MOMENT: Kissing Jason Lee in Chasing Amy or kissing Kevin Smith on the 1999 MTV Movie Awards. WHAT'S SO HOT: He's adorable. And he and Matt Damon always show a sense of humor over being mistaken for a gay couple.


6 Ashton Kutcher

AGE 25 GAYEST MOMENT: Kissing Seann William Scott in Dude, Where's My Car? WHAT'S SO HOT: Looks good in briefs.


7 Randy Harisson

AGE: 25 GAYEST MOMENT: Queer as Folk's infamous alleyway spitting scene. WHAT'S SO HOT: Vanilla. Mischievous. Openly gay.


8 Hair apparent

Writer Dennis Hensley reunites his Screening Party panel of experts to figure out the curiously awful hair choices of the otherwise steamy Josh Hartnett

In his latest book, Screening Party, out author and Advocate contributor Dennis Hensley and his couch potato pals make sense of Glitter and A Star Is Born (the Barbra version), so one morning after brunch we provided a stack of movie stills to give them a crack at one of modern cinema's most confounding and ongoing mysteries: What is up with Josh Hartnett's hair?

"I don't know why your editor included this," says my roommate Tony, picking up the shot of a '70s-styled Josh from The Virgin Suicides (above), "but what a lovely photo of Gina Gershon."

"Wait, wait, wait," interrupts my always organized lawyer friend Marcus, snagging the Gershon from Tony. "Shouldn't we do this in chronological order, starting with Halloween H20?"

"Or Halloween Water, as we like to call it at the video store," says Ross, my hetero rental-clerk pal.

"It's a total bowl cut," observes comedian Lauren, "but with, like, a chip out of the bowl."

"Very Dumb and Dumberer," says Ross. "It's like, 'We don't squeeze the bunny, Josh. The bunny is our friend.'"

"His next movie, The Faculty, is also a bowl," I point out. "But it's a different bowl, maybe a colander."

"Geez, how 'bout we lump all the Tupper-cuts into one group?" begs Tony, adding O, Blow Dry, and 40 Days and 40 Nights to the bowl pile. "Otherwise, we'll be here all day."

"Good idea," I say. "So now we're back to Virgin Suicides."

"There's a new girl in town, and she's feelin' good!" sings Lauren, channeling Linda Lavin and the deathless Alice theme.

"Is Josh auditioning to play Kate Jackson in a Lifetime movie?" wonders Tony.

"No wonder the virgins offed themselves, if this was their introduction to the old slap-and-tickle," mutters shrink-next-door Dr. Beaverman.

"I think they used that same wig in The Trip," says Marcus.

I then offer up a homoerotic photo of Josh and a few buddies palling around on the set of Black Hawk Down. "Can't go wrong with the buzz cut, I always say," asserts Ross.

"Unless you're Celine Dion in Vegas," says Tony.

We all nod. This is the most unanimous moment of the morning.

We bring it home with Josh's current flick, Hollywood Homicide. "Not bad," says Lauren, "but I've seen the movie, and it looks exactly like that whole time. It just doesn't move."

As I gather up the photos, I float my theory that Josh's litany of hair-don'ts is actually intentional. "it's like Brad Piti growing a Bruce Vilanch beard," I suggest. "Josh is playing down his looks so people will take him seriously as an actor."

"In movies like Halloween Water," adds Ross.

As usual, Dr. B. has the final word. "Sexually speaking, he still looks lost," she says, "as evidenced by that untouched pistol he's packing in Hollywood Homicide. I say, fix the hair and cock that gun, boy. Or at least try to score a cameo in Barbershop 2."


9 Orlando Bloom

AGE: 26 GAYEST MOMENT: His screen debut as a saucy rent boy in Wilde. WHAT'S SO HOT: He lures you in with the skaterboy body and attitude and closes the sale with the accent.


10 Robert Grant

AGE: 34 BEST KNOWN FOR: Stealing the heart of Michael--and much of the audience--on Queer as Folk. WHAT'S HOT: He's a big, strapping man. And out of the closet to boot.



1 Eliza Dushku

AGE: 22 BEST KNOWN-FOR: Kicking vampire ass as soft butch Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. GAYEST MOMENT: Dushku's girl gang in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was supposed to be read as lesbian. WHAT'S SO HOT: Those lips, those eyes ... that uppercut. Hit me, baby, one more time.


2 Jennifer Garner

AGE: 31 BEST KNOWN FOR: Mastering both disguises and kung fu on the chick-spy extravaganza Alias. GAYEST MOMENT: None, unless you read hard between the lines of her Lisa Loeb-ish coed on Felicity. WHAT'S SO HOT: We like any woman who can slip into a couture gown and kick her foot higher than her head.


3 Alyson Hannigan

29 BEST KNOWN FOR: Buff and the American Pie movies. GAYEST MOMENT: On Buffy's last season, Hannigan had one of network TV s hottest girl-on-girl moments with Iyari Limon. WHAT'S SO HOT: Dippy on the surface, but with a wickedly sexy streak. And who doesn't love that?


4 Queen Latifah

AGE: 33 BEST KNOWN Chicago. GAYEST MOMENT: Her out and proud bank robber in Set It Off. WHAT'S SO HOT: This real woman has curves.

5 She's so fine

As Lara Croft roars back into the multiplex in the latest Tomb Raider, Suzanne Westenhoefer muses on why Angelina Jolie makes everybody hot

If there's one thing I can say about Tomb Raider. The Cradle of Life, the new Lara Croft movie, it's that lots of lesbians will attend. And few will remember a thing about the film except maybe a detailed description of each costume worn by its star, the delicious Angelina Jolie.

Every generation has its sex symbol. I know lesbians (OK ... me) who've seen The Sound of Music over 40 times just to see Julie Andrews in that hutchy pre-nun haircut. In the past dykes have gotten hot for Anne Murray, Billie Jean, Martina, k.d., Melissa, Jodie Foster-the list of strong, mostly androgynous "tops" goes on and on.

But Angelina is different, because it's not just gay girls lusting after her. She's given both boy and girl homos someone to flip for. Yes, while we in the gay community have been arguing about whether we should call ourselves "queer," one force has been uniting us from deep within. Gays, lesbos, trannies. and bi's agree: Angelina Jolie is fine.

Not that we all want to hop into--or in some cases, be thrown into-bed with her. But when it comes to the thankfully ex-Mrs. Billy Bob. our community approves. Even if she scares a whole bunch of us out of our panties.

We approve so much, we make exceptions for her that we wouldn't for our friends or life partners:

"I don't normally like tattoos, but hers are very creative."

"I hate action-adventure movies, but I do own Tomb Raider. It's just very womyn-positive."

"Actually, I think a vial of bided around the neck is deeply spiritual."

Every time I mentioned her name--to all ages, races, and genders of homos--the conversation turned to sex so fast, I wondered if Angelina weren't a kind of mental lap dance for us.

"My boyfriend and I have agreed that we'd go hetero for her if she'd take us both." blurted out a gay boy friend of mine who just turned 21. And I won't even repeat what my girlfriend of II years said when I asked her about Angelina, but I can say that the sex that night was amazing, even though I suspect she was picturing me with long black hair and Mick Jagger lips.

No matter what makes us hot, we can see Angelina doing it. Maybe it can all be best explained by the 28-year-old curie lesbian who lives in our guest house, "It's like she could kiss you, lick you, slap you, or bite you, and you'd just be thrilled she was in the room with you."

Then she asked if we wanted to see her collection of Angelina dolls. "Dolls?" we asked. "Really?."

Later, as we each held our favorite, we ordered Indian food and watched Gia for the 100th time. Sadly, the topic of Julie Andrews never came up.

Westenhoefer's new CD is titled Guaranteed Fresh (Uproar Entertainment),


6 Drew Barrymore

AGE: 28 BEST KNOWN FOR: Surviving child stardom (E.T.) and flourishing as an adult actress-producer. GAYEST MOMENT: Putting the make on Sara Gilbert in Poison Ivy. WHAT'S SO HOT: Barrymore can go from naif to minx in 60 seconds and seduce us at every stage.


7 Lucy Liu

AGE: 34 BEST KNOWN FOR: Playing the "smart one" (who's still superhot in black leather) in the hit, Charlie's Angels franchise. GAYEST MOMENT: Her sweeps-gimmick kissing scene with Calista Flockhart on Ally McBeal: WHAT'S SO HOT A healthy mind in a r-r-rowr body.


8 Rebecca Romjin-Stamos

AGE: 30 GAYEST MOMENT: Her heist-love scene in Femme Fatale. WHAT'S SO HOT: Lesbians swoon. And even gay men get the vapors.


9 Tammy Lynn Michaels

AGE: 28 BEST KNOWN FOR: Popular. GAYEST MOMENT: Getting engaged to Melissa Etheridge, WHAT'S SO HOT: This blond has more fun. And we love a woman who makes us laugh,


10 Jennifer Connelly

AGE: 32 GAYEST MOMENT: Higher Education. WHAT'S SO HOT: We miss her curves but adore her wide eyes and exquisite face.

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