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Generation Joshua educates youth.

Generation Joshua is a conservative Christian youth organization that seeks to educate American teens about "liberty, virtue, and a deep belief in the principle of self-government." The organization emphasizes patriotism, excellence, and civic involvement through five components:

* Online, self-paced civics courses that include ones about the Founding Fathers, Constitutional Law, the Declaration of Independence, Revolutionary War Era Sermons, and The Federalist Papers.

* Voting responsibility, pushing the message that "voting is a vital part of every Christian's civic responsibility" and encouraging its members to register new voters, especially Christian voters.

* An awards program called the Benjamin Rush Awards, which requires members to complete the online civics curriculum, write letters to the editor and public officials, register voters, volunteer in local campaigns, and sign up new members.

* Student Action Teams, which allow members to turn knowledge into action by volunteering in political races on behalf of conservative candidates.

* GenJ Clubs, which encourage members to examine current events in light of the Constitution and the Bible, give club members the opportunity to work with other like-minded teens, and establish a grass-roots network of active students.
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Title Annotation:about self government
Author:Gilmore, Jodie
Publication:The New American
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Date:May 15, 2006
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