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Generating interest in the ASMC Korea Chapter. (Chapter Idea Interchange).

United States (U.S.) Forces in Korea operate as a joint (that is, more than one Component of the U.S. Forces) and a combined (that is, with Korean forces) command. Therefore, our chapter has been chartered as a peninsula-wide, multi-Service, and multinational organization. The purpose of the ASMC Korea Chapter is to:

* Maintain and improve the high standards and outstanding quality of military comptrollership within the Korean theater,

* Promote education and training in military comptrollership, and

* Exchange ideas and techniques in dealing with comptroller-type issues.

Over the years, the Korea Chapter basically restricted its efforts and focus to the immediate area around the capital city of Seoul. To create a more "unified," multi-command, and multi-Service chapter, we more recently have developed a succinct, comprehensive ASMC Korea Chapter "Command Briefing" that will be presented to other commands, Defense agencies, and government activities within Korea. This briefing is aimed at familiarizing military personnel, U.S. civilian employees, and local national employees with the professional development opportunities available from the ASMC Korea Chapter and the Society as a whole. Additionally, the heightened interest and awareness of the Korea Chapter will help us to achieve our goal of expanding chapter membership by 25 percent.

Our briefing basically answers the most frequently asked questions:

* What is ASMC?

* Why should I join?

* What does the ASMC Korea Chapter do?

After giving the ASMC mission statement, "To promote education, training and professional development in all aspects of military comptrollership," the presentation focuses on the benefits of joining ASMC and the Korea Chapter activities.

Among the many benefits of joining ASMC, the briefing highlights opportunities to enhance professional skills, to network with other professional military and civilian resource managers, to write a professional paper for the Armed Forces Comptroller publication (which could potentially reach 18,000 members at 140 chapters worldwide--as well as many libraries and research organizations), and to assume a leadership role in our local chapter. The briefing also addresses the Korea Chapter's focus and activities for fiscal year 2002.

In 2002, our chapter intends to concentrate its resources on CDFM certification, publicizing the achievements of members in an informative, high-quality newsletter, arranging for noteworthy guest speakers at our general membership meetings, and creating a single, truly Korea-wide chapter by establishing a network of local ASMC coordinators in the areas outside of Seoul.

Among planned activities in 2002, we will focus on the ASMC Victims' Relief Fund, our Orphan's Christmas Party and summer Picnic, the traditional ASMC Korea Chapter golf tournaments in the spring and fall, participation in the 2002 National PDI in Denver, and the high school scholarship award. Future endeavors--beyond 2002--include developing an ASMC Korea Chapter Web site and hosting the Pacific Region PDI in 2004.

You can get a copy of the current ASMC Korea Chapter Briefing and our newsletter by e-mailing the author at Suggestions for improvements are always welcomed and greatly appreciated.

John Di Genio is Vice President for Publicity for the Korea Chapter. He has contributed a number of articles to professional journals, including the Armed Forces Comptroller.
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Author:Genio, John Di
Publication:Armed Forces Comptroller
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Date:Jan 1, 2002
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