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General equilibrium analysis; a micro-economic text. (reprint, 1974).


General equilibrium analysis; a micro-economic text. (reprint, 1974)

Krauss, Melvyn B. and Harry G. Johnson.



343 pages




Unlike other texts on microeconomic theory, this text introduces the student to the general equilibrium approach to microeconomics by covering the two-sector model right from the start, rather than concentrating on partial equilibrium analysis. The model is applied to a variety of subjects in special fields of economic analysis, such as welfare economics, international trade, public finance, and income distribution. After the first chapter describing the two-sector model, subsequent chapters deal with the evaluation of changes in factor endowment, demand preferences, and theories of government expenditure, government tax, and tax and expenditure substitution. Krauss is affiliated with the Hoover Institution. Johnson was professor of economics at the University of Chicago. The book was first published in 1974 by George Allen & Unwin Ltd.

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