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General Services Administration. (Government).

The General Services Administration's (GSA) Office of Governmentwide Policy is responsible for prescribing policies and procedures pertaining to government-wide travel and relocation allowances and entitlements for civilian federal employees, and transportation and traffic management. In addition to this policy and regulatory development role, GSA's Federal Supply Service makes available to federal agencies a variety of commercial services programs which control and reduce federal travel costs and encourage the economical and efficient movement of freight and household goods and shipments. GSA also contracts with commercial auditing firms to examine the government's transportation billings.

Travel Management

The government spends over $9 billion a year on official travel for its employees. FSS commercial travel management services programs (e.g., contractor-issued travel charge card, travel management centers, discount passenger transportation and discount lodging programs) provide participating federal agencies with a comprehensive approach to managing the performance of official travel by their employees, and the payment of travel-related expenses.

Freight and Household Goods Management

FSS's freight and household goods programs simplify the procurement of transportation services. Use of the negotiated rates obtained through these programs ensures that the transportation of freight and household goods shipments is accomplished by the most efficient and economical means. FSS maintains a standard tender of service which standardizes participating carrier qualifications and performance requirements and includes the rules under which shipments are to be handled by carriers in the program. FSS also conducts liaison programs with civilian agencies to assist them in the establishment and/or improvement of their freight traffic program.


* Joseph H. Jeu, Asst. Commissioner, Office of Transportation and Property Management, Federal Supply Service

(703) 305-7660

FAX (703) 305-6905

* Tauna T. Delmonico, Director, Travel and Transportation Management Div.

(703) 308-1434

FAX (703) 305-7946

* James Fitzgerald, Director, Audit Division

(202) 501-3000

FAX (202) 501-3008


* Becky Rhodes, Deputy Associate Administrator, Office of Transportation and Personal Property, Office of Governmentwide Policy

(202) 501-1777

FAX (202) 501-6742

* Timothy J. Burke, Director, Travel Policy Division

(202) 219-1587

FAX (202) 501-0349

* Ted Bembenek, Director, Transportation Policy Division

(202) 208-7629

FAX (202) 501-6742

Stephen A. Perry


General Services Administration

(202) 501-0800

FAX: (202) 219-1243



G. Martin Wagner

Associate Administrator

Office of Governmentwide Policy, GSA

(202) 501-8880

FAX: (202) 501-8898

Donna D. Bennett


Federal Supply Service

(703) 305-6667

FAX: (703) 305-5500


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