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General Services Administration news release (April 7, 2006): Government Accountability Office reports (January-April 2006).

The following Government Accountability Office (GAO) Reports were issued between January and April 2006 and may be of interest to the acquisition workforce at large. Review the final reports at <>.

Business, Industry, and Consumers

* Small Business Innovation Research: Information on Awards Made by NIH and DoD in Fiscal Years 2002 through 2004, GAO-06-565, April 14, 2006


* Human Capital: Agencies Are Using Buyouts and Early Outs with Increasing Frequency to Help Reshape Their Workforces, GAO-06-324, March 31, 2006

Government Operations

* Paperwork Reduction Act: New Approaches Can Strengthen Information Collection and Reduce Burden, GAO-06-477T, March 8, 2006

* Federal Contact Centers: Mechanism for Sharing Metrics and Oversight Practices along with Improved Data Needed, GAO-06-270, February 8, 2006

National Defense

* Defense Acquisitions: Major Weapon Systems Continue to Experience Cost and Schedule Problems under DoD's Revised Policy, GAO-06-368, April 14, 2006

* Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Improved Planning and Acquisition Strategies Can Help Address Operational Challenges, GAO-06-610T, April 6, 2006

* Defense Acquisitions: Actions Needed to Get Better Results on Weapons Systems Investments, GAO-06-585T, April 5, 2006

* Defense Acquisitions: DoD Wastes Billions of Dollars through Poorly Structured Incentives, GAO-06-409T, April 5, 2006

* Defense Acquisitions: Improved Business Case Key for Future Combat System's Success, GAO-06-564T, April 4, 2006

* Force Structure: Capabilities and Cost of Army Modular Force Remain Uncertain, GAO-06-548T, April 4, 2006

* Contract Security Guards: Army's Guard Program Requires Greater Oversight and Reassessment of Acquisition Approach, GAO-06-284, April 3, 2006

* Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Selected Major Weapon Programs, GAO-06-391, March 31, 2006

* Highlights of a GAO Forum: Managing the Supplier Base in the 21st Century, GAO-06-533SP, March 31, 2006

* Defense Acquisitions: Challenges Associated with the Navy's Long-Range Shipbuilding Plans, GAO-06-587T, March 30, 2006

* Defense Logistics: Preliminary Observations on Equipment Reset Challenges and Issues for the Army and Marine Corps, GAO-06-604T, March 30, 2006

* Tactical Aircraft: Recapitalization Goals Are Not Supported by Knowledge-Based F-22A and JSF Business Cases, GAO-06-523T, March 28, 2006

* Post-Hearing Questions for the Record Related to the Department of Defense's National Security Personnel System (NSPS), GAO-06-582R, March 24, 2006

* Defense Logistics: Several Factors Limited the Production and Installation of Army Truck Armor during Current Wartime Operations, GAO-06-160, March 22, 2006

* Tactical Aircraft: Recapitalization Goals Are Not Supported by Knowledge-Based F-22A and JSF Business Cases, GAO-06-487T, March 16, 2006

* Defense Acquisitions: Missile Defense Agency Fields Initial Capability but Falls Short of Original Goals, GAO-06-327, March 15, 2006

* Joint Strike Fighter: DoD Plans to Enter Production before Testing Demonstrates Acceptable Performance, GAO-06-356, March 15, 2006

* Unmanned Aircraft Systems: New DoD Programs Can Learn from Past Efforts to Craft Better and Less Risky Acquisition Strategies, GAO-06-447, March 15, 2006

* Defense Acquisitions: Improved Business Case Is Needed for Future Combat System's Successful Outcome, GAO-06-367, March 14, 2006

* Joint Strike Fighter: Management of the Technology Transfer Process, GAO-06-364, March 14, 2006

* Defense Logistics: More Efficient Use of Active RFID Tags Could Potentially Avoid Millions in Unnecessary Purchases, GAO-06-366R, March 8, 2006

* Defense Acquisitions: Business Case and Business Arrangements Key for Future Combat System's Success, GAO-06-478T, March 1, 2006

* Nuclear Weapons: NNSA Needs to Refine and More Effectively Manage Its New Approach for Assessing and Certifying Nuclear Weapons, GAO-06-261, Feb. 3, 2006

* Defense Management: Fully Developed Management Framework Needed to Guide Air Force Future Total Force Efforts, GAO-06-232, Jan. 31, 2006

* Defense Acquisitions: DoD Management Approach and Processes Not Well-Suited to Support Development of Global Information Grid, GAO-06-211, January 30, 2006

* Defense Trade Data, GAO-06-319R, Jan. 27, 2006

* DoD Business Transformation: Defense Travel System Continues to Face Implementation Challenges, GAO-06-18, January 18, 2006

Science, Space, and Technology

* Space Acquisitions: Improvements Needed in Space Systems Acquisitions and Keys to Achieving Them, GAO-06-626T, April 6, 2006

* Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellites: Cost Increases Trigger Review and Place Program's Direction on Hold, GAO-06-573T, March 30, 2006

* Space Acquisitions: DoD Needs a Department-wide Strategy for Pursuing Low-Cost, Responsive Tactical Space Capabilities, GAO-06-449, March 14, 2006
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