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General Knowledge Quiz.

1. Bruce Lee died during the filming of which martial arts movie? A Enter the Dragon B Marlowe C Game of Death D Fist of Fury 2. Who put in smoking performances in the films Coffee and Cigarettes (2003) and Romance & Cigarettes (2005)? A Susan Sarandon B Steve Buscemi C John Goodman D Nicolas Cage 3. What was the popular name for the scandal that forced the resignation of Richard Nixon in 1974? A Highgate B Margate C Watergate D Nixongate 4. Which Brookside character returned in 1997 after a long break from the Close? A Jimmy Corkhill B Little Jimmy Corkhill C Barry Grant D Sinbad 5. What sort of creature is an argali? A A wild horse B A wild sheep C A wild rabbit D Awildcat 6. Mahershala Ali plays Wayne Hays in season three of which acclaimed HBO crime drama? A The Wire B The Deuce C Big Little Lies D True Detective 7. Which percussion instrument that originated in China is also known as a tam-tam? A Bongo B Gong C Cymbal D Triangle 8. What was the profession of Sir George Gilbert Scott? A Painter B Architect C Composer D Poet 9. What sort of creature is an oystercatcher? A Afish B Abird C A mammal D A snake 10. To which animal family does the kinkajou belong? A Raccoon B Snake C Parrot D Dolphin 11. Which modern stand-up comedian is famous for hanging around with badgers? A Vic Reeves B Jack Dee C Harry Hill D Eddie Izzard 12. Who had a top ten hit single in 1961 with Halfway To Paradise? A David Bowie B John Lennon C Bob Dylan D Billy Fury 13. Which German composer collaborated with Bertolt Brecht on The Threepenny Opera? A Isaac Albeniz B Kurt Weill C Josef Hauer D Zoltan Kodaly 14. Which Scottish moor was the scene of the last land battle to be fought in Britain? A Marsden B Baydon C Culloden D Stirling 15. On which great river does the German city of Cologne stand? A Elbe B Danube C Rhine D Weser

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Apr 2, 2019
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