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General Knowledge Quiz.

1. In which country is the Roman Catholic shrine and pilgrimage centre of Fatima? A Italy B Spain C Portugal D Argentina 2. Which character did Richard Grieve play in Home and Away? A Lachie B Lassie C Loopy D Lance 3. Which rap star appeared in the 1992 Robin Williams vehicle Toys? A LLCoolJ B Ice Cube C IceT D Chuck D 4. Which method of painting literally means "fool the eye" ? A Optical Illusionary Painting B Trompe l'oeil C Surrealism D Dadaism 5. Social worker Eddie Murphy is sent to which part of Asia to find The Golden Child? A Tibet B India C China D Iran 6. Which new animated superhero comedy film, based on a TV series of the same name, features Nicolas Cage as the voice of Superman? A Teen Titans Go! To the Pictures B Teen Titans Go! To the Movies C Teen Titans Go! To the Cinema D Teen Titans Go! To the Big Screen 7. Which bird of the crow family has the Latin name Pica pica? A Magpie B Raven C Blackbird D Jackdaw 8. Who wrote the Minute Waltz? A Manuel de Falla B Edvard Grieg C Chopin D Josef Hauer 9. Which 16th century regent of France is considered to have been largely responsible for the St Bartholomew's Day Massacre? A Jean Racine B Catherine de' Medici C Jacques Benigne Bossuet D Francoise Marquise de Maintenon 10. What visual method of communication involves the use two flags? A Morse B Pinafore C Semaphore D Waving 11. Who had a top ten hit single in 1975 with There Goes My First Love? A The Drifters B The Pretenders C Fleetwood Mac D The Mamas and the Papas 12. Which lanthanide element is represented by the symbol Lu? A Lithium B Lanthanum C Lawrencium D Lutetium 13. In which town in Northern Ireland did the IRA bomb a Remembrance Day service in 1987? A Enniskillen B Ballymoney C Coleraine D Armagh 14. From which country did the famous wartime traitor Vidkun Quisling come? A Sweden B Denmark C Iceland D Norway 15. Which Irish province includes the counties of Dublin and Kilkenny? A Kilkenny B Leinster C County Cork D Anrtrim


Nicolas Cage See Question 6.

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Date:Aug 4, 2018
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