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General Knowledge Quiz.

1. Which member of the McDonald family left Coronation Street in late 1997? A Jim B Liz C Andy D Tony 2. Which female singer/songwriter released an album entitled Nine Objects Of Desire? A Suzanne Vega B Alanis Morissette C Kirsty MacColl D Tina Turner 3. Who was the eldest son of Adam and Eve? A Abel B Cain C Ishmael D Abraham 4. Which American author wrote The Anatomy Lesson and Portnoy's Complaint? A Philip Roach B Philip Ross C Philip Roth D Philip Read 5. Who hosted the quiz show Today's the Day? A Mel Smith B Martyn Lewis C Clive Anderson D Jonathan Ross 6. Matt Damon and Willem Dafoe are among the stars of which monster film, set in China? A The Host B Cloverfield C The Great Wall D Tremors Matt Damon See Question 6.

7. Which artist painted Dedham Vale and The Hay Wain? A Turner B Constable C Monet D Picasso 8. In Arthurian legend who was Sir Galahad's father? A Arthur B Merlin C Tristram D Sir Lancelot 9. Who wrote the poem The Ballad of Reading Gaol? A George Bernard Shaw B James Joyce C Oscar Wilde D TS Eliot 10. Which motif symbolising abundance is depicted as a horn spilling over with fruit and flowers? A Horn of greed B Horn of health C Horn of nature D Horn of plenty 11. Which former weather girl co-presented Gladiators? A Susan Charlton B Denise van Outen C Anthea Turner D Ulrika Jonsson 12. Which French composer wrote the opera Pelleas et Melisande? A Bizet B Dvorak C Debussy D Verdi 13. Which team scored a record 60 points against Wales in the Five Nations Championship in 1998? A England B Ireland C Scotland D France 14. Which organisation founded in 1873 registers dog breeds in the UK? A Battersea Dog Registry B Crufts C The Kennel Club D The GBDR 15. Which Brazilian footballer managed Peru in the 1970 World Cup? A Didi B Pele C Dodi D Popo

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Date:May 6, 2017
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