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General Knowledge Quiz.

1. With which instrument is Heinz Holliger associated? A Piano B Oboe C French horn D Trumpet 2. Which all-girl group released an album entitled Before The Rain? A Eternal B The Spice Girls C All Saints D TLC 3. Who wrote the plays An Ideal Husband and Lady Windermere's Fan? A Oscar Wilde B DH Lawrence C Tom Stoppard D George Bernard Shaw 4. Who succeeded Cecil Parkinson in 1983 as Conservative party chairman? A Norman Lamont B John Selwyn Gummer C Douglas Hurd D Gillian Shephard 5. What is a sudden change or the reverse of the expected called in drama? A Periphrasis B Peripeteia C Phoneme D Pleonasm 6. Which 2017 Mercury Prizenominated artist returned with his second album Not Waving, But Drowning, featuring collaborations with Jorja Smith and Sampha? A JHus B Stormzy C Ed Sheeran D Loyle Carner 7. What sort of creature is a smew? A Arat B A mollusc C Aduck D Afish 8. With which instrument is Sir Yehudi Menuhin associated? A Violin B Piano C Cello D Trumpet 9. Which legendary Spanish libertine inspired works by Moliere, Mozart, Byron and George Bernard Shaw? A Don Juan B Zorro C Don Quixote D El Desporado 10. Which paramedical speciality deals with the care of the feet? A Physiotherapy B Cardiology C Chiropody D Piedopody 11. Which Irish-born composer created the piano nocturne? A James Field B John Dyke C John Field D James Dyke 12. Which relief agency was founded by the Geneva Convention of 1863? A International Red Cross B United Nations C Green Peace D Medicins Sans Frontieres 13. What is the name for the flap of cartilage that prevents food and fluid from entering the windpipe during swallowing? A Tonsils B Oesophagus C Aorta D Epiglottis 14. Who had a top ten hit single in 1969 with Hello Suzie? A Amen Girls B Amen Boys C Amen Choir D Amen Corner 15. Which fish can be alevins, parr, smolts and grilse at various stages in their life cycle? A Trout B Salmon C Whale D Dolphin


Jorja Smith See Question 6

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 25, 2019
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