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General Knowledge Quiz.

1. What was Mr T's character in The A-Team called? A Face B Murdoch C Hannibal D B. A. Baracus 2. In which US state is the city of Tacoma? A Washington B Dakota C Michigan D Florida 3. With which musical instrument was Vladimir Horowitz associated? A Violin B Cello C Piano D Harpsichord 4. In which year did Castro seize power in Cuba? A 1947 B 1963 C 1959 D 1969 5. Which 19th-century cookery writer was famous for her Book of Household Management? A Mrs Smith B Mrs Thompson C Mrs Gaskell D Mrs Beeton 6. Which new western drama stars Lily James and Tessa Thompson as sisters working outside the law to better their lives? A Little Woods B Tiny Forests C Small Trees D Large Lakes 7. What sort of creature is a pompano? A A butterfly B Afish C Abird D An insect 8. Which English trainer won the Jameson's Irish National with Mudahim in 1997? A Rachel Squires B Tracy Thompson C Jenny Pitman D Marlene Roberts 9. Of which country was Georges Pompidou president from 1969 to 1974? A Belgium B Luxembourg C France D Switzerland 10. Who was the first man to walk on the moon? A Buzz Aldrin B Yuri Gagarin C Neil Armstrong D Donald Campbell 11. Which heiress included Cary Grant among her 7 husbands? A Barbra Streisland B Barbara Lewis C Barbara Trump D Barbara Hutton 12. How old was outlaw Clyde Barrow when he died? A 25 B 20 C 30 D 35 13. Which French short story writer and novelist wrote Une Vie and Bel-Ami? A Yves Navarre B Guy de Maupassant C Frederick Tristan D Jean Vautrin 14. Which bird is also known as Mother Carey's chicken? A Sparrow B Snowy Owl C Blue Tit D Storm petrel 15. What sort of creature is a whirligig? A A shrew B An Australian frog C A water beetle D Amoth


Tessa Thompson See Question 6.

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Publication:Manchester Evening News (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Date:May 4, 2019
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