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General Knowledge Quiz.

1. Who wrote the novel Daniel Deronda? A Mrs Gaskell B Charles Kingsley C George Eliot D Anthony Trollope 2. How is the houseplant Chlorophytum elatum better known? A Venus fly-trap B Cactus C Pampas plant D Spider plant 3. Which spin bowler became only the second Australian to take 300 Test wickets? A Shane Wayne B Shane West C Shane Wallace D Shane Warne 4. Which British novelist is best known for his 1951 book The Cruel Sea? A Jules Verne B JRR Tolkien C Nicholas Monsarrat D Richard Adams 5. By what name is the painter Domenikos Theotokopoulos better known? A Dommy Theo B Kopoulos C ElCid D El Greco 6. What is the title of the new film starring Willem Dafoe as painter Vincent Van Gogh? A At Destiny's Gate B At Hell's Gate C At Eternity's Gate D At Heaven's Gate 7. Who was the original host of the hi-tech gameshow Catchphrase? A Des O' Connor B Roy Walker C Les Dennis D Chris Evans 8. Which English King was given the name Rufus due to his fiery complexion? A William II B Henry I C Henry II D Edward III 9. Who wrote the classic adventure stories Treasure Island and Kidnapped? A Robert Louis Stevenson B C.S. Lewis C Charles Reade D Rider Haggard 10. Which city is the seat of government of the Netherlands? A Amsterdam B Rotterdam C The Hague D Eindhoven 11. Which famous wax-modeller opened a waxworks exhibition in London in 1802? A Margaret Tussaud B Marie Tussaud C Melissa Tussaud D Mistress Tussaud 12. Which bird with a distinctive call lays its eggs in the nests of other birds? A Blackbird B Robin C Cuckoo D Swan 13. Which Old Testament woman became the queen of the Persian king Ahasuerus? A Mary B Esther C Jezebel D Ruth 14. Which British historical novelist created Horatio Hornblower? A C.S. Forester B C.S. Lewis C J.R.R. Tolkien D Robert Louis Stevenson 15. Which English poet and anthologist is best known for The Golden Treasury published in 1861? A Samuel Taylor Coleridge B Francis Turner Palgrave C William Wordsworth D John Clare


Willem Dafoe See Question 6.

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Date:Apr 20, 2019
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