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General Knowledge Quiz.

1. What sort of creature is a lynx? A Abird B A wildcat C An insect D Afish 2. Clint Eastwood starred as 'The Man With No Name' in a trilogy of Spaghetti Westerns directed by which film-maker? A John Ford B Joshua Logan C Sergio Leone D Don Siegel 3. In which seaside town do the mods and rockers wage war in The Who's rock film Quadrophenia? A Southend B Scarborough C Bournemouth D Brighton 4. With which composer is the German town of Bayreuth associated? A Beethoven B Mozart C Bach D Wagner 5. The name of which extremists of the French Revolution means "without knee breeches"? A Sans-pantalons B Sans-soleils C Sans-culottes D Sans-roulettes 6. Rosamund Pike stars as which celebrated frontline journalist in the recent film A Private War? A Martha Gellhorn B Marie Colvin C Christiane Amanpour D Dickey Chapelle 7. What does the Sikh name 'Singh' mean? A Lion B Soldier C Holy D Warrior 8. Which US TV series co-starred Twiki the helpful robot? A Lost in Space B Mork and Mindy C Buck Rogers D Futurama 9. What was Robert Flaherty's pioneering 1922 documentary film Inuit life called? A Inuit of the North B Our Friends in the North C Norse Man D Nanook of the North 10. How is a German shepherd dog otherwise known? A Collie B Terrier C Alsatian D Poodle 11. Which British novelist wrote the story Cranford? A Charlotte Bronte B Mrs Elizabeth Gaskell C Emily Bronte D Jane Austen 12. Which former comedy writing partner of Denis Norden died in 1998 at the age of 77? A Frank Thomas B Frank Badger C Frank Capra D Frank Muir 13. Of what country was Catherine the Great empress? A Austria-Hungary B Turkey C Russia D Prussia 14. Oscar-winner Tom Hanks teamed up with a slobbering mastiff dog in which crime comedy? A K-9 B See Spot Run C Turner & Hooch D Top Dog 15. Which British author wrote The Jungle Book? A C.S. Lewis B A.A. Milne C Enid Blyton D Rudyard Kipling


Rosamund Pike See Question 6

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 23, 2019
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