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General Knowledge Quiz.

1. Which actress played the role of Alex Wilton in the drama series Boon? A Saskia Fjord B Saskia Wickham C Saskia Richards D Saskia Pastor 2. Which group had hits in the sixties with Kon-Tiki, Foot Tapper and Atlantis, among others? A The Shadows B The Beatles C The Monkees D The Rolling Stones 3. Which British novelist wrote Room at the Top? A John Galsworthy B E.M. Forster C John Braine D Anthony Powell 4. Which car manufacturer makes the model Ka? A Fiat B Ford C Renault D Peugeot 5. Which British author wrote the allegorical novel The Pilgrim's Progress? A James Bunyan B Jimmy Brown C John Bunyan D Justin Bunyan 6. What is the title of the latest album from Olly Murs? A You Know I Know B Rise Up C What Is Love D Staying At Tamara's 7. Which EastEnders character was played by Paul Nicholls? A Robbie Fowler B Grant Mitchell C Joe Wicks D David Wicks 8. Sockeye is a variety of which food fish? A Trout B Haddock C Salmon D Tuna 9. Which Oscar-winning actor directed Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor in the 1980 comedy Stir Crazy? A Clint Eastwood B Sidney Poitier C Michael Caine D Paul Newman 10. What was the pen name of novelist Mary Ann Evans? A Thomas Hardy B George Eliot C Mrs Gaskell D Jane Austen 11. Who presented The Antiques Show on TV? A Francine Cook B Francine Singer C Francine McGrath D Francine Stock 12. In which war was the Battle of Borodino? A The Crimean War B The Great War C The Second Crusade D The Napoleonic War 13. On which soap did the Belgian Shepherd dog Wellard feature? A Brookside B Emmerdale C Eastenders D Coronation Street C EastEnders 14. What was Richard Griffiths's character in BBC 1's Pie in the Sky called? A Henry Crabbe B Harold Crabbe C Henry Salmon D Horace Cray 15. Who wrote the opera Taverner? A George Lloyd B Sir Harrison Birtwistle C William Boyce D Peter Maxwell Davies


Olly Murs See Question 6.

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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jan 1, 2019
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