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General Knowledge Quiz.

1. Who wrote the play Popcorn? A Ben Elton B Rowan Atkinson C Stephen Fry D Alan Bennett 2. Which Scottish rock group released an album entitled Some Other Sucker's Parade? A Garbage B The Bay City Rollers C Rod Stewart D Del Amitri 3. Which hobbit in The Lord of the Rings was given the ring only to find out that he must destroy it? A Bilbo B Sam C Frodo D Merry 4. Which Canadian novelist wrote The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz? A Mordecai Trisler B Mordecai Worcei C Mordecai Proslei D Mordecai Richler 5. What name is given to the Roman Catholic dogma stating that the Virgin Mary was conceived free from original sin? A The Perfect Birth B The Divine Conception C The Immaculate Conception D The Deic Implantation 6. What is the title of the latest album from Canadian singer Shania Twain? A When? B Then C Now D Why? 7. Which Only Fools and Horses star played Blanco in the classic comedy series Porridge? A David Jackson B David Jason C David Johnson D David Jules 8. What is a John Dory? A Afish B A butterfly C Adog D A beetle 9. Which French general and prime minister signed an armistice with Germany in 1940? A Georges Clemenceau B Charles de Gaulle C Henri Philippe Petain D Albert Schweitzer 10. Which British music-hall comedian was known as "the prime minister of mirth"? A Sir Robert Phoney B Sir George Robey C Sir Edward Roberts D Sir Richard Miles 11. In cricket, what does lbw stand for? A Leg Before Wicket B Late Break Wicket C Leg Bowled Wicket D Low Broken Wicket 12. Which dramatist, composer and actor wrote the plays Blithe Spirit and The Vortex? A Tennessee Williams B Oscar Wilde C George Bernard Shaw D Sir Noel Coward 13. What is the most commonly spoken language in Quebec? A English B Portugese C Spanish D French 14. Which British prime minister began privatising nationalised industries in the 1980s? A John Major B Tony Blair C Margaret Thatcher D Frank Dobson 15. On which date is the Christian feast of Epiphany celebrated? A February 18th B August 24th C January 6th D June 13th


Shania Twain See Question 6.

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Date:Jan 20, 2018
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