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General Knowledge Quiz.

1. By what name is the carnivorous plant Dionaea muscipula better known? A Pluto mousetrap B Mars dogtrap C Venus flytrap D Neptune flycatcher 2. What name is given to the belt of calms and sudden squalls in which the trade wind zones converge? A The Turbulents B The Doldrums C The El Ninos D The Oceanics 3. Which of the Shetland Islands gives its name to a style of knitting? A Unst Island B Fetlar Island C Fair Isle D Foula Island 4. The low-budget horror film Leprechaun featured which future Friends star in an early role? A Courtney Cox B Jennifer Aniston C Lisa Kudrow D Matt LeBlanc 5. Which actor was the fifth to play TV's Dr Who? A Peter Morisson B Peter Harisson C Peter Thompson D Peter Davison 6. Which 1997 film comedy starred Bill Murray as a video store clerk who is mistaken for a spy, and believes it all to be a part of the act of an improvisational theatre group? A The Man Who Knew Too Much B The Man Who Knew Too Little C The Man Who Knew Nothing D The Man Who Knew Everything 7. Which US agency was set up by John F Kennedy in 1961 to provide skilled volunteer workers for developing countries? A Third World Corps B Peace Corps C United Nations D Navy Seals 8. Which British city is associated with the Roman city of Verulamium? A Chester B Bath C St Albans 9. Which Coronation Street character was played by Angela Griffin? A Tina Middleton B Fiona Middleton C Anna Middleton D Rachel Middleton 10. Who starred as Bill in the TV comedy series 2Point4 Children? A Beryl Long B Belinda Lang C Beatrice Lane D Britney Lois 11. What name is given to the English accent generally accepted as being standard? A Recognised pronunciation B Real pronunciation C Received pronunciation D Rich pronunciation 12. Who starred alongside Jim Carrey in the 2005 remake of Fun with Dick and Jane? A Tea Leoni B Renee Zellweger C Jennifer Aniston D Lauren Holly 13. Which Egyptian pharaoh's tomb was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922? A Akhenaten B Tutankhamun C Ahmose I D Rameses II 14. From which country did Algeria declare independence in 1962? A Germany B United Kingdom C France D USA 15. What is the capital of Portugal? A Covilla B La Coruna C Lisbon


Bill Murray See Question 6.

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
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Date:Nov 25, 2017
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