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General Knowledge Quiz.

1. Who is the character Simon Templar better known as? A The Phantom B The Angel C The Saint D The Devil 2. What Roman goddess is equivalent to the Greek Aphrodite? A Pluto B Venus C Mars D Neptune 3. Which Russian novelist wrote Oblomov? A Vladimir Nabokov B Anton Chekhov C Feodor Sologub D Ivan Goncharov 4. What is the common name of the flower Bellis perennis? A Daisy B Rose C Poppy D Bluebell 5. Which partnership produced operettas such as The Mikado and The Pirates of Penzance? A Simon and Garfunkel B Lloyd Webber and Rice C Richards and Richardson D Gilbert and Sullivan 6. George Blagden stars as King Louis XIV in which BBC2 drama, which recently returned for a second series? A Vikings B Versailles C Poldark D The Last Kingdom 7. Which male vocalist's number one hits include Travellin' Light; Please Don't Tease and The Minute You're Gone? A Billy Fury B Adam Faith C Alvin Stardust D Cliff Richard 8. In which European country is the resort of Antibes? A Spain B France C Italy D Greece 9. Who was the inventor of the ZX Spectrum home computer? A Clive James B Clive Sinclair C Clive Anderson D Clive Spectrum 10. Craig Charles presented which metal crunching gameshow on BBC2? A Gladiators B Metal War C Heavy Metal D Robot Wars 11. Which year saw the birth of Isaac Newton and the death of Galileo? A 1601 B 1678 C 1701 D 1642 12. What type of painting is identified by speed, fluidity and colour washing? A Watercolour painting B Oil painting C Acrylic painting D Powder painting 13. Which English king was beheaded in 1649? A Charles I B Charles II C James I D Alfred I 14. Who wanted to have Dinner with Gershwin in 1987? A Dina Carroll B Tina Turner C Aretha Franklin D Donna Summer 15. Which area of France along the Gironde estuary (famous for red wines) contains the famous Chateau Latour vineyard? A Medoc B Cher C Bourbonnais D Champagne


George Blagden See Question 6.

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 29, 2017
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