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General Knowledge Quiz.

1. What is the mathematical term for an integer that is equal to the sum of all its factors (except itself)? A Square number B Whole number C Rich number D Perfect number 2. Who wrote the novels Emma and Persuasion? A Emily Bronte B Mrs Gaskell C Jane Austen D Charlotte Bronte 3. In what year was Dr Crippen executed? A 1900 B 1920 C 1910 D 1930 4. Which musical instrument produces a sound when a current of air passes over its strings? A Glockenspiel B Xylophone C Jew's Harp D Aeolian harp 5. How is the rose bay shrub otherwise known? A Oleander B Minima Aurea C Tamariscifolia D Pinus Mugo 6. Which animated film features Alec Baldwin as the voice of a suit-wearing, briefcase-carrying tiny tot? A The Royal Tenenbaums B Yo Gabba Gabba! C Rise of the Guardians D The Boss Baby 7. Which Italian writer is chiefly known for the Decameron? A Giovanni Boccaccio B Luigi Boccaccio C Gianni Boccaccio D Gianni Rossi 8. What is the religion of the Jewish people called? A Judaism B Islam C Christianity D Hebrew 9. What is the kernel of the tree Myristica fragrans called? A Cumin B Nutmeg C Paprika D Pepper 10. Which country was ordered to pay reparations to the value of 6.6 billion pounds after their actions in war? A Russia B Japan C Germany D USA 11. Who abdicated as king of Romania in 1940? A Carol II B Nicholas II C Edward III D Stefan I 12. What sort of creature is an orfe? A Acow B An antelope C A rodent D Afish 13. Which British philosopher was awarded the Nobel prize for literature in 1950? A Benjamin Rex B Bertrand Russell C Brian Robinson D Bogart Rayner 14. Who had a No. 1 hit single in 1970 with Grandad? A Clive Frank B Clive Butcher C Clive Roberts D Clive Dunn 15. Who presented the game show Chain Letters? A David Bowie B David Lee Ray C David Robinson D David Spikey


Alec Baldwin See Question 6.

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