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General Knowledge Quiz.

1. Which rap star released an album entitled No Way Out? A Mc Hammer B Puff Daddy C Eminem D Dr. Dre 2. Which former bishop of Rochester and London was burnt at the stake in 1555? A Nicholas Ridley B Nicholas Thompson C Nicholas Augustine D Nicholas Wheel 3. What was the first name of Robert Baden-Powell's sister who helped him to found the Girl Guides? A Rachel B Irene C Agnes D Sara 4. Which band had a top ten hit single in 1980 with Too Nice To Talk To? A Duran Duran B Public Image Limited C Spandau Ballet D The Beat 5. Which Crossroads character was played by Paul Henry? A Phil B Johnny C Jimmy D Benny 6. Which horror film stars Jason Isaacs as the director of a Swiss spa offering suspect miracle treatments? A A Cure for Wellness B Behind the Glass C TheOA D Case Histories 7. Which French king was married to Marie Antoinette from 1770 until his death in 1793? A Louis X B Louis XVI C Louis XV D Louis XIV 8. Which team won American football's Super Bowl in 1996? A Green Bay Packers B The Dallas Cowboys C New York Jets D Chicago Bears 9. By what name is the clavicle commonly known? A Thigh bone B Collar bone C Ankle bone D The spine 10. Of which Austrian province is Innsbruck the capital? A Arlberg B Tyrol C Salzburg D Carinthia 11. What relationship is the late Oliver Reed to director Carol Reed? A Nephew B Cousin C Brother D Son 12. Which British monarch died in 1901? A William IV B Queen Victoria C Edward VII D George IV 13. Which king of England was defeated and killed at the Battle of Bosworth? A Edward V B Richard III C Henry VII D Henry V 14. What sort of creature is an egret? A A mammal B Afish C Abird D An insect 15. Of which building does the White Tower of c.1079 form a part? A Tower of London B Tower Bridge C St Paul's Cathedral D Westminster Abbey

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 9, 2017
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