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General Knowledge Quiz.

1. Which TV comedy charted the spiralling descent into madness of the small (local) town Royston Vasey? A The Fast Show B The League of Gentlemen C Last of the Summer Wine D Birds of a Feather 2. In which sea is the Isle of Man situated? A The North Sea B The Irish Sea C The English Channel D The Atlantic Ocean 3. In which English county is the market town of Melton Mowbray? A Norfolk B Leicestershire C Lincolnshire D Nottinghamshire 4. What name is given to the Union of Austria with Germany in 1938? A Austro-German Pact B Pact of Steel C Anschluss D Leibensraum 5. What name is given to the statement of Christian belief accepted by the first Council of Nicaea in 325? A The Lament B The Lord's Prayer C The Rogation D Nicene Creed 6. What is the name of the film in which Kevin Spacey plays a businessman trapped in the body of a pet cat? A Nine Lives B Furball C Jasper D The Escape 7. What do the initials RNLI stand for? A Royal National Liver Institute B Royal National Lifeboat Institution C Royal National Lung Institute D Royal National Lizard Institute 8. What is the first name of Mrs Redknapp who released and album entitled Woman in Me? A Shania Twain B Geri Halliwell C Tina Turner D Louise 9. In the Old Testament who was the father of David's friend Jonathan? A Jacob B Paul C Saul D Isaiah 10. Which Antarctic explorer was forced to abandon his ship Endurance? A Sir Richard Irving B Sir Ernest Shackleton C Sir Michael Forrester D Sir Sidney Harrison 11. Which manned US space station was launched in 1973 and fell to earth in 1979? A Mir B Apollo IV C USS Discovery D Skylab 12. Who presented TV's Stars in Their Eyes? A Matthew Kelly B Michael Barrymore C Jonathan Ross D Rory Bremner 13. Who wrote the novel Cry the Beloved Country? A Alan Partridge B Alan Lee C Alan Paton D Alan Bennett 14. Audiences shed a tear for the death of Bambi's mum in the classic Disney animation, in which year? A 1952 B 1938 C 1948 D 1942 15. What station is home to the firefighters of Blue Watch in the series London's Burning? A Orton Fire Station B Hampton Fire Station C Blackwall Fire Station D Hackney Fire Station


Kevin Spacey. See Question 6.

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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Nov 15, 2016
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