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General Kinematics Corp.

The Company

A focus on innovation--Founded in 1960 by Albert Musschoot, General Kinematics Corp. has developed into one of the industry's premier manufacturers of vibrating processing equipment. Basic to the company's success has been the development of a highly skilled and dedicated management and engineering group, with specialized knowledge of vibratory equipment potentials and a uniform commitment to improving product engineering, system concepts and customer productivity.

As a result, General Kinematics today holds nearly 200 patents on vibratory equipment design and application, and has produced and installed almost 30,000 units for industrial users around the world. Even more important, General Kinematics has been instrumental in bringing the unique advantages of vibratory equipment to an expanding range of manufacturing, material handling and processing applications.

Ideas in motion--Utilizing the principle of natural frequency vibration applied to equipment ranging from feeders and conveyors to shakeouts and other specialized foundry units, the benefits of reliability and energy savings have contributed to improved cost efficiency and greater production for the modern foundry operation.

The capability of General Kinematics designs to afford almost unlimited control, precision and operating flexibility has encouraged an even wider application of vibratory equipment to the foundry operation. New demands for casting and sand cooling, moisture addition or removal, sand reclaiming, grinding and milling, mold compaction, shakeout and conveying have been answered in scores of innovative systems conceived and engineered by General Kinematics.

By addressing emerging foundry challenges with advanced technology, newer materials and innovative engineering, General Kinematics has helped customers achieve higher levels of casting quality and profitability, while also meeting new stringent environmental and process requirements.

Structured for growth--General Kinematics operations are centered in a modern 20,000-sq-ft engineering and office center located in Barrington, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. In nearby Crystal Lake, the large General Kinematics manufacturing plant is specifically designed and equipped for the construction of vibratory units. Undergoing its third expansion phase, the building provides nearly 200,000 sq ft of specialized manufacturing, testing and shipping area.

On a global basis, General Kinematics has been active in international business for the last quarter century, serving an expanded customer base from licensed sales and manufacturing facilities in Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Sweden and the U.K. General Kinematics sales and engineering personnel operate from both the headquarters location and from strategically located sales offices in this country and overseas.


General Kinematics engineering milestones:

* Casting accumulating cooling conveyors capable of handling a continuous flow of hot castings, with intermittent operation to provide extended cooling times.

* Multiaction compaction tables with automatic feedback control.

* Two-mass high-frequency shakeouts and core knockout machines.

* Circular, curved path and racetrack conveyors for space-saving or sorting operations.

* Two mass, subresonant, natural frequency vibrating drum for wet or dry grinding and size reduction.

* V-Trough vibratory conveyors for steep inclines.

* Automatic moisture addition for return sand conditioning.

* Two-mass, multifunction vibrating drum that homogenizes sand moisture while scrubbing casting services.

* Vibra-Belt conveyor to minimize buildup of spill sand or other sticky materials.

* Single eccentric drive assembly capable of operating a series of multiple units linked together.

* Enhanced dynamic balancing system that automatically responds to material loading.

* Vibrating feeders with VF counterweight control to provide full linear feed rate control without changing drive frequency.

* Noise reduction designs utilizing laminated trough construction.

* Shuffle-type conveying with minimum vertical acceleration to convey bare castings without noise.


777 Lake Zurich Rd. Barrington, Illinois 60011 708/381-2240
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Date:May 1, 1993
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