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Articles from General Accounting Office Reports & Testimony (November 1, 2008)

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2010 Census: Census Bureau Needs Procedures for Estimating the Response Rate and Selecting for Testing Methods to Increase Response Rate. Survey 1025
2010 Census: The Bureau's Plans for Reducing the Undercount Show Promise, but Key Uncertainties Remain. 614
American Samoa: Issues Associated with Some Federal Court Options. 485
Assessment of the Explanation That Immigration and Customs Enforcement Provided for Its Subsequent Transfer from the Spectrum Relocation Fund. 853
Audit of Special Counsel Expenditures for the 6 Months Ended March 31, 2008. 654
Aviation Safety: FAA Has Increased Efforts to Address Runway Incursions. 459
Aviation Safety: FAA Has Taken Steps to Determine That It Has Made Correct Medical Certification Decisions. 558
Aviation Security: TSA Is Enhancing Its Oversight of Air Carrier Efforts to Identify Passengers on the No Fly and Selectee Lists, but Expects Ultimate Solution to Be Implementation of Secure Flight. 667
Aviation Security: TSA Is Enhancing Its Oversight of Air Carrier Efforts to Screen Passengers against Terrorist Watch-List Records, but Expects Ultimate Solution to Be Implementation of Secure Flight. 622
Biosafety Laboratories: Perimeter Security Assessment of the Nation's Five BSL-4 Laboratories. 599
Briefing on Observations on the Office of Management and Budget's Report on the Human Resources Line of Business Initiative. 163
Bureau of Indian Education: Improving Interior's Assistance Would Aid Tribal Groups Developing Academic Accountability Systems. 575
Bureau of Land Management: Effective Long-Term Options Needed to Manage Unadoptable Wild Horses. 1192
Capitol Visitor Center: Update on Status of Project's Schedule and Cost as of September 24, 2008. 484
Carbon Offsets: The U.S. Voluntary Market Is Growing, but Quality Assurance Poses Challenges for Market Participants. 672
Check 21 Act: Most Consumers Have Accepted and Banks Are Progressing Toward Full Adoption of Check Truncation. 715
Check 21 Act: Questions for Consumers about Check 21 Act (GAO-09-9SP, October 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-09-8. 405
Climate Change: Federal Actions Will Greatly Affect the Viability of Carbon Capture and Storage As a Key Mitigation Option. 1080
Coastal Zone Management: Measuring Program's Effectiveness Continues to Be a Challenge. 1205
Combating Nuclear Smuggling: DHS Needs to Consider the Full Costs and Complete All Tests Prior to Making a Decision on Whether to Purchase Advanced Portal Monitors. 710
Combating Nuclear Smuggling: DHS's Phase 3 Test Report on Advanced Portal Monitors Does Not Fully Disclose the Limitations of the Test Results. 1179
Combating Nuclear Smuggling: DHS's Program to Procure and Deploy Advanced Radiation Detection Portal Monitors Is Likely to Exceed the Department's Previous Cost Estimates. 1274
Commercial Aviation: Impact of Airline Crew Scheduling on Delays and Cancellations of Commercial Flights. 790
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations: EPA Needs More Information and a Clearly Defined Strategy to Protect Air and Water Quality from Pollutants of Concern. 989
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations: EPA Needs More Information and a Clearly Defined Strategy to Protect Air and Water Quality. 647
Contingency Contracting: DOD, State, and USAID Contracts and Contractor Personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan. 686
Critical Infrastructure Protection: DHS Needs to Better Address Its Cybersecurity Responsibilities. 444
Critical Infrastructure Protection: DHS Needs to Fully Address Lessons Learned from Its First Cyber Storm Exercise. 628
DCAA Audits: Allegations That Certain Audits at Three Locations Did Not Meet Professional Standards Were Substantiated. 401
Defense Acquisitions: DOD's Requirements Determination Process Has Not Been Effective in Prioritizing Joint Capabilities. 821
Defense Acquisitions: Fundamental Changes Are Needed to Improve Weapon Program Outcomes. 613
Defense Acquisitions: Sound Business Case Needed to Implement Missile Defense Agency's Targets Program. 833
Defense Budget: Independent Review Is Needed to Ensure DOD's Use of Cost Estimating Tool for Contingency Operations Follows Best Practices. 861
Defense Critical Infrastructure: Developing Training Standards and an Awareness of Existing Expertise Would Help DOD Assure the Availability of Critical Infrastructure. 807
Defense Health Care: Additional Efforts Needed to Ensure Compliance with Personality Disorder Separation Requirements. 794
Defense Health Care: Oversight of Military Services' Post-Deployment Health Reassessment Completion Rates Is Limited. Clinical report 760
Defense Infrastructure: NORAD and USNORTHCOM Need to Reevaluate Vulnerabilities Associated with Moving the NORAD Command Center from Cheyenne Mountain to Peterson Air Force Base, and to Acknowledge Acceptance of the Risks. 985
Defense Infrastructure: Opportunity to Improve the Timeliness of Future Overseas Planning Reports and Factors Affecting the Master Planning Effort for the Military Buildup on Guam. 1046
Defense Management: DOD Can Establish More Guidance for Biometrics Collection and Explore Broader Data Sharing. 629
Defense Management: DOD Needs to Establish Clear Goals and Objectives, Guidance, and a Designated Budget to Manage Its Biometrics Activities. 837
Department of Defense: A Departmentwide Framework to Identify and Report Gaps in the Defense Supplier Base Is Needed. Report 654
Department of Homeland Security: Improvements Could Further Enhance Ability to Acquire Innovative Technologies Using Other Transaction Authority. 719
Department of Homeland Security: Progress and Continuing Concerns with Acquisition Management. 379
Digital Television Transition: Implementation of the Converter Box Subsidy Program Is Under Way, but Preparedness to Manage an Increase in Subsidy Demand Is Unclear. 790
Digital Television Transition: Information on the Implementation of the Converter Box Subsidy Program and Consumer Participation in the Program. 673
Digital Television Transition: Information on the Implementation of the Converter Box Subsidy Program and Consumer Participation in the Program. 672
Disaster Recovery: Past Experiences Offer Insights for Recovering from Hurricanes Ike and Gustav and Other Recent Natural Disasters. 631
Diversity at GAO: Sustained Attention Needed to Build on Gains in SES and Managers. 629
Diversity at GAO: Sustained Attention Needed to Build on Gains in SES and Managers. 1000
Diversity Management: Important Actions Taken and Planned to Further Enhance Diversity. 621
DOD Business Systems Modernization: Important Management Controls Being Implemented on Major Navy Program, but Improvements Needed in Key Areas. 1197
DOD Business Systems Modernization: Planned Investment in Navy Program to Create Cashless Shipboard Environment Needs to Be Justified and Better Managed. 1986
DOD Financial Management: Improvements Are Needed in Antideficiency Act Controls and Investigations. 1127
DOD Systems Modernization: Maintaining Effective Communication Is Needed to Help Ensure the Army's Successful Deployment of the Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System. 1150
Drug Safety: Better Data Management and More Inspections Are Needed to Strengthen FDA's Foreign Drug Inspection Program. 1032
Elections: 2007 Survey of State Voting System Programs (GAO-08-1147SP, September 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-874. 249
Elections: Federal Program for Certifying Voting Systems Needs to Be Further Defined, Fully Implemented, and Expanded. 1060
Elections: Federal Programs for Accrediting Laboratories That Test Voting Systems Need to Be Better Defined and Implemented. 971
Elections: States, Territories, and the District Are Taking a Range of Important Steps to Manage Their Varied Voting System Environments. 647
Electricity Restructuring: FERC Could Take Additional Steps to Analyze Regional Transmission Organizations' Benefits and Performance. 906
Electronic Waste: EPA Needs to Better Control Harmful U.S. Exports through Stronger Enforcement and More Comprehensive Regulation. 1052
Electronic Waste: Harmful U.S. Exports Flow Virtually Unrestricted Because of Minimal EPA Enforcement and Narrow Regulation. 626
Employment and Training Program Grants: Labor Has Outlined Steps for Additional Documentation and Monitoring but Assessing Impact Still Remains an Issue. 483
Energy Markets: Analysis of More Past Mergers Could Enhance Federal Trade Commission's Efforts to Maintain Competition in the Petroleum Industry. 781
Energy Markets: Refinery Outages Can Impact Petroleum Product Prices, but No Federal Requirements to Report Outages Exist. 925
Environmental Enforcement: EPA Needs to Improve the Accuracy and Transparency of Measures Used to Report on Program Effectiveness. 1461
Environmental Health: EPA Efforts to Address Children's Health Issues Need Greater Focus, Direction, and Top-Level Commitment. 829
EPA Science: New Assessment Process Further Limits the Credibility and Timeliness of EPA's Assessments of Toxic Chemicals. 674
EPA's Execution of Its Fiscal year 2007 New Budget Authority for the Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Program in the Regional Offices. 572
Export Controls: Challenges with Commerce's Validated End-User Program May Limit Its Ability to Ensure That Semiconductor Equipment Exported to China Is Used as Intended. 601
Export Promotion: The Export-Import Bank's Financing of Dual-Use Exports. 154
FDA Advisory Committees: Process for Recruiting Members and Evaluating Potential Conflicts of Interest. 665
Federal Courthouse Construction: Estimated Costs to House the L.A. District Court Have Tripled and There Is No Consensus on How to Proceed. 708
Federal Energy Management: Addressing Challenges through Better Plans and Clarifying the Greenhouse Gas Emission Measure Will Help Meet Long-term Goals for Buildings. 832
Federal Energy Management: Agencies Are Acquiring Alternative Fuel Vehicles but Face Challenges in Meeting Other Fleet Objectives. 906
Federal Pensions: Judicial Survivors' Annuities System Costs. 316
Federal Real Property: Progress Made in Reducing Unneeded Property, but VA Needs Better Information to Make Further Reductions. 861
Federal Research: Opportunities Exist to Improve the Management and Oversight of Federally Funded Research and Development Centers. 914
Federal User Fees: Improvements Could Be Made to Performance Standards and Penalties in USCIS's Service Center Contracts. 906
Financial Management: Persistent Financial Management Systems Issues Remain for Many CFO Act Agencies. 378
Food Labeling: FDA Needs to Better Leverage Resources, Improve Oversight, and Effectively Use Available Data to Help Consumers Select Healthy Foods. 1201
Food Safety: Improvements Needed in FDA Oversight of Fresh Produce. 1157
Global War on Terrorism: Reported Obligations for the Department of Defense. 558
Green Affordable Housing: HUD Has Made Progress in Promoting Green Building, but Expanding Efforts Could Help Reduce Energy Costs and Benefit Tenants. 999
Health Information Technology: HHS Has Taken Important Steps to Address Privacy Principles and Challenges, Although More Work Remains. 625
Health Resources and Services Administration: Many Underserved Areas Lack a Health Center Site, and the Health Center Program Needs More Oversight. 852
Health-Care-Associated Infections in Hospitals: An Overview of State Reporting Programs and Individual Hospital Initiatives to Reduce Certain Infections. 640
Health-Care-Associated Infections in Hospitals: Number Associated with Medical Devices Unknown, but Experts Report Provider Practices as a Significant Factor. 668
Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Initiative: Further Progress Is Needed in Developing a Risk-Based Monitoring Approach to Help HHS Improve Program Oversight. 692
Highway Bridge Program: Clearer Goals and Performance Measures Needed for a More Focused and Sustainable Program. 790
Highway Bridge Program: Clearer Goals and Performance Measures Needed for a More Focused and Sustainable Program. 597
Highway Safety: Foresight Issues Challenge DOT's Efforts to Assess and Respond to New Technology-Based Trends. 902
Human Capital: DOD Needs to Improve Implementation of and Address Employee Concerns about Its National Security Personnel System. 1072
Individual Retirement Accounts: Additional IRS Actions Could Help Taxpayers Facing Challenges in Complying with Key Tax Rules. 833
Indoor Mold: Better Coordination of Research on Health Effects and More Consistent Guidance Would Improve Federal Efforts. 916
Indoor Mold: Ongoing and Recently Completed Federal Research Activities (GAO-08-984SP, September 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-980. 272
Influenza Pandemic: HHS Needs to Continue Its Actions and Finalize Guidance for Pharmaceutical Interventions. 696
Information Management: The National Archives and Records Administration's Fiscal Year 2008 Expenditure Plan. 672
Information Security: Actions Needed to Better Protect Los Alamos National Laboratory's Unclassified Computer Network. 1936
Information Technology: DOD and VA Have Increased Their Sharing of Health Information, but Further Actions Are Needed. 478
Information Technology: FBI Is Implementing Key Acquisition Methods on Its New Case Management System, but Related Agencywide Guidance Needs to Be Improved. 840
Information Technology: Federal Laws, Regulations, and Mandatory Standards to Securing Private Sector Information Technology Systems and Data in Critical Infrastructure Sectors. 295
Information Technology: Management Improvements Needed on the Department of Homeland Security's Next Generation Information Sharing System. 1064
Information Technology: SSA Has Taken Key Steps for Managing Its Investments, but Needs to Strengthen Oversight and Fully Define Policies and Procedures. 1064
Information Technology: Treasury Needs to Better Define and Implement Its Earned Value Management Policy. 1282
Lobbying Disclosure: Observations on Lobbyists' Compliance with New Disclosure Requirements. 824
Mass Care in Disasters: FEMA Should Update the Red Cross Role in Catastrophic Events and More Fully Assess Voluntary Organizations' Mass Care Capabilities. 602
Medicaid: Extent of Dental Disease in Children Has Not Decreased, and Millions Are Estimated to Have Untreated Tooth Decay. 572
Medicaid: Extent of Dental Disease in Children Has Not Decreased. 570
Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy: Assets and Income Are Both Important in Subsidy Denials, and Access to State and Manufacturer Drug Programs Is Uneven. 526
Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage: Federal Oversight of Reported Price Concessions Data. 545
Medicare: Trends in Fees, Utilization, and Expenditures for Imaging Services before and after Implementation of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. 768
Military Disability System: Increased Supports for Servicemembers and Better Pilot Planning Could Improve the Disability Evaluation Process. 1413
Military Operations: DOD Needs to Address Contract Oversight and Quality Assurance Issues for Contracts Used to Support Contingency Operations. 995
Military Personnel: Actions Needed to Strengthen Implementation and Oversight of DOD's and the Coast Guard's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Programs. 675
Military Personnel: Evaluation Methods Linked to Anticipated Outcomes Needed to Inform Decisions on Army Retirement Incentives. 1396
Millennium Challenge Corporation: Summary Fact Sheets for 11 Compacts Entered into Force. 562
Mineral Revenues: Data Management Problems and Reliance on Self-Reported Data for Compliance Efforts Put MMS Royalty Collections at Risk. 815
Missile Defense: Actions Needed to Improve Planning and Cost Estimates for Long-Term Support of Ballistic Missile Defense. 1305
Motor Fuels: Stakeholder Views on Compensating for the Effects of Gasoline Temperature on Volume at the Pump. 659
Multiple Agencies Provide Assistance to Service-disabled Veterans or Entrepreneurs, but Specific Needs Are Difficult to Identify and Coordination Is Weak. 1104
NASA Workforce: Briefing on National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Use of Term Appointments. 197
NASA: Agency Faces Challenges Defining Scope and Costs of Space Shuttle Transition and Retirement. 663
NATO Enlargement: Reports on Albania and Croatia Respond to Senate Requirements, but Analysis of Financial Burdens Is Incomplete. 1190
Next Generation Air Transportation System: Status of Key Issues Associated with the Transition to NextGen. 590
Next Generation Air Transportation System: Status of Systems Acquisition and the Transition to the Next Generation Air Transportation System. 658
Nonprofit Hospitals: Variation in Standards and Guidance Limits Comparison of How Hospitals Meet Community Benefit Requirements. 592
Nuclear Security: Los Alamos National Laboratory Faces Challenges In Sustaining Physical and Cyber Security Improvements. 609
Nuclear Waste: Action Needed to Improve Accountability and Management of DOE's Major Cleanup Projects. 1448
Oil and Gas Leasing: Interior Could Do More to Encourage Diligent Development. 865
Oil and Gas Royalties: MMS's Oversight of Its Royalty-in-Kind Program Can Be Improved through Additional Use of Production Verification Data and Enhanced Reporting of Financial Benefits and Costs. 1311
Oil and Gas Royalties: The Federal System for Collecting Oil and Gas Revenues Needs Comprehensive Reassessment. 700
Operation Iraqi Freedom: Actions Needed to Enhance DOD Planning for Reposturing of U.S. Forces from Iraq. 961
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation: Improvements Needed to Address Financial and Management Challenges. 557
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation: Need for Improved Oversight Persists. 720
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation: Some Steps Have Been Taken to Improve Contracting, but a More Strategic Approach is Needed. 1621
Plan Colombia: Drug Reduction Goals Were Not Fully Met, but Security Has Improved; U.S. Agencies Need More Detailed Plans for Reducing Assistance. 914
Private Equity: Recent Growth in Leveraged Buyouts Exposed Risks That Warrant Continued Attention. 822
Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan and Iraq. 846
Recent Actions by the Chesapeake Bay Program Are Positive Steps Toward More Effectively Guiding the Restoration Effort, but Additional Steps Are Needed. 985
Review of the Transportation Security Administration's Air Cargo Screening Exemptions Report. 116
Risk-Based Capital: New Basel II Rules Reduced Certain Competitive Concerns, but Bank Regulators Should Address Remaining Uncertainties. 1157
Rural Economic Development: Collaboration between SBA and USDA Could Be Improved. 710
Secure Border Initiative: DHS Needs to Address Significant Risks in Delivering Key Technology Investment. 1398
Secure Border Initiative: DHS Needs to Address Significant Risks in Delivering Key Technology Investment. 565
Secure Border Initiative: Observations on Deployment Challenges. 716
Small Business Administration: Opportunities Exist to Build on Leadership's Efforts to Improve Agency Performance and Employee Morale. 831
Social Security Disability: Management Controls Needed to Strengthen Demonstration Projects. 636
Social Security Numbers Are Widely Available in Bulk and Online Records, but Changes to Enhance Security Are Occurring. Survey 979
Social Security Numbers: Transfers and Sales of Public Records That May Contain Social Security Numbers (GAO-08-1004SP, September 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-1009R. 281
Sovereign Wealth Funds: Publicly Available Data on Sizes and Investments for Some Funds Are Limited. 754
Space Acquisitions: DOD's Goals for Resolving Space Based Infrared System Software Problems Are Ambitious. 694
Space Acquisitions: Uncertainties in the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Program Pose Management and Oversight Challenges. 929
Stabilizing and Rebuilding Iraq: Iraqi Revenues, Expenditures, and Surplus. 554
Status of GSA's Implementation of Selected Green Building Provisions of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. 530
Tax Gap: Actions That Could Improve Rental Real Estate Reporting Compliance. 1403
Tax Preparers: Oregon's Regulatory Regime May Lead to Improved Federal Tax Return Accuracy and Provides a Possible Model for National Regulation. 770
Terrorism Insurance: Status of Efforts by Policyholders to Obtain Coverage. 681
The Upcoming Transition: GAO's Efforts to Assist the 111th Congress and the Next Administration. 497
The Upcoming Transition: GAO's Efforts to Assist the 111th Congress and the Next Administration. 496
Transportation Security: Transportation Worker Identification Credential: A Status Update. 563
U.S. Asylum System: Agencies Have Taken Actions to Help Ensure Quality in the Asylum Adjudication Process, but Challenges Remain. 1129
U.S. Asylum System: Significant Variation Existed in Asylum Outcomes across Immigration Courts and Judges. 1011
U.S. Department of Agriculture: Recommendations and Options to Address Management Deficiencies in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights. 1309
U.S. Postal Service: New Delivery Performance Measures Could Enhance Managers' Pay for Performance Program. 545
U.S. Postal Service: Progress Made Toward Implementing GAO's Recommendations to Strengthen Network Realignment Planning and Accountability and Improve Communication. 872
United Nations Peacekeeping: Lines of Authority for Field Procurment Remain Unclear, but Reforms Have Addressed Some Issues. 464
USA Patriot Act: Better Interagency Coordination and Implementing Guidance for Section 311 Could Improve U.S. Anti-Money Laundering Efforts. 640
USAID Acquisition and Assistance: Actions Needed to Develop and Implement a Strategic Workforce Plan. 900
VA Health Care: Improved Staffing Methods and Greater Availability of Alternate and Flexible Work Schedules Could Enhance the Recruitment and Retention of Inpatient Nurses. 982
VA National Initiatives and Local Programs that Address Education and Support for Families of Returning Veterans. 929
Various Issues Led to the Termination of the United States-Canada Shared Border Management Pilot Project. 992
Veterans Affairs: Additional Details Are Needed in Key Planning Documents to Guide the New Financial and Logistics Initiative. 768
Veterans Health Administration: Improvements Needed in Design of Controls over Miscellaneous Obligations. 865
Veterans' Benefits: Improvements Needed in VA's Training and Performance Management Systems. 417
Veterans' Disability Benefits: Better Accountability and Access Would Improve the Benefits Delivery at Discharge Program. 1146
Visa Waiver Program: Actions Are Needed to Improve Management of the Expansion Process, and to Assess and Mitigate Program Risks. 1112
Visa Waiver Program: Actions Are Needed to Improve Management of the Expansion Process, and to Assess and Mitigate Program Risks. 684
Voluntary Organizations: FEMA Should More Fully Assess Organization's Mass Care Capabilities and Update the Red Cross Role in Catastrophic Events. 1024
Wildlife Refuges: Changes in Funding, Staffing, and Other Factors Create Concerns about Future Sustainability. 658
Wildlife Refuges: Trends in Funding, Staffing, Habitat Management, and Visitor Services for Fiscal Years 2002 through 2007. 662

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