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Articles from General Accounting Office Reports & Testimony (May 1, 2008)

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2010 Census: Census at Critical Juncture for Implementing Risk Reduction Strategies. 618
Abstinence Education: Assessing the Accuracy and Effectiveness of Federally Funded Programs. 687
Addressing Fiscal Sustainability and Fixing the Social Security System: Two Challenges Facing the Nation. 122
Antidumping and Countervailing Duties: Congress and Agencies Should Take Additional Steps to Reduce Substantial Shortfalls in Duty Collection. 746
Aviation and the Environment: FAA's and NASA's Research and Development Plans for Noise Reduction Are Aligned but the Prospects of Achieving Noise Reduction Goals Are Uncertain. 690
Business Systems Modernization: Internal Revenue Service's Fiscal Year 2008 Expenditure Plan. 559
Capitol Visitor Center: Update on Status of Project's Schedule and Cost as of April 15, 2008. 257
Capitol Visitor Center: Update on Status of Project's Schedule and Cost as of March 12, 2008. 483
Census 2010: Census at Critical Juncture for Implementing Risk Reduction Strategies. 611
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Changes in Obligations and Activities before and after Fiscal Year 2005 Budget Reorganization. 872
Chemical Assessments: Low Productivity and New Interagency Review Process Limit the Usefulness and Credibility of EPA's Integrated Risk Information System. 671
Coast Guard: Deepwater Program Management Initiatives and Key Homeland Security Missions. 595
Combating Terrorism: State Department's Antiterrorism Program Needs Improved Guidance and More Systematic Assessments of Outcomes. 451
Combating Terrorism: The United States Lacks Comprehensive Plan to Destroy the Terrorist Threat and Close the Safe Haven in Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas. 529
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands: Pending Legislation Would Apply U.S. Immigration Law to the CNMI with a Transition Period. 699
Defense Acquisitions: 2009 Is a Critical Juncture for the Army's Future Combat System. 709
Defense Acquisitions: 2009 Review of Future Combat System Is Critical to Program's Direction. 653
Defense Acquisitions: Assessment of Progress Made on Block 2006 Missile Defense Capabilities and Oversight. 747
Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Selected Weapon Programs. 776
Defense Acquisitions: Progress Made in Fielding Missile Defense, but Program Is Short of Meeting Goals. 720
Defense Acquisitions: Results of Annual Assessment of DOD Weapon Programs. 552
Defense Acquisitions: Significant Challenges Ahead in Developing and Demonstrating Future Combat System's Network and Software. 606
Defense Acquisitions: Termination Costs Are Generally Not a Compelling Reason to Continue Programs or Contracts That Otherwise Warrant Ending. 648
Defense Contracting: Additional Personal Conflict of Interest Safeguards Needed for Certain DOD Contractor Employees. 428
Defense Contracting: Army Case Study Delineates Concerns with Use of Contractors as Contract Specialists. 624
Defense Critical Infrastructure: DOD's Risk Analysis of Its Critical Infrastructure Omits Highly Sensitive Assets. 939
Defense Infrastructure: Army and Marine Corps Grow the Force Construction Projects Generally Support the Initiative. 783
Defense Infrastructure: Continued Management Attention Is Needed to Support Installation Facilities and Operations. 688
Defense Infrastructure: DOD Funding for Infrastructure and Road Improvements Surrounding Growth Installations. 726
Defense Management: DOD Needs to Reexamine Its Extensive Reliance on Contractors and Continue to Improve Management and Oversight. 680
Defense Management: More Transparency Needed over the Financial and Human Capital Operations of the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization. 664
Defense Management: Observations on DOD's FY 2009 Budget Request for Corrosion Prevention and Control. 430
Defense Management: Overarching Organizational Framework Could Improve DOD's Management of Energy Reduction Efforts for Military Operations. 626
Defense Management: Overarching Organizational Framework Needed to Guide and Oversee Energy Reduction Efforts for Military Operations. 627
Defense Space Activities: National Security Space Strategy Needed to Guide Future DOD Space Efforts. 694
Defense Transportation: DOD Should Ensure that the Final Size and Mix of Airlift Force Study Plan Includes Sufficient Detail to Meet the Terms of the Law and Inform Decision Makers. 828
Defense Travel System: Overview of Prior Reported Challenges Faced by DOD in Implementation and Utilization. 610
Defense Travel System: Validity of Travel Payments Statistical Sampling in Question. 462
Department of Defense: Observations on the National Industrial Security Program. 635
Department of Homeland Security: Progress Made in Implementation of Management Functions, but More Work Remains. 613
DOD Personnel Clearances: Questions for the Record Related to the Quality and Timeliness of Clearances. 691
DOD Pharmacy Program: Continued Efforts Needed to Reduce Growth in Spending at Retail Pharmacies. 661
Drinking Water: The District of Columbia and Communities Nationwide Face Serious Challenges in Their Efforts to Safeguard Water Supplies. 721
Drug Safety: Preliminary Findings Suggest Recent FDA Initiatives Have Potential, but Do Not Fully Address Weaknesses in Its Foreign Drug Inspection Program. 633
Electronic Government: Additional OMB Leadership Needed to Optimize Use of New Federal Employee Identification Cards. 644
Employee Security: Implementation of Identification Cards and DOD's Personnel Security Clearance Program Need Improvement. 621
Employment and Training: Most One-Stop Career Centers Are Taking Multiple Actions to Link Employers and Older Workers. 445
Export Controls: State and Commerce Have Not Taken Basic Steps to Better Ensure U.S. Interests Are Protected. 718
Federal Advisory Committee Act: Issues Related to the Independence and Balance of Advisory Committees. 680
Federal Compensation Programs: Perspectives on Four Programs for Individuals Injured by Exposure to Harmful Substances. 749
Federal Contracting: Congressional Action Needed to Address Long-standing Problems with Reporting of Advisory and Assistance Services. 502
Federal Records: Agencies Face Challenges in Managing E-Mail. 653
Federal User Fees: Substantive Reviews Needed to Align Port-Related Fees with the Programs They Support. 436
Financial Audit: Senate Restaurants Revolving Fund for Fiscal Years 2007 and 2006. 424
Financial Audit: Special Counsel Expenditures for the Six Months Ended September 30, 2007. 298
Fiscal Year 2009 Budget Request: U.S. Government Accountability Office. 307
Fiscal Year 2009 Budget Request: U.S. Government Accountability Office. 544
Force Structure: Restructuring and Rebuilding the Army Will Cost Billions of Dollars for Equipment but the Total Cost Is Uncertain. 775
Freedom of Information Act: Agencies Are Making Progress in Reducing Backlog, but Additional Guidance Is Needed. 659
Global HIV/AIDS: A More Country-Based Approach Could Improve Allocation of PEPFAR Funding. 483
Global HIV/AIDS: Survey of PEPFAR Country Team Officials (GAO-08-534SP), an E-supplement to GAO-08-480. Survey 264
Global War on Terrorism: Reported Obligations for the Department of Defense. 963
Governmentwide Purchase Cards: Actions Needed to Strengthen Internal Controls to Reduce Fraudulent, Improper, and Abusive Purchases. 453
Hardrock Mining: Information on Abandoned Mines and Value and Coverage of Financial Assurances on BLM Land. 730
Health and Safety Information: EPA and OSHA Could Improve Their Processes for Preparing Communication Products. 627
Health Insurance: Most College Students Are Covered through Employer-Sponsored Plans, and Some Colleges and States Are Taking Steps to Increase Coverage. 602
Health Savings Accounts: Participation Increased and Was More Common among Individuals with Higher Incomes. 571
Health-Care-Associated Infections in Hospitals: Leadership Needed from HHS to Prioritize Prevention Practices and Improve Data on These Infections. 637
Health-Care-Associated Infections in Hospitals: Leadership Needed from HHS to Prioritize Prevention Practices and Improve Data on These Infections. 486
Highways and Environment: Transportation Agencies Are Acting to Involve Others in Planning and Environmental Decisions. 806
Homeland Defense: Steps Have Been Taken to Improve U.S. Northern Command's Coordination with States and the National Guard Bureau, but Gaps Remain. 608
Homeland Defense: U.S. Northern Command Has Made Progress but Needs to Address Force Allocation, Readiness Tracking Gaps, and Other Issues. 653
Homeland Security: DHS Has Taken Actions to Strengthen Border Security Programs and Operations, but Challenges Remain. 789
Homeland Security: DHS Improved its Risk-Based Grant Programs' Allocation and Management Methods, But Measuring Programs' Impact on National Capabilities Remains a Challenge. 634
Homeland Security: Enhanced National Guard Readiness for Civil Support Missions May Depend on DOD's Implementation of the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act. 668
Homeland Security: Federal Efforts Are Helping to Address Some Challenges Faced by State and Local Fusion Centers. 620
Homeland Security: Strategic Solution for US-VISIT Program Needs to Be Better Defined, Justified, and Coordinated. 600
Hospital Quality Data: Issues and Challenges Related to How Hospitals Submit Data and How CMS Ensures Data Reliability. 723
Housing Government-Sponsored Enterprises: A Single Regulator Will Better Ensure Safety and Soundness and Mission Achievement. 535
Human Capital: Diversity in the Federal SES and Senior Levels of the U.S. Postal Service and Processes for Selecting New Executives. 573
Human Capital: Workforce Diversity Governmentwide and at the Small Business Administration. 510
Humane Methods of Handling and Slaughter: Public Reporting on Violations Can Identify Enforcement Challenges and Enhance Transparency. 691
Information Security: Progress Reported, but Weaknesses at Federal Agencies Persist. 657
Information Security: Securities and Exchange Commission Needs to Continue to Improve Its Program. 554
Information Technology: Significant Problems of Critical Automation Program Contribute to Risks Facing 2010 Census. 630
Intellectual Property: Federal Enforcement Has Generally Increased, but Assessing Performance Could Strengthen Law Enforcement Efforts. 401
Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance: DOD Can Better Assess and Integrate ISR Capabilities and Oversee Development of Future ISR Requirements. 676
Internal Control: Improvements Needed in SEC's Accounting and Financial Reporting Process. 432
Internal Revenue Service: Assessment of the Fiscal Year 2009 Budget Request. 514
Internal Revenue Service: Fiscal Year 2009 Budget Request and Interim Performance Results of IRS's 2008 Tax Filing Season. 506
International Boundary and Water Commission: Two Alternatives for Improving Wastewater Treatment at the United States-Mexico Border. 989
International Trade: U.S. Trade Preference Programs Provide Important Benefits, but a More Integrated Approach Would Better Ensure Programs Meet Shared Goals. 457
Internet Sales: Undercover Purchases on eBay and Craigslist Reveal a Market for Sensitive and Stolen U.S. Military Items. 527
Joint Strike Fighter: Impact of Recent Decisions on Program Risks. 624
Joint Strike Fighter: Recent Decisions by DOD Add to Program Risks. 647
Making Tough Budget Choices to Create a Better Future. 114
Management Letter: Recommendations for Improvements to MCC's Internal Controls and Policies on Premium Class Air Travel. 512
Maritime Security: Coast Guard Inspections Identify and Correct Facility Deficiencies, but More Analysis Needed of Program's Staffing, Practices, and Data. 547
Measuring the Performance of Audit Organizations: GAO's Evolving Experiences. 110
Media Ownership: Economic Factors Influence the Number of Media Outlets in Local Markets, While Ownership by Minorities and Women Appears Limited and Is Difficult to Assess. 608
Medicaid Financing: Long-standing Concerns about Inappropriate State Arrangements Support Need for Improved Federal Oversight. 611
Military Base Realignments and Closures: Higher Costs and Lower Savings Projected for Implementing Two Key Supply-Related BRAC Recommendations. 691
Military Personnel: Better Debt Management Procedures and Resolution of Stipend Recoupment Issues Are Needed for Improved Collection of Medical Education Debts. 759
Military Training: Compliance with Environmental Laws Affects Some Training Activities, but DOD Has Not Made a Sound Business Case for Additional Environmental Exemptions. 645
Military Transformation: DOD Needs to Strengthen Implementation of Its Global Strike Concept and Provide a Comprehensive Investment Approach for Acquiring Needed Capabilities. 613
Millennium Challenge Corporation: Analysis of Compact Development and Future Obligations and Current Disbursements of Compact Assistance. 856
Mine Safety: Additional Guidance and Oversight of Mines' Emergency Response Plans Would Improve the Safety of Underground Coal Miners. 666
Mineral Revenues: Data Management Problems and Reliance on Self-Reported Data for Compliance Efforts Put MMS Royalty Collections at Risk. 625
Nanotechnology: Accuracy of Data on Federally Funded Environmental, Health, and Safety Research Could Be Improved. Clinical report 715
Nanotechnology: Better Guidance Is Needed to Ensure Accurate Reporting of Federal Research Focused on Environmental, Health, and Safety Risks. 728
NASA: Ares I and Orion Project Risks and Key Indicators to Measure Progress. 715
NASA: Challenges in Completing and Sustaining the International Space Station. 601
National Transportation Safety Board: Progress Made in Management Practices, Investigation Priorities, Training Center Use, and Information Security, But These Areas Continue to Need Improvement. 629
Natural Resource Management: Opportunities Exist to Enhance Federal Participation in Collaborative Efforts to Reduce Conflicts and Improve Natural Resource Conditions. 625
Nuclear Material: Several Potential Options for Dealing with DOE's Depleted Uranium Tails Could Benefit the Government. 608
Older Workers: Federal Agencies Face Challenges, but Have Opportunities to Hire and Retain Experienced Employees. 674
Presidential Signing Statements: Agency Implementation of Selected Provisions of Law. 665
Privacy: Government Use of Data from Information Resellers Could Include Better Protections. 568
Residential Facilities: State and Federal Oversight Gaps May Increase Risk to Youth Well-Being. 534
Residential Programs: Selected Cases of Death, Abuse, and Deceptive Marketing. 525
Saving Our Future Requires Tough Choices Today. 104
Saving Our Future Requires Tough Choices Today. 120
Saving Our Future Requires Tough Choices Today. 86
Saving Our Future Requires Tough Choices Today. 89
September 11: Fiscal Year 2008 Cost Estimation Process for World Trade Center Health Programs. 575
Somalia: Several Challenges Limit U.S. and International Stabilization, Humanitarian, and Development Efforts. 627
Space Acquisitions: DOD Is Making Progress to Rapidly Deliver Low Cost Space Capabilities, but Challenges Remain. 487
Space Acquisitions: Major Space Programs Still at Risk for Cost and Schedule Increases. 517
Stabilizing and Rebuilding Iraq: Actions Needed to Address Inadequate Accountability over U.S. Efforts and Investments. 672
Status of Selected Aspects of the Coast Guard's Deepwater Program. 743
Strategic Petroleum Reserve: Improving the Cost-Effectiveness of Filling the Reserve. 832
Surface Transportation: Restructured Federal Approach Needed for More Focused, Performance-Based, and Sustainable Programs. 612
Tax Policy: Tax-Exempt Status of Certain Bonds Merits Reconsideration, and Apparent Noncompliance with Issuance Cost Limitations Should Be Addressed. 441
Temporomandibular Joint and Muscle Disorders: NIH Supports a Wide Range of Research. Disease/Disorder overview 774
The Democratic Republic of the Congo: Major Challenges Impede Efforts to Achieve U.S. Policy Objectives; Systematic Assessment of Progress Is Needed. 536
Toxic Chemicals: EPA's New Assessment Process Will Increase Challenges EPA Faces in Evaluating and Regulating Chemicals. 741
Traffic Safety: Grants Generally Address Key Safety Issues, Despite State Eligibility and Management Difficulties. 758
Traffic Safety: Improved Reporting and Performance Measures Would Enhance Evaluation of High-Visibility Campaigns. 694
Transportation Security: Efforts to Strengthen Aviation and Surface Transportation Security Continue to Progress, but More Work Remains. 571
U.S. Government Accountability Office: Human Capital Initiatives and Additional Legislative Authorities. 668
United Nations: Renovation Schedule Accelerated after Delays, but Risks Remain in Key Areas. 594
VA and DOD Health Care: Progress Made on Implementation of 2003 President's Task Force Recommendations on Collaboration and Coordination, but More Remains to Be Done. 450
VA Health Care: Additional Efforts to Better Assess Joint Ventures Needed. 693
VA Health Care: Recruitment and Retention Challenges and Efforts to Make Salaries Competitive for Nurse Anesthetists. 649
Value-Added Taxes: Lessons Learned from Other Countries on Compliance Risks, Administrative Costs, Compliance Burden, and Transition. 534
Vehicle Donations: Selected Charities Reported Mixed Experiences after Changes in Vehicle Donation Rules. 483
Working to Improve Accountability in an Evolving Environment. 110

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