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Articles from General Accounting Office Reports & Testimony (March 1, 2008)

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Audits of Public Companies: Continued Concentration in Audit Market for Large Public Companies Does Not Call for Immediate Action. 566
Audits of Public Companies: Survey of Public Accounting Firms and Public Companies (GAO-08-164SP, January 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-163. 334
Aviation Security: Transportation Security Administration Has Strengthened Planning to Guide Investments in Key Aviation Security Programs, but More Work Remains. 608
Aviation Weather: FAA Is Reevaluating Services at Key Centers; Both FAA and the National Weather Service Need to Better Ensure Product Quality. 545
Aviation Weather: Services at Key Aviation Facilities Lack Performance Measures, but Improvement Efforts Are Under Way. 681
Bank Secrecy Act: Increased Use of Exemption Provisions Could Reduce Currency Transaction Reporting While Maintaining Usefulness to Law Enforcement Efforts. 636
Bank Secrecy Act: Surveys of Financial Institutions and CTR Users (GAO-08-385SP, February 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-355. 569
Bankruptcy and Child Support Enforcement: Improved Information Sharing Possible without Routine Data Matching. 702
Best Practices: Increased Focus on Requirements and Oversight Needed to Improve DOD's Acquisition Environment and Weapon System Quality. 597
Bilingual Voting Assistance: Selected Jurisdictions' Strategies for Identifying Needs and Providing Assistance. 600
Border Security: Despite Progress, Weaknesses in Traveler Inspections Exist at Our Nation's Ports of Entry. 523
Capitol Visitor Center: Update on Status of Project's Schedule and Cost as of February 7, 2008. 390
Catastrophic Disasters: Federal Efforts Help States Prepare for and Respond to Psychological Consequences, but FEMA's Crisis Counseling Program Needs Improvements. 653
Chemical and Biological Defense: DOD and VA Need to Improve Efforts to Identify and Notify Individuals Potentially Exposed during Chemical and Biological Tests. 649
Congressional Directives: Selected Agencies' Processes for Responding to Funding Instructions. 691
Convicted Sex Offenders: Factors That Could Affect the Successful Implementation of Driver's License-Related Processes to Encourage Registration and Enhance Monitoring. 697
Defense Acquisitions: Assessment of DOD Efforts to Enhance Missile Defense Capabilities and Oversight. 710
Defense Acquisitions: Departmentwide Direction Is Needed for Implementation of the Anti-tamper Policy. 579
Defense Acquisitions: DOD's Practices and Processes for Multiyear Procurement Should Be Improved. 432
Defense Business Transformation: Sustaining Progress Requires Continuity of Leadership and an Integrated Approach. 705
Defense Contracting: Contract Risk a Key Factor in Assessing Excessive Pass-Through Charges. 672
Defense Infrastructure: Realignment of Air Force Special Operations Command Units to Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico. 597
Defense Logistics: Army Has Not Fully Planned or Budgeted for the Reconstitution of Its Afloat Prepositioned Stocks. 738
Defense Logistics: The Army Needs to Implement an Effective Management and Oversight Plan for the Equipment Maintenance Contract in Kuwait. 521
Department of Homeland Security: Progress Made in Implementation of Management and Mission Functions, but More Work Remains. 600
Department of Homeland Security: Status and Accountability Challenges Associated with the Use of Special DHS Acquisition Authority. 411
Disaster Cost Estimates: FEMA Can Improve Its Learning from Past Experience and Management of Disaster-Related Resources. 466
DOD and VA: Preliminary Observations on Efforts to Improve Care Management and Disability Evaluations for Servicemembers. 574
DOD Personnel Clearances: DOD Faces Multiple Challenges in Its Efforts to Improve Clearance Processes for Industry Personnel. Survey 634
DOD Personnel Clearances: Improved Annual Reporting Would Enable More Informed Congressional Oversight. 721
Elderly Voters: Some Improvements in Voting Accessibility from 2000 to 2004 Elections, but Gaps in Policy and Implementation Remain. 572
Elections: Results of GAO's Testing of Voting Systems Used in Sarasota County in Florida's 13th Congressional District. 722
Embassy Security: Upgrades Have Enhanced Security, but Site Conditions Prevent Full Adherence to Standards. 545
Emergency Transit Assistance: Federal Funding for Recent Disasters, and Options for the Future. 636
Entitlement Reform Process: Other Countries' Experiences Provide Useful Insights for the United States. 574
Export Promotion: Export-Import Bank Has Met Target for Small Business Financing Share. 526
Federal Acquisition: Oversight Plan Needed to Help Implement Acquisition Advisory Panel's Recommendations. 524
Federal Aviation Administration: Challenges Facing the Agency in Fiscal Year 2009 and Beyond. 694
Federal Land Management: Federal Land Transaction Facilitation Act Restrictions and Management Weaknesses Limit Future Sales and Acquisitions. 712
Federal Oversight of Food Safety: FDA's Food Protection Plan Proposes Positive First Steps, but Capacity to Carry Them Out Is Critical. 699
Federal Real Property: Strategy Needed to Address Agencies' Long-standing Reliance on Costly Leasing. 495
Federal Workers' Compensation: Better Data and Management Strategies Would Strengthen Efforts to Prevent and Address Improper Payments. 448
Federal-Aid Highways: Increased Reliance on Contractors Can Pose Oversight Challenges for Federal and State Officials. 644
Financial Audit: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Funds' 2007 and 2006 Financial Statements. 473
Financial Services Industry: Overall Trends in Management-Level Diversity and Diversity Initiatives, 1993-2006. 440
Forest Service: Better Planning, Guidance, and Data Are Needed to Improve Management of the Competitive Sourcing Program. 599
Freight Transportation: National Policy and Strategies Can Help Improve Freight Mobility. 498
GAO Performance and Accountability Highlights: Fiscal Year 2007. 279
GAO's Performance Plan for Fiscal Year 2009: Mission, Performance Plans, Resources, and Strategies. 115
Global War on Terrorism: Reported Obligations for the Department of Defense. 949
Great Lakes Initiative: EPA and States Have Made Progress, but Much Remains to Be Done If Water Quality Goals Are to Be Achieved. 638
Head Start: A More Comprehensive Risk Management Strategy and Data Improvements Could Further Strengthen Program Oversight. 655
Health Information Technology: HHS Is Pursuing Efforts to Advance Nationwide Implementation, but Has Not Yet Completed a National Strategy. 459
Hedge Funds: Regulators and Market Participants Are Taking Steps to Strengthen Market Discipline, but Continued Attention Is Needed. 697
Highway Public-Private Partnerships: More Rigorous Up-front Analysis Could Better Secure Potential Benefits and Protect the Public Interest. 573
Homeland Security: Preliminary Observations on the Federal Protective Service's Efforts to Protect Federal Property. 675
HUD and Treasury Programs: More Information on Leverage Measures' Accuracy and Linkage to Program Goals Is Needed in Assessing Performance. 620
Hydrogen Fuel Initiative: DOE Has Made Important Progress and Involved Stakeholders but Needs to Update What It Expects to Achieve by Its 2015 Target. 640
Immigration Benefits: Internal Controls for Adjudicating Humanitarian Parole Cases Are Generally Effective, but Some Can Be Strengthened. 653
Improper Payments: Federal Executive Branch Agencies' Fiscal Year 2007 Improper Payment Estimate Reporting. 552
Improper Payments: Status of Agencies' Efforts to Address Improper Payment and Recovery Auditing Requirements. 681
Information Security: Although Progress Reported, Federal Agencies Need to Resolve Significant Deficiencies. 610
Information Security: IRS Needs to Address Pervasive Weaknesses. 521
Information Security: Protecting Personally Identifiable Information. 634
Information Technology: VA Has Taken Important Steps to Centralize Control of Its Resources, but Effectiveness Depends on Additional Planned Actions. 592
Intelligence Reform: GAO Can Assist the Congress and the Intelligence Community on Management Reform Initiatives. 673
Iraq Reconstruction: Better Data Needed to Assess Iraq's Budget Execution. 600
Long-Term Fiscal Outlook: Action Is Needed to Avoid the Possibility of a Serious Economic Disruption in the Future. 456
Los Alamos National Laboratory: Information on Security of Classified Data, Nuclear Material Controls, Nuclear and Worker Safety, and Project Management Weaknesses. 805
Medical Devices: Challenges for FDA in Conducting Manufacturer Inspections. 641
Medicare Advantage: Higher Spending Relative to Medicare Fee-for-Service May Not Ensure Lower Out-of-Pocket Costs for Beneficiaries. 630
Medicare Advantage: Increased Spending Relative to Medicare Fee-for-Service May Not Always Reduce Beneficiary Out-of-Pocket Costs. 709
Medicare Part D: Plan Sponsors' Processing and CMS Monitoring of Drug Coverage Requests Could Be Improved. 634
Medicare Physician Payment: Care Coordination Programs Used in Demonstration Show Promise, but Wider Use of Payment Approach May Be Limited. 521
Military Operations: Implementation of Existing Guidance and Other Actions Needed to Improve DOD's Oversight and Management of Contractors in Future Operations. 489
Military Personnel: Guidance Needed for Any Future Conversions of Military Medical Positions to Civilian Positions. 581
Military Personnel: The DOD and Coast Guard Academies Have Taken Steps to Address Incidents of Sexual Harassment and Assault, but Greater Federal Oversight Is Needed. 646
Military Readiness: Impact of Current Operations and Actions Needed to Rebuild Readiness of U.S. Ground Forces. 723
Military Readiness: Navy Is Making Progress Implementing Its Fleet Response Plan, but Has Not Fully Developed Goals, Measures, and Resource Needs. 739
National Disaster Response: FEMA Should Take Action to Improve Capacity and Coordination between Government and Voluntary Sectors. 624
National Flood Insurance Program: Greater Transparency and Oversight of Wind and Flood Damage Determinations Are Needed. 643
Nuclear Nonproliferation: DOE Needs to Reassess Its Program to Assist Weapons Scientists in Russia and Other Countries. 714
Nuclear Security: Action May Be Needed to Reassess the Security of NRC-Licensed Research Reactors. 661
Office of Personnel Management: Improvements Needed to Ensure Successful Retirement Systems Modernization. 499
Personnel Clearances: Key Factors to Consider in Efforts to Reform Security Clearance Processes. 645
Postal Reform Law: Early Transition Is Promising, but Challenges to Successful Implementation Remain. 566
Primary Care Professionals: Recent Supply Trends, Projections, and Valuation of Services. 439
Runway Safety: Progress on Reducing Runway Incursions Impeded by Leadership, Technology, and Other Challenges. 561
Secure Border Initiative: Observations on the Importance of Applying Lessons Learned to Future Projects. 770
September 11: Improvements Still Needed in Availability of Health Screening and Monitoring Services for Responders outside the New York City Area. 426
State and Local Government Retiree Benefits: Current Funded Status of Pension and Health Benefits. 553
State and Local Governments: Growing Fiscal Challenges Will Emerge during the Next 10 Years. 1039
Strategic Petroleum Reserve: Options to Improve the Cost-Effectiveness of Filling the Reserve. 815
Supply Chain Security: Examinations of High-Risk Cargo at Foreign Seaports Have Increased, but Improved Data Collection and Performance Measures Are Needed. 509
Surface Transportation: Preliminary Observations on Efforts to Restructure Current Program. 577
The Judgment Fund: Status of Reimbursements Required by the No FEAR Act and Contract Disputes Act. 824
Transmission Lines: Issues Associated with High-Voltage Direct-Current Transmission Lines along Transportation Rights of Way. 869
Transportation Safety: Medical Certification and Background Check Requirements for Pilots, Vessel Masters, and Commercial Drivers Vary. 787
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: Hiring Efforts Are Not Sufficient to Reduce the Patent Application Backlog. 721
United Nations: Management Reforms and Operational Issues. 619
VA and DOD Health Care: Administration of DOD's Post-Deployment Health Reassessment to National Guard and Reserve Servicemembers and VA's Interaction with DOD. 682
VA Health Care: Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Screening and Evaluation Implemented for OEF/OIF Veterans, but Challenges Remain. 773
Veterans' Benefits: Improved Management Would Enhance VA's Pension Program. 465
Veterans' Disability Benefits: Claims Processing Challenges Persist, while VA Continues to Take Steps to Address Them. 411
Visa Waiver Program: Limitations with Department of Homeland Security's Plan to Verify Departure of Foreign Nationals. 619
Wildland Fire Management: Federal Agencies Lack Key Long- and Short-Term Management Strategies for Using Program Funds Effectively. 695

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